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Long and hard Mf spanking


Kade makes naughty Care Fonda’s naked bottom hurt so very very much with hard hand smacks and fierce hairbrush swats .

Kade, Lana’s brother, visits her in her office. Kade is trying to get Lana back in the straight life and he decides to teach the madam a lesson with a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush. Clare is left in pain and total humiliation.

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Erica’s bottom is tender and too sore to even touch after a hard sanking from her sister with a solid paddle.

Joelle is fierce with the paddle swatting her sisters naked ass over and very again HARD!!poor Erica can not stand the pain of each hard smack that lands across her ever so reddening bottom!

sister spankingsBoth Erica and Joelle have been trailblazers in their own way. Joelle became a top fashion designer for their father’s company, while Erica has taken on nature in all of its forms. She is a renown mountain climber and is always looking for new challenges. After recovering from her most recent surgery, earned during a climb up a frozen waterfall, Joelle had been dispatched by their father and tell Erica that it is time to settle down into a real job. Erica recoiled at the thought of the office. Joelle let her know that resistance to this request would not be tolerated. After Erica challenged her, Joelle took her adventurous sister over her lap and spanked her with a wooden paddle.

The girl who had tolerated so many extremes now had to deal with the intense pain of a wooden implement.
It seemed that Joelle was making her point with the wooden paddle, as whimpers turned to groans, and the pleas for the punishment to stop. Erica finally agreed to cease mountain climbing and join the family business. After the spanking was complete, Joelle placed her sister in time out with her red bottom on display.
Just then, Joelle had a feeling of unreality.

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Raquel’s Big Day with the Paddle

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Naughty high schoolgirl Raquel unfortunately has to visit the principal 3 different times during her day to receive a total of 9 VERY hard swats with the paddle over her jeans

Three paddlings in one day, with each position designed to bruise her bottom more than the last.

she will be sitting gingerly for a few days to come. The tears and bruises do not lie as Raquel left having had the most intense corporal punishment experience of her life.

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Brianna Brown gets a ouchies panties down hand spanking from her strict mum.

Brianna Brown is a young hottie who was spanked by her mom and her uncle. She was spanked as she got older and really did say “Im too old for a spanking.” Briana experienced some genuine feelings and pain during the re-enactments. Miss Cassie makes her debut for spanked sweeties playing the mom.

Miss Cassie is a super stern mummy, pulling down her daughter panties and smacking her soft bare bottom in a hard no nonsense way till her cheeks are shiny red.

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Policewoman Stevie Busts Madison For Noise

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Stevie smacks Madison and Madison smacks Stevie!!! Which naughty girl gets the redder bottom to rub all better??

Madison Martin is dancing up a storm in her apartment, late at night, when Policewoman Stevie pays her a visit. She is going to write Madison a ticket for making too much noise late at night when Madison suggests a spanking instead. Stevie likes the idea and spanks Madison hard all over her big bouncy bottom cheeks till they are red and sore to teach her a lesson. But not as hard as Madison paddles and spanks Stevie with a hairbrush .

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Sorority Slut Shaming

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Little Mandie Rae‘s cute little bum hurts very much after a strict spanking from Sarah gregory with a big mean paddle.

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeouch the sorority paddle lands across Mandie’s little bottom with a loud burning thud!

The sorority paddle looks massive against Mandie’s cute tush!

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Mandie has shamed the sorority house with her promiscuous behavior. She is having sex with as many as 10 men per night. Head sister Sarah has sent Mandie to the punishment room to wait. When Sarah arrives she gives Mandie a very humiliating punishment. She chastises her for being a dirty little slut, and then forces her to strip. Next she gives her a hard otk bare bottom spanking followed by forced masturbation. Sarah stands over Mandie and forces her to get herself off before taking the Sorority paddle to her sore spanked behind.

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Bianca’s warm soapy wet bottom is spanked dry:) AMAZING!!!

Her strict Mother spanks her pretty exposed naked bottom cheeks furiously making them a deep burning hot RED!!!

After a hard day at school, Bianca decides to take a relaxing bubble bath. She was shocked when her mother came in to confront her about being rude to teacher. During a discussion of the Civil War, she asked her teacher what side she fought on? She noted that it was just a joke, but it was a joke neither her teacher or mom found funny. She was pulled from the tub and spanked on her wet, soapy bottom with a bath brush.


Gorgeous Bianca’s ripe ass is OH SO VERY RED!

Bianca, through her tears promised never to disrespect any of her teachers again, but her mother continued to spank her with the bath brush until she felt the lesson was learned. Just as Bianca thought her torment was over, Bianca’s mother began rubbing her sore bottom with the bristles of the bath brush causing the bratty girl to shout in pain. Then Bianca was made to stand naked in the corner of the bathroom. She was cold and filled with shame and remorse.

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WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Bianca’s tough mom swats her naked ass cheeks deep scorching RED RED RED with a big heavy brush as the naughty daughter bends over dripping wet against the bath completely naked.

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Amelia Jane Rutherford is Spanked and Showered

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Amelia’s wet and bright red bottom is spanked as she bends over in saturated pajamas.

Amelia had been testing out the boundaries of what she could get away with. She felt stifled in a house beset with what she thought were ridiculous rules. She
had returned home from college and a hard vigorous gym workout and was tired, having an important exam the following day, so went to bed early without showering. John found out and it crossed one of his many strict and often unfair House Rules – Shower before bedtime. Amelia didn’t take too kindly to being disturbed and answered back in such a brusque tone that it meant an instant spanking whether she liked it or not! She continued to be really bratty and refused to listen to him so he dragged her into the bathroom for a humiliating cold water showering punishment with her pajamas still on. That soon brought a shocked Amelia to her senses and made her aware of how much trouble she had got herself in. An embarrassing and quite painful wet bottom spanking and leather strapping got her attention and John left her shivering in the cold bathroom afterwards to contemplate never breaking his House Rules again!

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Adriana sheds real tears as the strict headmaster bares her soft schoolgirl bottom and sets upon it with a strap setting her cheeks a glow.

spanked schoolgirl

“Ohhhhhhhh OOOoooooo Ouchy” *pout* Naughty Adriana has a mighty red bottom after rapid fire smacks with a strap!

schoolgirl spankedAdriana has had a rough two weeks. Sincethrowing a tantrum at home and disrespecting her mother she has suffered the indignities of being required to dress as a little girl and subjected to many bare bottom spankings. In many ways school has been a respite from her daily humiliations. At first, she had feared the someone would see the frilly panties she was required to wear beneath her uniform, but she has been able to keep this a secret. Unfortunately, she was summoned to Headmaster Valentine’s office for cutting class. She had done this many times before and would receive a few days in detention. Today, much to the chagrin of Adriana, the headmaster decided to use corporal punishment as punishment for this repeated offence. She was required to bend over the library stairs for a punishment with the strap-paddle. Upon raising her skirt the headmaster was shocked to see Adriana’s frilly undies. Wishing she could disappear, so great was her embarrassment, Adriana had to explain that she was being punished by her mother and the little girl underwear was required. The Headmaster noted that the frills on her panties provided too much protection and her punishment would be applied to her bare bottom. As the implement landed on her naked bottom all Adriana could do was cry.


Naughty little schoolgirl Adriana sobs as she looks back and takes a peek at her reddened bottom,OUCHY!

Adriana’s tears flowed as the Headmaster continued to punish her bare bottom with the strap paddle. She pleaded for him to stop and promised never to cut class again. Once her spanking was finished, Adriana was placed in the corner with her bare bottom on display. Adriana was overwhelmed by a sense of abject humiliation.

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Aiden Ashley has a gorgeous face, tight little body, creamy skin and takes quite a good hard one from strict mummy Clare Fonda.

She’s a hot girl who was spanked growing up in real life and can laugh about it now.

Tall Aiden spends a lot of the time twisted round across Clare Lap so you  can see Clare’s hand smacking her perky naked bottom Rosy red all over, and she fidgets,squirms about and wriggles the whole time.

You’ll absolutely love Aiden’s slim body and cute, little, pert bubble butt especially when her yummy butt begins to shine nice and red!

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