Audrey’s Fantasy

Audrey enjoys reddening up Sarah’s sexy bare ass cheeks with her hand as the naked girl squirms across her lap.


So Temting  naughty pet!!

In this casual and light hearted spanking film, Sarah interviews Audrey about how she has had the fantasy of spanking her since back in 2011 when she first came across a spanking photos of her. Sarah is so flattered and wasn’t made aware of this until recently, so she wants to make this fantasy becomes a reality for cute Audrey. After discussing this for a couple of minutes, it is right over Audrey’s knee Sarah goes for a firm but playful spanking. After Sarah gets naked, it gets a bit more sensual, though Audrey still has a very firm hand that gives strong swats to Sarah’s round bottom. As Sarah’s bare bottom turns red, her and Audrey have a blast playing like they have never played before.

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