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The fierce strap makes her jump!!……… it hurts soooooooooo BAD!

Mike has been trying to call naughty girls Jolene and Amy for a while now but he either keep going to voicemail or the number doesn’t exist anymore. The fact that they didn’t give him their new numbers is a good reason to turn their bottoms a hot bright red!. Mike told them to come over and he gave them both a sound OTK spanking and he strapped them thoroughly!

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Mandie Rae’s perky butt from heaven is absolutely walloped all over making it shiny HOT RED!!

It is day two for Mandie at Discipline Camp and she was up all night fretting about what fresh hell her disciplinarian had planned for her. When she was summoned to the Punishment Room, Mandie found that she couldn’t move so great was her fear. She was reminded that if the staff needed to assist her, the punishment that she faced would be worse. She entered the room of punishment, under her own steam, with tears already flowing down her face. She was made to strip off her camp issued pants and to lay on her belly, on a bed that has been put there for her punishment. Several pillows were stuffed under her pelvis so that her bottom was thrust upwards, providing the disciplinarian the best target. He informed that girl that she was to be punished by strap. Soon the room was filled with cries, tears and regret.

To See The Video Click Here.

To See The Video Click Here.

Mandie cries and squirms as the strap land across her aching bottom over and over again without mercy!!!

The tears flow as  her bottom gets redder ! How many more spanks will land across her bare bottom cheeks? because her spanking ordeal is far from over!

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Little Cutie Laci’s Strict Aunt tuns her tender bottom a flaming HOT crimson buNrt red!!OUCH!

When Laci was taken over her Aunt Veronica’s lap, she was primarily concerned with the loss of her dignity. Soon her main concern was about how to get her Aunt to stop spanking her bare bottom as Veronica’s hand found its mark over and over, setting her niece’s bottom ablaze. Laci promised to read and recite Anna Karenina if only her Aunt would stop. When her aunt finally finished, Laci again was filled with a sense of true and utter embarrassment as she was led to the corner and made to stand with her face to the wall, her bare, spanked bottom on display,

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The naughty little Miss won’t be sitting comfortably for a week with that red butt!!

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Doctor Valentine gets Joelle’s clear attention when he lets strap smacks rain down furiously across her bare bottom cheeks hard and firm!

When Dr. Valentine offered Joelle the opportunity to stay on at the school provided she accept his personal corrections, he knew that she would accept. Joelle is a brilliant young woman but also possesses a bit of a wild streak. When Joelle arrived in class wearing a dress that was far to revealing, Doctor Valentine summoned the probationary teacher to his residence. He knew that his admonishments would fail to convince her of the error of her ways. However, he was certain that the thick school strap may prove a bit more convincing. He had Joelle remove her panties and bend over the library stairs for her punishment. Joelle remained defiant until the strap found it’s mark when her complaints and defiance were turned to promises of better behavior.

To See The Video Click Here

To See The Video Click Here

Joelle’s bottom can not bare another single stinging strap smack!!! How on earth will she stand the rest of the punishment she must endure?


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Ludela Hahn Spanks Koko

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Koko is a naughty Pouting little cutie girl getting her perky bottom cheeks smacked and paddled hot pink by feisty sex kitten curvy Ludela Hahn.

Life Coach Ludella Hahn gets a visit from Koko Kitten, who wants a new roommate and attempts to recruit Ludella. But Koko proves to be bratty, rude and demanding, so Ludella teaches her a valuable lesson with a good spanking over her knee – using her hand and a paddle. Then she turns her away.

Do you think spanks make Koko kitten purrrrr:)

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Breaking into someone’s house deserves a tough punishment for Abi

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Abi’s naked bottom cheeks meet the leather paddle with stinging hot red results!!!

The furious swats of the paddle turn her tender bottom crimson RED!

Bent over next to her friend Camilla, Abi Simmons grits her teeth as her butt is turned a mottled crimson by Earl Grey’s WICKED leather paddle. The naughty girls broke into his home and have a lot of housework to do! If it’s not done right, their bottoms pay big-time in Busted Burglars…..and there bottoms will be RED HOT!!!! Once Earl Grey is through with them:)

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Naughty girl is caught shoplifting and must endure a absolutely embarrassing bare bottom punishment spanking that has her kicking,squirming and crying!

unit1_1unit1_2The first case of the special spanking unit involves a girl who works at a local clothing boutique and she has been caught shoplifting. Her boss decided to call the SSU to deal with her and detective Monique and detective Ben arrested her.

After a good scolding detective Johnson decided to give the culprit a good spanking. This was not the end of her punishment because she had to stand in the boutique with her bottom bare for hours so all the customers and staff could see she was spanked.

The humiliation of having her very shiny red bottom on display was as hard to bare than the the stinging burning smacks that made her bottom so red!

I do not think the naughty Miss will ever steal again!!

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Cadence has a totally red butt after a sting hot spanking from her Big Sis Joelle.

Since her last spanking, Cadence had come to realize what a brat she has been and decided to do better. Her marks in school improved along with her behavior. She felt a sense of accomplishment in this. She was devastated one day when she did poorly on a test at school. She confessed this to Joelle and admitted that she hadn’t put the time in that she should have. Joelle was pleased that her little sister took responsibility for her failure but also that Cadence needed to have a consequence for this lack of effort. She decided to give her sister a sound spanking. Cadence, while frightened and a bit humiliated went over her sister’s lap without complaint, aware that she deserved this punishment. Joelle started that spanking over her sister’s tight fitting jeans, than her bare bottom. As the pain from her spanking built Cadence began to question the wisdom of her decision.

It has often been said that confession is good for the soul, but the same can not be said for Cadence’s bottom. Cadence writhed to the rhythm of Joelle’s hand as it fell upon her bare bottom. Joelle was pleased that her sister admitted to her wrongdoing, but felt that she needed this spanking to prevent her from, once again, becoming the poorly behaved brat that she was. After the punishment was over, both sisters hugged, aware that the discipline just delivered was an act of love.

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Newcomer Laci makes her debut for Punished Brats this week going over her Aunts knee for a sound spanking.The little cuties perky bum is shiny red very quickly!

Laci was sent to live with her Aunt Veronica after the methods of limit setting used by her parents proved fruitless. While being a very loving person, Aunt Veronica believed in the old “Spare the rod” adage. She made the rules of the house clear to her niece. Following her curfew being high on the list. One evening, Laci supposedly went to study Russian History with a few friends. When she arrived home at three AM, dressed like the party girl of the year it was clear that Laci wouldn’t know Ivan The Terrible from Vladimir Putin. Laci was shocked when she found herself being spanked by her Aunt. Her punishment started over the seat of her dress and then her panties. As her panties were lowered Laci pleaded for this not to happen. The embarrassment of a girl her age having her bottom exposed for a spanking was too much for her. Soon, the humiliation of her predicament was a secondary concern as she now begged for the discipline to stop as it hurt too much.

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“Ohhhhhhhhh my bottom is simply smarting!”

Chloe’s Mum yanks her across her knee,pulls up her skirt revealing her perky bum then smacks her pert cheeks till they burn!

Chloe Amour is a Latin hottie who was spanked by her mother (played by Syren De Mer) and her aunt (played by Veronica Ricci) when she was growing up in real life.

Chloe Amour gives a great interview and has two memorable spankings one from her Aunt and one from her strict Mum re-enacted.See episode page here->>>>


THE NURSE & STEWARDESS PART 2: Gigi Allens, Cheyenne Jewel

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Tender bottoms:)

Sexy girls Gigi and Cheyenne are totally naughty as can be .The girls spank each others yummy ripe tushy cheeks in turn making them positively burning red!

Gigi Allens is back as the sexy flight attendant who this time has found Cheyenne as a passanger on her plane. But Cheyenne claims she has amnesia. Gigi makes out with her, gets her off with a vibrator and then spanks her to help her jog Cheyenne’s memory. But with her memory restored, Cheyenne give Gigi a spanking of her own, even using a wooden spoon. 25 minutes

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Sarah’s Momma gives her the bare butt thrashing of a life time as naughty squirms,kicks and cris across her Mommas lap completely naked.

Her momms heavy hand smacks hurt so bad it makes Sarah uncontrollably kick about spreading her legs so her pussy can be seen by Momma,How embarrassing!…… but all Sarah cares about is her burning deep red bottom!!!

Sarah is supposed to be getting ready to go to church with Momma but when Momma goes into her bedroom to see if she’s ready, she finds her lying on her bed naked and doing naughty things to her body. Her hand is deep in her crotch and she’s masturbating! Momma grabs her by the arm and turns her over her knee and gives her the spanking this naughty girl deserves. Shame on you, young lady!

Her Strict Momma sure does make her ass cheeks extremely red,OUCHY HOT!

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That ass just begs for a good hard and hot spanking.

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“Ohhhhhhh daddy I can not stand it!!!! My bottom simply stings too much”

Amazing!!!! Audrey is such a beauty and OH MY THAT BOTTOM,SO RIPE,whopping,FULL,ROUND,BOUNCY AND BEGGING FOR A SPANKING!

I can not get enough of the spankable brat and her ever so spankable rosy red bottom bun cakes:)

After her recent correction for speeding, Audrey was given a strict curfew. When she arrived home a little late, her father gave her an instruction on time management by administering a humiliating spanking. Her punishment started over her tight-fitting jeans, then upon her panties. She begged her father to stop as her panties came down.

Audrey begged, pleaded, and cried as her father’s hands fell upon her bare bottom, all worries about dignity having long since faded. Following her punishment, Audrey was placed in the corner with her bare, spanked bottom on display to contemplate what punishments lie ahead should her behavior fail to change.

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