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The strap makes cheerleader Cadence’s peachy cheeks glow red!…..Fierce!

Cadence, the captain of the cheer squad, was called to the headmistress’ office after punching a cheerleader from the rival school in the face. When her explanation proved less than satisfactory to Miss Veronica, Cadence found herself over the lap of the headmistress for a hard spanking.

The naughty cheerleader does the spanky dance over the strict Headmistress lap as her perky bottom buns are given a solid spanking.

spanking gif

gif spanking


Ohhhhhhh Noooooo Please stop Miss,it hurts like crazy,aHHHRRRRRrrrrrr

After her spanking, Cadence was placed by the fireplace while Miss Veronica did her work. Cadence was an unhappy girl, standing in the corner with a sore bottom. She let the headmistress know of her misery by grumbling just enough to be audible. She was warned to remain silent by an increasingly irritated Miss Veronica. When this task proved too much for the head cheerleader, she suddenly found her panties pulled down, enduring the pain of the school strap. Her tears flowed freely as she promised never to fight again.

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 Red hair and red lipstick :-) Red Hot needs a red bottom to match!

Red Hot was discovered by her friend Bettie Bondage, who also interviews her about how she was spanked growing up. Bettie re-enacts a birthday spanking that Red Hot once received, paddles her and then Red Hot re-enacts a spanking she received from her father, which also included a belting.

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For a added Wednesday treat here are some naughty  spanked sweeties and their shiny red bums from previous episodes for you to enjoycute gif

gigi allens spanking

Australian Model Gigi Allen’s is ass up bare over daddys knees for firm hand spanks that burn her ripe ass cheeks.

mother daughter spanking

Cutie Danielle Hunt‘s strict no nonsense mother gives her a very harsh and strict spanking over her knees till her bottom is extremely sore and bruised.

sore butt

Dixie is a perky girl who got spanked by her mom in real life growing up until her teen years. She was bratty and defiant – and loud – until her mom taught her the errors of her ways.

The naughty girl had alot of red bottoms growing up!

wooden spoon spanking

Ash Hollywood’s Mom reddens her fine ass with a wooden spoon,yeeeeeeeeeouch! Stings like mad.

naked spanking

Naked spankings over mummys knee are so embarrassing!April O’Neil squirms nude over mums knees as mom makes her wriggling bum sting oh so much.

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Spanked and whipped for disobedience – Alison Miller’s bubble butt pays

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Bubble butt sticking right out,bad girl Alison gets a stingy crop against bare butt cheeks.

“Those are the most provocative leggings I’ve ever seen,” Frank Reed tells sassy Alison Miller in Aversion Therapy. With cuts all down both thighs, her leggings show plenty of flesh. Frank spanks her bare buns hard before using a riding crop. Funny out-takes too!

and now for some more of bratty bad girl Alison and her bouncy bubble butt getting what for :-)

leather tawse

Two-tailed tawse lights up Alison Miller’s bubble butt big time!

bare bottom spankings

Alison has been naughty again so she stretches her out bare bottom for a tawse lashing across her soft, bouncing creamy booty 143 times.

hard spanking

Alison Miller kneels on a sofa, hands on the floor, bared butt high in the air, for a stinging 175 swats with a strap.

naughty girls spanking video

A sound double-spanking in their cute-as-hell uniforms is the only way Alison Miller and Samantha Woodley will learn.

hard butt spanking

Her totally bare bubble-butt feels the full burn of 40 tough swats with a long-handled wooden bath-brush,ouch!

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spanking gif

Spankings are fun but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt!

otk spanking gif

Waaaaa Ahhhhhrrrrr ,Mummy it stings!!


 Mums all too familiar hand smacks make her butt blush.

spanked ass

Mummy hand smacks her botty cheeks thoroughly 

Elektra Rose was never spanked growing up in real life. She never even heard of abirthday spanking until this interview by Fiona.(view the interview here->)

Adorable Elektra admits she enjoys being spanked by boyfriends, but when pressed, she means a few swats not REAL SPANKING.

On this day, she gets her first ever real spanking. She was shocked by how much it hurt. She left with a very, very sore bottom, but a desire to shoot  again!

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