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Ami’s Rent-A-Mom thoroughly  spanks her bouncy round bare bottom  really fast all over till it is very red.

punished spanked spankingspanking blogAmi was granted permission from her father to live off of campus when she entered the university. She was always known for being something of a nerd. She hoped to throw and attend many of the parties and become a “cool kid.” What she hadn’t counted on was that her father had hired a Rent-A-Mom, a woman who would live with Ami, clean the house, prepare meals and, when necessary, provide discipline . Ami was upset when Veronica arrived and was less than respectful. The “cool kid” was taken over Veronica’s lap for a bare bottom spanking. As for being a cool kid; her R2-D2 t-shirt may have made that difficult, anyway.

Ami kicks and squirms with her panties pulled right down to her knees as Veronica smacks her reddening butt cheeks painfully over and over again.

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Ami’s bottom is throbbing and burning but Rent-A-Mom is not going to stop slapping her butt till it is a very bright red.

After receiving a hard spanking from Veronica, Ami was placed in the corner with her red, bare bottom on display. She had wanted to be cool, but now has a hot bottom as a result.

WOW,Naughty Ami’s extremely rosy red bottom cheeks must be very sore after a onslaught of firm hand smacks!

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 Dani pulls down Melanie’s panties revealing her soft spankable round bottom then smacks it till it hurts and makes it nice and blushing red.

Dani Daniels, named by CNBC in 2014 and 2015 as a top 12 porn star, winner of multiple awards and Penthouse Pet in 2012, spanks gorgeous Melanie Taylor in Sorority Sisters.
Firm Hand Spanking are thrilled to have these two hotties back! Melanie was last seen in 2012. Plus booty-bouncing slow-motion replay and Dani and Melanie talk butt shapes!

Hand smacks on her jiggling bare booty make it sting!

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Introducing new brat, Kendal Krave

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Introducing adorable cute cute CUTE!!! new brat, Kendal Krave .

Awwwwwwww she looks so tiny and precious!!and look her nipples are pink stars,cute :-)


Naughty and naked Kendal Krave joins the naughty brat pack over at Punished brats and is welcomed with a bare bottom over the knee spanking by Veronica completely naked.

Doesn’t she look dainty across Veronica’s lap such a sweet pocket sized brat.Just too cute!!

I Can not wait to see the petite bratty girl getting her perky bum cheeks smacked pink,can you?

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Bianca Rose uses a bath brush across her bare ass and wow are those ripe bubble butt cheeks a bright BRIGHT RED!!!

Looks like a very effective  self spanking. Yeouch.

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Veronica’s paddled bottom is scarlet red and burning immensely!She won’t be sitting down on her swollen red bum for a week at least!

Miss Snow (Snow Mercy) calls Veronica into her office to talk to her about becoming the new sorority leader. But Veronica lacks discipline. So Snow teaches Veronica a valuable lesson first over her knee, then bent over her desk with a hard wooden yardstick and finally with the large pledge paddle. Veronica learns a valuable lesson that leaves her bottom bright red and bruised for days.

Veronica must bend over and stick out her already sore and hot red bottom for Miss Snow for swats with the solid paddle,her bubble butt is now aching cherry redness!

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