Little Kajira’s Spanking

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Waaaaaaaaaaah,Boo Hoo mummieee my bum hurts so much!!!

Mummy gives her bare bum a spanking that turns her cheeks a painful red.

Oooooh Waaaaaaaaaaaaa Ahhhhhhhh Owwwwwwwww .

Little naughty girl Kajira kicks,cries and wriggles about as her pert little bottom is set upon by hard Hair brush smacks.

The naughty lil girl is soooooooooo cute!

spanked in pajamas

Little and naughty Kajira’s bottom is blushy smacked red after a dose of mums to be feared hairbrush.


OMG!!! Not on the bare, *gasp* please stop,this is so embarrassing.cute-spanking

spanking gif


In this classic age play film, Kajira has been a very naughty little girl. Mommy specifically forbid her to go to the big yard sale down the street and she did anyway. She had a neighbor kid take her and she got a big rocking horse. Mommy was disgusted as this was filthy and was brought into their home. Kajira lies to mommy about where she got it and puts up a fight when it was taken away. Mommy is very upset and takes her daughter over the knee to be spanked on her cute drop seat pajamas and then on the bare bottom. This little naughty girl also earns herself mommy’s wooden hairbrush across her already sore spanked bottom. By the end of her punishment, Kajira is promising to be a good girl and listen to mommy and never lie again.




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2 Responses to Little Kajira’s Spanking

  1. amber says:

    My boyfriend and I do not care for age play games.

    We will and do try just about anything (within reason) and both the times we tried this, I especially just got the worst case of giggles until I was crying with silliness.

    We role play often, but just “adult” naughty girl games.

    That being said, those pajamas are really cute and I wouldn’t mind having a pair or 2 to wear to bed and make use of that back flap 😉


  2. Tim says:

    Michelle yes very enjoyable indeed with lovely young Joelle spanking her little cute daughter in her drop seat jammies which are lifted so she can spank her bare botty ,Sarah does the ageplay theme so well with cute girls playing together ,best spanks from Tim x

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