Adriana’s Mom teaches her a proper lesson bare butt and squirming over her knees!

adriana evansAdriana had picked a bad time to defy her mother. She had gone out with her friends despite being told that she was not to leave the house before her chores where done. When she returned home to get her camera she was confronted by her mother for not respecting her instructions. Adriana informed her mother that, at her age, her social life was more important than any stupid chores.
In response, Veronica grounded her daughter, took away her cell phone and computer privileges. “You are such a bitch!” Adriana shouted at her mother while stomping her feet.

Veronica left her daughter for but a moment and returned with pajamas and panties suitable for a seven year old to wear, but humiliating for a girl of Adriana’s age. Adriana was stripped of her adult clothes and dressed in pink “Pretty Princess” PJ’s and frilly panties.

After a time out to cool down, Adriana found herself taken over her mother’s lap for a spanking. As her panties were lowered the bratty daughter pleaded ‘Not on the bare!”

But her mum gets her knickers right of and smacks her naughty girls totally naked bottom nice and super hard!

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chloe loveotk spankingspanked sweetiespanties spankingknickers spankingpulling down her pantiesmother daughter spankingbare bottom spankingclare fonda spankingspankedsweetiesmummy spanking“Ahhhh Ohhhh my bottom hurts so much Mummy!!”

Mummy Clare Fonda takes her bratty little girl across her lap and spanks her perky littler cute ass till it burns so much!

This is the first ever spanking shoot for pretty young Chloe Love. But she was spanked many times growing up in real life.

Spanked Sweeties recreate spankings from mom, dad and a mouth soaping that happened whenever she cursed.

These are very real spankings for Chloe, who was very candid in her amazing interview you will love:)

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Sexy Sarah assumes the position across Davids lap for a bottom bare legs spread bare ass spanking with hand and paddle as the happy girl squirms and wriggles over his knees.

You just got to love naughty girl spankings especially when their legs are open and you can delight in the sight of their pussies as their ass cheeks are firmly smacked.Very naughty indeed:)

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Chip ‘n’ Pain: Filmed at the Shadowlane 2013 casino hotel venue, this film proved to be the catalyst for the eventual pairing of Sarah Gregory and John Osborne outside of their kink! Neither of them realized at the time just what would happen but you will get some interesting hindsight previews from this final film they made at this party event. Set at a casino, it was a plausible storyline to have them in a loving discipline relationship filmed in their hotel suite… so when Sarah decided to play and brat by hiding some of John’s casino chips before he wanted to visit the tables, she knew he would search her and find what she had taken. Her ploy that he would pay more attention to her than the gaming tables paid off after he did find the missing chips on her person and he gave her a memorable “naughty girl” spanking and intimate cropping punishment that is shown in this film. Join them both at the start of their journey together that begun here.

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Little Mandie Rae looks super cute in short shorts.

                                                                   Little Mandie Rae looks super cute in short shorts.

Down with your shorts naughty little Miss.

                                                                       Down with your shorts naughty little Miss.

The panties must come down too:)

                                                                                 The panties must come down too:)

Pixie Amber wells takes a leather paddle to Mandie's bare bottom.

                                                Pixie Amber wells takes a leather paddle to Mandie’s bare bottom.

Pixie makes her lil bum sting like mad!

                                                                              Pixie makes her lil bum sting like mad!

The hairbrush lands with a SMACK!

                                                                              The hairbrush lands with a SMACK!

Pixie enjoys makeing the naughty brats squirm across her knees with lots of firm smacks.

                                   Pixie enjoys making the naughty brats squirm across her knees with lots of firm smacks.

“Nooooo Momma Nooooo,it hurts so much!!!!”

Mandie had always been such a good girl that it came as a shock to her mother that her well behaved daughter would say unkind things to Mary, the nice girl who lived next door. Mary’s mother was most upset and brought the matter to her friend, Amber. Mandie’s mom assured Mary’s that she would get to the seat of the matter. After chastising Mandie for being rude and nasty to Mary, she informed her daughter that she was to be spanked. Mandie replied, “No, it’s gonna hurt!” Mandie’s stern, but loving, mother noted that such was the desired result and that it was for her own good. Amber spanked her daughter with a hair brush over she shorts, then her panties and then her bare bottom. As Mandie’s panties were lowerd, she pleaded that she not be so humiliated. Amber replied, “A spanking is never complete until it is done upon the bare bottom.”

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