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The losers of this grudge volleyball game knew the consequences, whoever lost would pay the forfeit agreed to in advance in the winning team’s changing room. These girls from the opposing teams really didn’t like each other and the utter glee from the Red team winners is obvious as they decide exactly how to begin their reward for beating the sorry Blues. The Red team of Bianca, Adriana & Audrey, decide to humiliate and ridicule each of the losing girls with a good old fashioned spanking spread on the bench, as their fellow loser team mates got to watch each one take a humiliating spanking. Del, on the losing team is picked on first as she appears to be wearing a slutty pair of shorts which the Reds mock relentlessly and pull them down revealing her bare bottom. With Del’s bare cheeks fully exposed, each girl takes turns spanking her and making fun of her embarrassing predicament! Then it’s Ava’s turn, the same awful, humiliating treatment followed by the tallest and their “best” player, Lexi, who doesn’t like this one little bit. More is in store as all the losers are spanked in various position at the same time to a cacophony of slapping and hitting noises as the winners gloat and embarrass their victims continually. Then each of the losing girls got 5 hard swats of the wooden paddle from each winner. This humiliating finale for each girl receiving a total of 15 mean whacks of the wooden paddle is the icing on the winner’s cake for the Red team! This is an awesome 6 girl film with so much hot spanking action, including tight and sexy authentic volleygirl uniforms that lovers of this genre should not miss out on! Join now!

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Adriana and Audrey are in a relationship. They have always had the fantasy of playing naughty cheerleaders together so they decide to make it happen. After buying their hot, authentic cheer uniforms, Adriana takes her sexy girlfriend over her lap for a very sexy spanking. Audrey giggles in embarrassment and enjoyment as her girlfriend spanks her, caresses her and grabs her bare bottom intimately. Adriana gives a mainly sensual spanking but every now and then she can’t resist smacking her gorgeous girlfriend’s amazing booty just that little bit harder. Audrey gasps in shock but soon Adriana is rubbing her bottom better, all the while both girls are getting turned on and they start to make out in those hot uniforms without any panties on. This is a very hot girl/girl sensual and erotic spanking.

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Strict Coach Alex dishes out some real discpline to bad cheer girl Linny with hand and large,solid wooden paddle.

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Linny had been missing from practice at Cheer Camp, so assistant coach, Alex Reynolds, was sent to find out why. She found Linny in her Dorm Room without a good excuse as to why she was there. Cheerleader Linny was such a brat, diisrespecting Alex even though Miss Reynolds pointed out she was the one with the whistle! Alex didn’t waste any time in showing what lazy, badly behaved young ladies would expect in situations such as this. Alex had promised that she would feel the wooden paddle she was holding in her hand before the end of her punishment! The young cheer brat was hand spanked over her tight panties then had them removed in a most humiliating way. When her bare bottom was fully reddened by Alex’s hard hands, she started to paddle Linny’s exposed bare bottom as she hung on to the side of the bunk bed. Each swat got harder and harder until poor Linny lost count due to the increasing distraction of the painful paddling. Miss Reynolds continued to scold this lazy cheerleader to do better, learning the hard way that laziness would not be tolerated at Camp!

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Violet October has been summoned for a Disciplinary Meeting with Coach, Sarah Gregory. She has no idea that Miss Gregory knows everything that had happened in the locker rooms after the last practice. Violet only admitted to her lewd behavior once mention of Security CCTV footage was disclosed. She was the instigator, inviting boys back with some other squad members including intimate lesbian encounters with other squad members like the predatory Adriana Evans. It was decided that Violet had to be punished right there and then. She was promised six heavy swats with the dreaded “Bad Cheerleader” paddle but first she was to go over the lap of her coach for a very humiliating bare bottom, legs spread, hand spanking. Miss Gregory scolded and reminded her just what a little dirty slut she had been! Violet was ashamed and embarrassed that she was being spanked like this but the paddling was something different. Hard powerful swats of that heavy wooden paddle quickly focus the errant cheer girl’s mind that lewd behavior was not acceptable in Sarah Gregory’s squad!

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During a long trip away with the football team, one of the senior cheerleaders, Ashley Graham, thought she could get on coach Johnny Lake’s good side by trying to seduce him. She had heard there was an opening for one of the top positions in the squad. However, Ashley had been drinking and made a foolish clumsy attempt at trying to “persuade” her coach who was shocked by her advances. “In order to be the leader of the squad”, he told her, “you have to prove yourself!” Ashley was not impressed and swore at him. Coach Lake had enough of this awful behavior and quickly took her over his lap. She struggled and complained but she had brought this on herself and he relentlessly spanked her bare bottom after pulling down her white panties. He scolded her, reminding her about how her disrespect for him and her fellow cheer girls would not be tolerated. Ashley was one very sore, sorry and contrite cheerleader after he had finished with her!

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