Stepmother Takes Charge

Hot as Hell Step Mum Christina  gives her naughty little cutie pie daughter a super wicked bare ass spanking till her perky bare ass cheeks are throbbing and a super HAWT Red!!! Ouchy

Very naughty and bratty little Chrissy h has earned a extremely hard punishment,bare bottom spanking

Chrissy  kicks and cries across Momma’s lap as her once white bottom is smacked a crimson red!!

A deep hot red hairbushed bottom for a naughty little girl!!!


Chrissy doesn’t feel that she needs to give her new stepmother respect since she is not her real mother. Well, Chrissy is in for a surprise when her stepmother, Christina, decides that it is time that this sassy rude brat learns her lesson the hard way. She takes her step daughter over her lap for a long over due hand and hair brush spanking.



Look how very very swollen,puffy and RED Daliah’s well spanked bottom cheeks are.I wonder how long her flaming rosy bottom is going to be puffy,sowwlen and fat from spanks for?

Daliah has been a bad little girl and mummy is not happy with her one bit!!! Mummy wants to punish her naughty little brat so it is bottoms up and right over mummys knee in a jiffy for a punishment spanking.

Waaaaaaa ouchies Mummy,NOT FAIR,owieeeeee

Noooooo !!!Please don’t spank me Mummy!!!! I will be a good girl I promise!

Lil Daliah’’s mum smacks her squirmy bottom with her own shoe,oh ouch!

“Ouchies Mummy!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

The very hard and long hand spanking punishment over her Mothers lap makes her naked bottom extremely swollen and tender.


During a debate practice at school, the moderator declared Daliah’s angry behavior as out of order. Still agitated, Daliah called her instructor a ‘bitch.’ When Daliah got home, she found her mother waiting for her. In this household such egregious behavior is dealt with via spankings. It had been some time since Daliah had felt this severe sting of her mother’s powerful right arm. However, she was quickly reminded as she was taken across her mother’s lap, her panties lowered, and given a hard spanking upon her bare bottom.

As the spanking went on, Daliah pleaded with her mother to stop. Her mother said she would stop spanking her with her hand. Instead, she took off one of Daliah’s shoes and spanked her with the shoe for a time. Her mother finished her punishment with an extremely hard hand spanking and informed her that she was to walk around for the rest of the day with her skirt raised and panties lowered so that all could see what happens when such behavior occurs in this family.

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Lily wants some sweet candy goodies for Halloween,Instead she gets a hard bare ass spanking with firm Male hand and wooden hairbrush till her bare bottom is deep red and sweetly stinging!!

Fast and hard hand smacks redden up her bare bottom cheeks quickly as she squirms like mad over his knee,pussy bare and exposed.

Her own Panties stuffed in her mouth to muffle her moans as the wooden hairbrush smacks her tender,sore red bottom over and over again.

The naughty cheer girl can barley keep still as the hairbrush smacks her bright red bottom.

The hairbrush swats hurt too much!!!!Sooooooo Stingy!!


This is a delightful and amusing Halloween themed film but don’t let the words “delightful and amusing” mean that you are about to watch a light spanking… far from it! Lily turns up at John’s place “Trick or Treating”. He is annoyed that this bubbly young lady is trying to scam some candy when it’s obvious she should just let the neighborhood kids have their fun later instead. She insists that her cheer uniform makes her eligible as a Halloween costume to demand treats or he’ll get his house egged! John invites her in saying he has a treat for her… and by “treat” he means a well overdue spanking! Lily is the type of girl that thinks she can handle anything so agrees to take one in rerturn for plenty of candy! He doesn’t hold back with the spanking either, first over her tight authentic, color co-ordinated cheer panties (she really did do well with that costume!) then pulls them down. Lily is a strong athletic girl and John relishes spanking her as she struggles playfully but he knows that this hand spanking hurts and he enjoys giving her something she also appears to be taking far too well. She is going to earn a lot of candy, and she wants more! She accepts a hairbrush spanking challenge at the end. Lily shows off a very sore red bottom and her reward means the rest of the neighborhood Trick or Treaters later will be getting less from John’s house… if only they knew why! Join now!


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Misty Lovelace Gets Spanked on Halloween

Cute Pouty face and a round spankable bottom!

A wonderful spanking for Wonder Woman

Sweet and sexy Misty is perky round bottom bare and bouncing to hand smacks over Clare Fonda’s knees till smackable cheeks are blushing red and warm.

Young, sexy Misty Lovelace is wearing a slutty Wonder Woman costume when her aunt Clare catches her and demands she wear something less revealing. When Misty refuses, she gets a trip over Clare’s knee for a sound spanking, turning her curvy bottom bright red. She goes to the party wearing Clare’s robe.

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Sierra squirms as her bare vulnerable bum cheeks feel the hot and painful sting of daddys firm,strong hand over and over again till her perky,naughty bottom is all rosy red and sore.

Daddy holds her firmly in place.

Sierra’s Daddy uses a tight grip and a strong hand to punish her soundly till her bare bum cheeks are a hot red.

Naughty Girl Sierra struggles as she is spanked mercilessly over his knee for not doing her homework.

Dad’s large hand rains down without mercy across her tender bare bottom cheeks till they are blushing red and stinging like crazy.

The pretty young girl is hand slapped across her pretty ass till cheeks are tingling across daddys lap~

Sorry Daddy.

Bratty Sierra is thrashed soundly by daddy on her bed after a soccer practice brings shame as she is sent home for fouling the other players,Daddy has no choice but to bare his naughty girls bottom and go to town all over her naughty naked bottom cheeks till she is a very sorry and sorry little girl!!!

A relentless hand spanking makes Sierra’s bottom throb and sting like mad!!!

Steve Fuller plays a major role as Sierra’s dad Recreating Sierra’s real life spankings growing up. Sierra is shy until you know her but she brought detail to her ineterview about how she was spanked after soccer practice and for not doing homework and even got the belt. She also had an episode with a friend of her mom’s who she was babysitting for. Sierra can take one of the hardest spankings in the biz and she is natural for a relationship with a man who enjoys giving those spankings, as she discusses in her interview.(watch the interview here)

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