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Veronica Ricci enjoys slapping Christie Stevens begging for it ripe ass!

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 Sexy girls Veronica and Christie take turns smacking each other hot  bouncing bottoms till they feel all hot and stingy!

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 Redhead hottie Veronica is rocking the short shorts:)

Christie was spanked by her mom a few times in real life growing up if real life(played by Lorelei Mission). And she later got into spanking.

As a stripper she has spanked many customers (one re-enactment Veronica plays the victim). Veronica also interviewed her and got her to make some very, very sexy revelations!

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Naughty Adriana is a major naughty little brat!!! Her entire bare bottom cheeks are furiously spanked a bright burning hot red as she squirms about over the knee like a naughty little girl!

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Gorgeous Adriana feels the hairbrush against her naked ass over and over again!!

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OH MY GAWD!!!!! What a sinfully naughty and delightfully yummy sight!!


The hairbrush rains down firmly across her bare butt cheeks till they are rosy red and very sore to touch.


Bad girl Adriana’s butt is well spanked and so sore she can’t stand it.


Hot Brazilian Au Pair, Adriana, was still mad from the humbling night she had watched her beloved Brazil get thrashed 7-1 by eventual Champions, Germany, in the World Cup Soccer Semi Final. This made her even more surly and aggressive and her work around the house that she was looking after just went from bad to worse! John could understand the shame of one’s country affecting judgement and behaviour, after all, he was English and his national team were even worse! However, this was no excuse to behave like some jumped up foul mouthed brat and he knew she needed discipline in the old fashioned way as soon as possible. He dragged her across his lap and started spanking her which turned the air blue with Portuguese expletives… her foul mouthed ranting continued as the punishments got harder across her young bare bottom when a leather paddle and a heavy wooden hairbrush were also used to teach this feisty madame that a little humility could go a long way! If you understand Portuguese, apologies in advance for the foul potty mouthed Adriana! “Vai Brasil!”

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Mandie’s strict daddy smacks her naked ass till it burns bright red!!

“ohhhhh it hurts so bad daddy!!!’

Scott, the owner of the upscale lingerie shop ‘Scott’s House Of Panties,’ saw Mandie steal an expensive pair on undies. Instead of calling the police, Scott contacted David, his old friend from the golf club, knowing that he would deal with this matter discreetly and appropriately. NAUGHTY GIRL OTK SPANKINGUpon his arrival home, David confronted his bratty daughter, still dressed in her school uniform, with what he had been told by Mr. Scott. Mandie denied having taken any panties from the popular house of panties. David became so enraged that he smacked Mandie across the face. Suddenly, Mandie found herself over her Daddy’s lap for an old fashioned spanking. When Mandie continued to proclaim her innocence, Daddy placed the pilfered panties in her mouth. He started Mandie’s punishment over her white schoolgirl panties then, to the brat’s horror, her bare bottom.


“Noooo Daddie Noooooooo!!!!!”

PUNISHED BRATSSPANKING PUNISHED BRATSAfter a minute of hard spanking on her bared bottom, Mandie desperately said “Okay, I stole the panties!” This produced no change in the spanking being administered by her Daddy. “What was that, an interrogation?” she asked with great anxiety. BARE ASS SPANKINGHer Daddy replied, “There was no doubt as to whether you took the panties from Scott’s, so this is punishment.” All Mandie could do was plead for her agony to end and promise to be a good girl. After several minutes of hard spanking, Mandie’s Daddy put her into bed and put the stolen, pink panties into the blonde brat’s mouth. He noted that he was going to ‘Scott’s House of Panties’ to pay for the undies that she had stolen from the famous purveyor of pretty panties, and that the bit of pink lingerie placed in her mouth had better remain in place or there would be another spanking coming her way.


“Ahhhhh ,Ohhhh, Owieee ,OW,, OW, Daddieeeee”

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Ivy Sherwood’s Ballet Lessons

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Ivy Sherwood spanks Naughty Veronica’s perky and peachy bottom buns bright PINK!!!

Ivy Sherwood is sent to the agency to teach Veronica Ricci all about ballet dancing so that she will be more graceful at her job. When Veronica performs poorly, Ivy teaches Veronica a discipline lesson with a sound spanking. But the tiny beauty is now match for the powerful Veronica, who turns the tables getting the little cutie across her knees,barring her pretty black bottom and spanking it till it hurts so bad!.

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