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Over The knee receiving a firm spanking.

~~Round and Red~~

Maddison enjoys slapping Alex’s perky,round,naked ass cheeks as she watches them redden up.

Madison Martin gets a new roommate, AlexH, who has an amazing curvy bottom and does her first ever spanking shoot for the Clare Fonda sites. Madison has her read the rules of the apartment complex while spanking her hard, and leaves her bright red, speckled and unable to sit down. Alex calls a friend while she squirms to sit, and plots her revenge.

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Linny’s Hard Spanking

Naughty Linny gets a hard bare bottom spanking till her round ass is stiniging,burning and a bright red!!

The punished girl can barley sit down because her red raw bottom is so sore.


Veronica Ricci teaches her new roommate Linny Lace that whenever someone messes up in this apartment complex, she gets a spanking. And Veronica delivers a long, hard spanking with her hand and wooden spoon, over her knee, and with Linny bent over. Linny learns her lesson with a very sore, red bottom that leaves her unable to sit down comfortably for a week.

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Maddys naughty cousin Madison gets her cute round peachy ass spanked looking yummy yummy in super tight and short shorts.

small_red_heart~~Round and Red~~small_red_heart

Madison’s cousin Mandy Muse is still sore about the spanking Madison gave her recently. So when she finally gets her chance at revenge, she gives the curvy bottomed Madison the hardest hand spanking she can give. Madison squirms, but finally admits to being sorry. The 2 girls end up comparing sore, red bottoms.*cute*

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Veronica Spanks New Roommate Kitty

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Naughty little kitty gets a red perky tushy!!!kitty

When Kitty Catherine becomes Veronica Ricci’s new roommate, she quickly learns that there are strict rules for the apartment complex. Kitty is forced to read the rules while over Veronica’s knee receiving a sound spanking. She complains and kicks and even cries tears that drip onto the paper, but Veronica will not stop until Kitty’s bottom is red and she agrees to all of the rules.

Veronica enjouys slapping Kitty’s perky,round,naked ass cheeks as she watches them redden up.




Dani Daniels Gives Kay a Nude Spanking in Office

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Naked Kay is kicking and squirming about as a naked Dani Daniels slaps and paddled her ass red and sore.


Super hot Dani Daniels gets caught changing in her office by flight attendant Kay Richards. Dani is upset, so she has Kay strip naked also and bends her over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand, and a wooden paddle. Kay kicks and screams and her bottom speckles and turns bright red, but there is no stopping Dani from this punishment.

Kay’s round bottom is blistering,scorching red!!!

Bubble butt heaven bouncing and turning red!

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