The Bad Little Girl

mandie rae sarah gregory

Little cutie Mandie Rae you are a very VERY NAUGHTY little girl!

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Momma Sarah Gregory takes her bratty little daughter across her lap and gives her a panties down bare bottom bedtime spanking that leaves her bum cheeks glowing red.

sarah gregory spanking

“Ohhhhh ouchies Momma!!! my bottom really really sure hurts..waaaaaaaa”

punished little girl spanking

“Waaaaa Momma I am sorry “

In this mother/daughter role play, Sarah plays a young mom whose daughter is way out of control. Mandie will not take mom seriously and go to bed when told. Mom sees her therapist who suggests that she use discipline to teach her daughter to listen. Pushover mom Sarah is finally taken seriously when she spanks her bratty daughter. She is a pushover no more.

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Penny is painfully ,unbearably caned across her naked bottom cheeks.

It is Penny’s final day of torment. She has come to regret having hacked into the government’s defense computers. She entered Dean Pierson’s office with trepidation, still very sore after the punishment with the thick school strap just the day before.

Penny was stunned and nearly paralyzed with fear when she saw the Dean holding the cane, an implement of chastisement that hadn’t been used at this institution in many years.

Dean Pierson instructed Penny to remove all the clothing below her waist, noting that she may have need to kick. Then he instructed her to kneel on the couch with her bottom thrust back and upward to provide the proper target for this fearsome implement. Penny was stunned to hear that she was to received twelve hard stokes with the cane.

She could only complain briefly as the Dean instructed her to prepare for her punishment, using the cane to push lightly on her pelvis until he felt she was in perfect position. Soon, Penny’s screams could be heard reverberating through the hallways of the school.

Everyone at school would know that her bottom is striped with the Deans cane!

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Chloe’s mom washes her foul mouth out with soap which she absolutely hates.

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Chloe is such a foul mouthed little brat!!! Her strict Mother washes her nasty mouth out with soap then smacks her naughty ass firmly with the soap still in her mouth.

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Chloe’s Mum is absolutely fuming furious when she finds a sink full of dirty dishes!!!! WHAT A BRAT!!!

Mum yanks her lazy brat across her knees then begins to smack her bottom very hard with her hand.

Chloe squirms as her mummy smacks and swats her ass in tight denim shorts,Chloe really hopes her Mum does not pull down her shorts and spank her on the bare,that would be too embarrassing.

spanked in shorts

Chloe looks mighty spankable in the tight shorts:) but they simply must come off,RIGHT NOW!!!!

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Naughty little well spanked Chloe must now wash all the dishes she should of done in the first place with her sore red spanked bottom on display.



This is the first ever spanking shoot for pretty young Chloe Love. But she was spanked many times growing upin real life.

Spanked Sweeties recreate spankings from mom, dad and a mouth soaping that happened whenever she cursed.

These are very real spankings for Chloe, who was very candid in her amazing interview you will love:)

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girl spanks girl exclusive education

Exclusive education is here:) are you ready to get RED?

There is so much spanking in the latest Exclusive Education 9-Cheerleader camp I am going to split it up in to parts to give you the most spanks:)

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Little cheer girl Koko Kitten is the master of subtle humor and lovely pouting.POUT POWER!!!! Such a naughty little cutie with a shiny red sore tushy:)

The cutiepie goes over Snow’s knees for a embarrassing and stinging bare butt spanking as all her friends watch awaiting their turn over Snow’s knees for a taste of her iron hand.


Pouty Princess:)

Koko Kitten

                          Koko Kitten

It’s summer time and eight beauties have arrived for cheerleader camp! Snow Mercy is the camp coach – and Christy Cutie is from her same school, so she doesn’t want the girls messing with Christy. But while Miss Snow is away, Christy actually picks on the other girls, who then spank her, which Miss Snow sees. So Snow spanks them otk one at a time with her hand. Then she allows Christy to spank each one on the other cheerleaders. Then both Snow and Christy spank them 2 at a time, with hairbrushes. But when Snow discovers that it was actually Christy who started it all, she spanks Christy with hand, hairbrush and the dreaded cane. The class of 8 schoolgirls are Christy Cutie, Willow Lynn, Koko Kitten, Alex Reynolds, Chanell Heart, Lana Lopez, Yasmine DeLeon and Lilly with camp coach, Snow Mercy.

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