Caned Naked in Malaysia


NAKED CANING NAKED SPANKING SPANKING NAKED PUNISHMENT CANING SPANKING HARD CANING CANEDThe tears flow as the cane strikes Adriana’s soft naked bottom 25 unbearable,humiliating,intense times.

Real,severe punishment with the cane!


Adriana, Audrey and Ami had been arrested for smoking marijuana in Malaysia. They were facing long jail sentences, but US Embassy intervened. The Malaysian government agreed to let the girls go home, but they needed to be caned first. Each girl was to receive twenty-five hard stokes with the cane. They had little choice but to agree to this punishment. They were made to remove all of their clothing, sit on the bench, and wait for their name to be called. Adriana was the first one called to face this severe punishment. A loud shriek emanated from Adriana and tears flowed the moment the cane struck her naked bottom.

With each stroke on the cane, Adriana cried out and tears and sobs followed. This went on for the full twenty-five strokes to which she was sentenced. Afterwards, her stripped bottoms was exhibited to the authorities via internet connection. She was then required to thank Mr. Pierson for her caning and apologize to the people of Malaysia for breaking their laws. She was then sent back to the bench where Audrey and Ami awaited her return. She did her best to regain her composure before returning to the bench so as not to panic the other girls whose ordeal was yet to come and from which there was no escape.

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