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Large,thick wooden paddle with holes makes contact repeatedly with schoolgirl Lola’s butt which she sticks out in the air for her tutor to swat red hot.

Lola had been assigned a new Homework Tutor as she had been cheating her coursework using too much of the Internet available on her phone rather than learning, researching & understanding her assignments instead of copying and pasting content. She continued to defy those in charge of her care so a tutor was brought in with extraordinary powers to persuade this young madam that plagiarsm and wanton copying/pasting from the interwebs was forbidden. His methods were a little extreme but had a 100% success rate which is what we see with Lola as she learnt a lesson the hard way when he caught her up to her old tricks once more when left in a position of trust. She could expect a lot of embarrassing and humiliating spanking positions and nasty punishments as her tutor was Mr Osborne!

The bad girl has to knees against the hard wooden table and raise her naked bottom in the air for serious paddle smacks that burn like mad.

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Snow Directs Vernoica to Spank Koko

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Veronica’s butt hurts oh so much so it is pretty hard to sit down on her red bum and smack naughty Koko till her butt hurts to much to sit down to.

Teacher Snow (Snow Mercy) recently spanked Veronica Ricci to instruct her in the ways of spanking as she is now sorority leader. Snow wants to see how Veronica does and has her sit on her sore bottom to put Koko Kitten over her knee and practice spanking Koko hard. She also shows her how to use implements on Koko, including the large wooden pledge paddle. Veronica is a fast learner much to Koko’s dismay.

Snow and Veronica use hand,large ruler and solid paddle to burn Koko’s pretty little perky bottom and it makes her poor cheeks bright cherry red.

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“OMG MUM!!!!NOT FAIR!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh Owwwwwwwwwwww Ouchieeeeeeeeeeee”

Ami’s Rent a Mom uses her solid hairbrush painfully hard making her plump lovely round bum smarting sore.

“Pleeeeeeease stop Mummy,waaaaaaaaaaa”

But Mummy won’t stop till her butt is super Red and bruised!

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With the hairbrush landing repeatedly upon Ami’s exposed and rapidly bruising bottom she could do little but promise to be good and beg Veronica to end her punishment. After her spanking was over, Veronica instructed Ami that she had less than an hour to get to class and she was not to be late. All Ami could think of was the pain of sitting on the hard wooden chair and suffering through a two hour lecture on photosynthesis.

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Naughty Whitney’s well spanked red bum cheeks are super big ouch ouch OUCH after a punishment over her strict teachers lap.

Whitney Morgan was spanked often growing up, including by her mom (Miss Cassie), her teacher with a ruler (Veronica Ricci) and her dad, who spanked her sometimes with a book. Whitney gives an outstanding, candid interview with some excellent re-enactments.

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For a added Friday treat here are some naughty  spanked sweeties and their shiny red bums from previous episodes for you to enjoycute gif

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Riley’s strict Dad slaps her butt cheeks furiously and makes them burn brightly burning painfully RED!

Nooooooooooooo Daddy please stop,it hurts so much!

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Sophie Dee’s mummy makes her lovely round bum hurt so very very much.Every single hand smack makes her bottom redder and redder till her round throbbing cheeks are rosy red all over.

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Kadence’s mummy punished her butt and turned it red.

Ohhhhhhhh mummy why did you spank me so hard *pout*


Little cutie pie Annabelle Lee is wriggling and kicking about as her mum smacks her bare butt till she knows it hurts very badly.

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Down with her panties so the furn bare butt spanking can begin,such a lovely bum and its already pink!

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