Brittney Summoned To The Principal’s Office Part 1

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Brittney was sent to see Principal Audrey after being caught cheating on a test. She was stunned when she learned that her punishment was to be a bare bottom spanking.

Otk the naughty schoolgirl goes for a sharp hand spanking that gets her bare feet kicking about to the tune of smacks.

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Mummy pulls down panties and administers ouchies to bare botties in stern fashion.And mummy decreed that bad behavior in this instance, means that tender fairy soft botties need no protection from a good, hard, well-deserved spanking over her knee. Boo-Hoo !

Lily wasn’t spanked for disciplinary reasons growing up, but she developed interest early, and that lead to her eventually joining a dungeon. She talks about her experiences and acts out a role play with Snow Mercy playing her mom, then shows what her interview at the dungeon was like.

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To show her contempt towards Veronica, Joelle had thrown out the quail eggs and caviar that her father’s new fiance had brought for as a special holiday breakfast. Joelle sat on the counter with a look of glee as Veronica located the expensive food in the trash. The smile quickly left Joelle’s face as Veronica lifted her off the counter and exclaimed “You don’t know who you’re messing with, kid!”Joelle soon found herself dancing to the tune of the wooden spoon.

A very painful tune of owwws and ahhhhhs!!!

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Joelle was truly quite stirred after the hard spanking she suffered with the wooden spoon.

Her step mum used the spoon to turn her bare butt a walloped red!VERY OUCH

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“Ohhhhh Ouchies:-) Maddy and Jenna’s  botties are hot and sore ,lucky they have some ice to cool down her warm tushy cheeks!

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Better cool down those hot bottoms!!!

Maddy Marks had stolen a client from Jenna Rose and now she must pay for it. Jenna spanks Maddy hard, even using a bath brush, and demanding 5 clients in return. Well Maddy spanks Jenna right back to negotiate a more reasonable number. Both girls are so sore they must ice their bottoms.

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