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Poor Audrey is bottom bare and bending over in the woodshed as her strict No Non-sense Uncle takes his trusty strap to her big bare bottom.

WOODSHED SPANKING STRAPPINGCity girl, Audrey, was sent to spend the summer with her uncle on his farm. One of her chores was to feed the chickens, but she found that too icky. When her uncle became aware of Audrey’s shirking of her duties, the city brat was introduced to a traditional form of country discipline, a bare bottom strapping in the woodshed.

She is in for a long, hard spanking on a totally bare bottom and she won’t be able to sit down for a week.

The naughty niece could not stand the pain of her Uncles forceful very hard spanks that he lay upon hers naked bum over and over again till her cheeks were throbbing in absolute agony!

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Ooooooh WOW!! 3 sexy girls dripping wet and soapy in the bath time taking it in turns slapping each others ripe butts a rosy hot red between kisses.

girls kissingnaked girlsAmelia was sharing a hotel suite at a busy Spanking Convention with Sarah Gregory and Joelle Barros to save on costs but had begun to regret this decision as the girls were just so darned loud. This break was what she needed away from the hustle and bustle of the convention and her fellow party girls. First Joelle, then Sarah ruined Amelia’s alone time by jumping into the bathtub and they ganged up on Amelia, making out in front of her and mocking her need to relax. Amelia tried to defend her right to privacy but the girls just got ruder and naughtier spanking each others bare soapy bottoms until they turned on her taking turns to prey upon Amelia who protested which only made them do it more!

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Veronica throws Missy over her knees and spanks her silly making her ripe ass nice and hot red before using a paddle to swat her ass extra hot.

Veronica is tasked with giving Missy Martinez, who is visiting from a rival school, a tour of the sorority. Well of course that means Veronica must show Missy all about the spankings that take place their regularly, and even demonstrates the pledge paddle on Missy’s bottom. Missy agrees not to report Veronica if she can spank her,too. And does so while Veronica crawls up the stairs and bends over the railing for a taste of the paddle.

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Naughty Penny is bottom completely bare and vulnerable to daddys firm hand.

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Daddy uses a firm hand with his naughty bratty girl smacking her bare bottom cheeks firmly and hard with his hand as she kicks squirms and wriggles about over his knees

Veronica was convinced that Penny’s behavior would not improve until her father took a firmer hand with her discipline. She saw her behavior as attention seeking. Dr. Pierson considered this a real possibility. When Penny insisted that she was going to a concert while still grounded, he decided to test Veronica’s hypothesis and the pretty little punk found herself over her father’s knee for a hard bare bottom spanking.

As her father spanked her reddening bare bottom very hard, Penny promised to change her ways……… anything to make her dad stop smacking her very sore bottom over and over again

To be certain that the lesson was learned, her father stood her up, holding her in place by her t-shirt, and spanked her very red bare bottom and thighs in standing position causing the little punk to do a dance that would seem appropriate in the clubs she frequents.

Daddy continues to smack his brats bare butt hard and fast so many times.

Penny tries to shield her sore bottom but her dad just gribs her arm and doesn’t stop smacking her bottom till he decided it is red enough and red enough to her daddy is very very red indeed!!!

Poor Penny she won’t be able to sit down on her thoroughly smacked burning deep red bottom for a week!

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