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Erica’s bottom is tender and too sore to even touch after a hard sanking from her sister with a solid paddle.

Joelle is fierce with the paddle swatting her sisters naked ass over and very again HARD!!poor Erica can not stand the pain of each hard smack that lands across her ever so reddening bottom!

sister spankingsBoth Erica and Joelle have been trailblazers in their own way. Joelle became a top fashion designer for their father’s company, while Erica has taken on nature in all of its forms. She is a renown mountain climber and is always looking for new challenges. After recovering from her most recent surgery, earned during a climb up a frozen waterfall, Joelle had been dispatched by their father and tell Erica that it is time to settle down into a real job. Erica recoiled at the thought of the office. Joelle let her know that resistance to this request would not be tolerated. After Erica challenged her, Joelle took her adventurous sister over her lap and spanked her with a wooden paddle.

The girl who had tolerated so many extremes now had to deal with the intense pain of a wooden implement.
It seemed that Joelle was making her point with the wooden paddle, as whimpers turned to groans, and the pleas for the punishment to stop. Erica finally agreed to cease mountain climbing and join the family business. After the spanking was complete, Joelle placed her sister in time out with her red bottom on display.
Just then, Joelle had a feeling of unreality.

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Raquel’s Big Day with the Paddle

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Naughty high schoolgirl Raquel unfortunately has to visit the principal 3 different times during her day to receive a total of 9 VERY hard swats with the paddle over her jeans

Three paddlings in one day, with each position designed to bruise her bottom more than the last.

she will be sitting gingerly for a few days to come. The tears and bruises do not lie as Raquel left having had the most intense corporal punishment experience of her life.

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Brianna Brown gets a ouchies panties down hand spanking from her strict mum.

Brianna Brown is a young hottie who was spanked by her mom and her uncle. She was spanked as she got older and really did say “Im too old for a spanking.” Briana experienced some genuine feelings and pain during the re-enactments. Miss Cassie makes her debut for spanked sweeties playing the mom.

Miss Cassie is a super stern mummy, pulling down her daughter panties and smacking her soft bare bottom in a hard no nonsense way till her cheeks are shiny red.

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Policewoman Stevie Busts Madison For Noise

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Stevie smacks Madison and Madison smacks Stevie!!! Which naughty girl gets the redder bottom to rub all better??

Madison Martin is dancing up a storm in her apartment, late at night, when Policewoman Stevie pays her a visit. She is going to write Madison a ticket for making too much noise late at night when Madison suggests a spanking instead. Stevie likes the idea and spanks Madison hard all over her big bouncy bottom cheeks till they are red and sore to teach her a lesson. But not as hard as Madison paddles and spanks Stevie with a hairbrush .

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