Nurse Spankings Part 1

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Ohhhhhhhhhhh OUCHY!!! A wicked shot RIGHT in her BOTTOM!!!! and a red bum spanking too!

61RJfA2zIfL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_In this traditional spanking scene, gorgeous Jenna Rose (Penthouse Pet of the Year) plays a strict nurse who disciplines her bratty patients with a painful sound spanking with hand and wooden  paddle, right over her knee.

The HOT Nurse even gives them a shot right on their bottom….OMG OUCH!!!!!!

The very naughty Maddy Marks learns totally  painful and humiliating lesson she will never forge and gets a really red ass for being such a bad girl!

Jenna Rose swiftly swats Maddy Marks squirming and bouncing naked butt cheeks with a solid wooden paddle causing extra sting and a rosy red color all over her naughty ass:)

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Cadence is bottom naked and sticking in the air across her sisters lap for a stingy hot punishment padddling!HOT~~~

880ib880itCadence went out to a party without telling Joelle. When Cadence didn’t come home at her usual time Joelle worried about her little sister. She stayed up fretting and gradually fell asleep. It was after three in the morning when Cadence arrived home and attempted to sneak past her sleeping sister. Joelle woke up furious over the worry her little sister put her through. Her anger was exacerbated when she discovered that, under the short dress she wore, Cadence was not wearing panties. Cadence as sent upstairs to put on her PJ’s and then to receive a hard spanking with the leather paddle upon her bare bottom.

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Those arms certainly seem to be as strong as they look!
Caroline and Amelia’s naked bottoms feel the harsh sting of a large firm and strong hand!

On a girls night in Caroline and Amelia hire a spanking strippergram, a hunk in uniform called  ”Corporal Punishment” whose photo shows off his lovely muscular arms. When he arrives, Amelia is stunned to discover that it’s her new boyfriend Will. He hadn’t told her he was a stripper – and neither of them knew the other liked spanking! Amelia insists that Caroline firmly punish him for keeping secrets from her. And since they’ve already paid, he might as well do his sexy striptease routine. After that the girls can’t resist the temptation to go over his knee and try out the spanking capacity of those strong-looking arms!