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Clare Fonda clutches her shiny red butt after a solid smacking with a wooden hairbrush over Pandora’s knees.

Clare Fonda visits lawyer Pandora Blake to try to enlist her services in suing the apartment complex over unfair treatment. When Pandora explains that she is finished taking on ridiculous cases, Clare spanks her with hand and hairbrush. But the mighty Pandora is also finished taking spankings and puts Clare over her knee for a long, hard retribution spanking that Clare will never forget.

Pandora even wraps her leg tight around Clare’s to keep her in place.The hair brush must of made Clare too squirmy 😉

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 Luna’s mummy  teaches her  a lesson when she pulls down her pajama bottoms raises a paddle strap in the air and stings her daughters naked bottom over and over again till her ripe ass cheeks are blistering red!

Luna should have been at work instead she is getting ready to see her boyfriend. She has just been spanked in the shower for being late for work and now she is in real trouble. A session with the leather paddle may teach her a lesson, starting over her pyjama bottoms the paddle does its work and makes Luna take note. Then the PJ’s are removed for a good bare bottom leathering. This naughty young lady features in the latest of English Spankers Hand Made Films series.

The leather paddle burns like mad when it lands over jammies but when they come down her bottom is killing when the strap hits her naked tender butt!

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Pajama Party Punishment

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Mummy makes her bum very very sore!!!

Momma  takes her bratty little daughter Sarah and her naughty friend Adriana across her lap in turns and gives them both  panties down bare bottom bedtime spankings that leaves their bum cheeks glowing red.

Momma Dana has warned Sarah not to hang out with Adriana, but Sarah sneaks her home for a pj party while Momma is away. Momma comes home unexpected and hears the girls sharing secrets that she doesn’t want to know about! Phoney IDs, drinking wine, sex talk, condoms in their purse; it’s all too much for Momma to bear! She storms in and informs them they are both going to be spanked over her knee and the strap taken to them too. Momma spanks each girl over her jammies, panties, and bare bottom; then lines them up on the bed for a bare bottom strapping.

Down with their pajama bottoms and a firm hand is required to make their bottoms blush!

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Ami’s Rent-A-Mom thoroughly  spanks her bouncy round bare bottom  really fast all over till it is very red.

punished spanked spankingspanking blogAmi was granted permission from her father to live off of campus when she entered the university. She was always known for being something of a nerd. She hoped to throw and attend many of the parties and become a “cool kid.” What she hadn’t counted on was that her father had hired a Rent-A-Mom, a woman who would live with Ami, clean the house, prepare meals and, when necessary, provide discipline . Ami was upset when Veronica arrived and was less than respectful. The “cool kid” was taken over Veronica’s lap for a bare bottom spanking. As for being a cool kid; her R2-D2 t-shirt may have made that difficult, anyway.

Ami kicks and squirms with her panties pulled right down to her knees as Veronica smacks her reddening butt cheeks painfully over and over again.

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Ami’s bottom is throbbing and burning but Rent-A-Mom is not going to stop slapping her butt till it is a very bright red.

After receiving a hard spanking from Veronica, Ami was placed in the corner with her red, bare bottom on display. She had wanted to be cool, but now has a hot bottom as a result.

WOW,Naughty Ami’s extremely rosy red bottom cheeks must be very sore after a onslaught of firm hand smacks!

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 Dani pulls down Melanie’s panties revealing her soft spankable round bottom then smacks it till it hurts and makes it nice and blushing red.

Dani Daniels, named by CNBC in 2014 and 2015 as a top 12 porn star, winner of multiple awards and Penthouse Pet in 2012, spanks gorgeous Melanie Taylor in Sorority Sisters.
Firm Hand Spanking are thrilled to have these two hotties back! Melanie was last seen in 2012. Plus booty-bouncing slow-motion replay and Dani and Melanie talk butt shapes!

Hand smacks on her jiggling bare booty make it sting!

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Introducing new brat, Kendal Krave

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Introducing adorable cute cute CUTE!!! new brat, Kendal Krave .

Awwwwwwww she looks so tiny and precious!!and look her nipples are pink stars,cute 🙂


Naughty and naked Kendal Krave joins the naughty brat pack over at Punished brats and is welcomed with a bare bottom over the knee spanking by Veronica completely naked.

Doesn’t she look dainty across Veronica’s lap such a sweet pocket sized brat.Just too cute!!

I Can not wait to see the petite bratty girl getting her perky bum cheeks smacked pink,can you?

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Bianca Rose uses a bath brush across her bare ass and wow are those ripe bubble butt cheeks a bright BRIGHT RED!!!

Looks like a very effective  self spanking. Yeouch.

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Veronica’s paddled bottom is scarlet red and burning immensely!She won’t be sitting down on her swollen red bum for a week at least!

Miss Snow (Snow Mercy) calls Veronica into her office to talk to her about becoming the new sorority leader. But Veronica lacks discipline. So Snow teaches Veronica a valuable lesson first over her knee, then bent over her desk with a hard wooden yardstick and finally with the large pledge paddle. Veronica learns a valuable lesson that leaves her bottom bright red and bruised for days.

Veronica must bend over and stick out her already sore and hot red bottom for Miss Snow for swats with the solid paddle,her bubble butt is now aching cherry redness!

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The Contest Handspanking and 2 sisters spanked by Dad

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Bianca smacks Audrey’s big bouncy ever so round bottom looking OMG smack pow smackable in impossibly tight blue denim jeans as the bubble butt brat squirms about over her knees with each SMACK!

hot spankingIt is a spanking competition only the reddest of bottoms can win 🙂

Audrey thought that her ample bottom (with extra cushioning 😉 )gave her an advantage in the spanking contest between she and Bianca.Boy was she wrong!!!! She had underestimated the power of the tall red head.

After being spanked really darn hard with redding results by the tall redhead, Audrey realizes that this contest will be difficult to win.

The red butted girls are going to be sitting very gingerly tonight on their freshly walloped tender flaming bottoms,OUCH!

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Dad makes his naughty bratty girls cry with his leather belt as he ships their bottoms shiny red.

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Sisters Adriana and Mandie are teary eyed,sorry and very very sore after a serious punishment spanking from their father that they will never ever forget!!!!


Sisters Adriana and Mandie were happily regaling in a discussion of how the two of them terrorized the freshman girls that day. What they hadn’t counted on was that the school would contact their father about their exploits. Soon, the two bullies were bent over the couch, made to pull down their panties, and strapped to tears.

As the strap fell, time and time again, upon their sore bottoms, both sisters promised that they will never pick on the freshman girls again. The strapping continued until Adriana and Mandie were left sobbing with their red bottoms on display while kneeling on the couch.

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WHOA!!!! Naughty Maddy has to give her bottom some special attention as she she gets comfy sticks it out and uses her hand,hairbrush and leather paddle across her own bottom!!

I especially love it when she uses both her hands to deliver 2 stinging hard smacks across her bottom cheeks at once to increase the redness!

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Maddy gives her self a solid spanking before going over her partners knee for hand smacks across her already hot red stinging cheeks.

Maddy Marks and her partner decided to show us all a glimpse of their relationship with a short informative D/S display as she was instructed to spank herself in front of the cameras. His voice could be heard off camera gently telling her what to do next and how she should do it.

spanking gif 2She was told to spank herself harder and harder then rub her cheeks when they started to burn. This was no pattycake self spanking, he wouldn’t have her do this here. Maddy was then told to pick up the hairbrush and whack herself slowly and deliberately harder so we could see the effects this had on her smooth butt cheeks. It was an intimate and sensual act for her to give herself to him and us like this. Finally, she was told to use the leather paddle to redden her bottom before she took an OTK position for a finale spanking. Her boyfriend could not be seen in this video but you will see him spank her as they do at home… hard and forcefully, but not too brutal as she hadn’t done anything wrong here, this was not a punishment but a beautiful demonstration of their D/S relationship which they both kindly shared for us all on camera! It was a first for us all and we are sure you will enjoy this loving and close relationship that Maddy and her partner have! He is a lucky man… and so is she for having such an attentive and caring man in her life!

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Leggings earn Alison Miller an old-fashioned strapping on her bare cheeks

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Bum Bum Bum BUM BUM!!!

Alison’s juicy bubble butt heaven looking ever so spankable in tight little come spank me panties bends over the a red cheek strapping!

spankingDoes Mr Reed seriously think that strapping Alison Miller’s bubble butt will stop her wearing unsuitable leggings? Not a chance in Aversion Therapy. But that doesn’t stop him telling her to pull them down so he can warm her bouncing bare bottom

The naughty minx is strapped hard leaving her smackable bottom buns flaming red and very sore!

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