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Naughty and beautiful Bianca Rose‘s plump and perky well spanked butt 24 hours after being spanked hard for Punished Brats videos:)

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Star gives bratty little cutie Jenna a bare bottom smacking over her knee till her sweet cheeks are pink and warm.

Star Nine has been hired to be the very bratty Jenna Sativa’s life coach. Jenna has never been spanked and lacks discipline, so Star’s first task is to teach her some. She dominates the young lady by spanking her over her knee right in her office, then making her write how she will improve on the board, then introducing her to the strap-on. But when Star finds out her bonus relies on Jenna giving her a good review, she must submit to a spanking from the feisty young latino.

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 “Ouchies Mummy!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

Momma was exasperated and very cross with her naughty little girl. And now yes, she’s clearly exhausted but also satisfied :-)Naughty Little Lana sure needed her bare botty bum cheeks smacked and taught a good lesson. Brianna can’t just get away with it,no no!!!

The super cute Lana Lopez shares some of her memories of the many spankings she received growing up. She was most often spanked by her mom (played by MsFionaX), who also would give her mouth soapings when she cursed. Lana was spanked by hand, slipper and belt.

Little Lana gets a ouchies panties down hand spanking from her strict mum.

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Poor Cadence not only does she endure a hard bare bottom paddling till her soft schoolgirl bottom is a deep red but the naughty brat suffers the humiliation of having her panties ripped down and her naked ass spanked in front of the whole class!!!

schoolgirl spankingCadence stormed into Miss Veronica’s office, upset over her treatment the day before when she was given a bare bottom spanking in front of her entire class and made her protestation known to the new principal. Miss Veronica listened and then informed the entitled brat that it was time for her second day of corporal punishment.

As Cadence removed her skirt as instructed, she had a sinking feeling. It was now clear that, as one of the most popular girls in the school, she was an ideal target to be made an example of………OH NO!!!!! Her panties were lowered and she was bent over the desk with her entire bare bottom on display in front of everyone as she pleaded for this punishment not to happen. She let out a loud shriek as her naked bottom felt the sting of the leather paddle.

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After suffering a long and hard bare bottom punishment with the vicious leather paddle, she was made to sit on a hard wooden chair, on that inflamed and sore bottom. Cadence cried as it became clear that this week was to be painful and humiliating.

Veronica spanks the gorgeous Cadence Lux in front of a very lucky live studio audience in a little professional theater in Philadelphia .

Schoolgirl Cadence Lux is being properly punished by the new, but strict Principal played so well by Veronica.

Veronica spanks the naughty schoolgirl hard across her peachy ripe bottom cheeks making them glow shiny bright hot red all over as Cadence squirms and wriggles about over her knees.

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