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Little Mandie Rae bends over the ladder with her perky bottom exposed for the harsh spanking of a life time.Every spank that lands across her tiny bottom is hard and makes her bum super RED!


Mandie Rae clutches her well spanked ass and parts her flaming red ass cheeks revealing her pretty pussy! What a naughty sight indeed!

rubbing sore bottom up and down-flaming red ass

Rubbing her flaming red sore         bottom all better!

It was the final session of her three day sentence at Discipline Camp. Mandie entered the punishment room filled with fear and based on her prior two visits to this place of punishment, she had cause. As she entered she expected to see Mr. Pierson, her court assigned disciplinarian, with some large implement. Instead, she found him holding a small plastic object. “How bad could that be?” she thought. Mr. Pierson instructed her to remove all clothing below her waist and bend over the stairs. Soon, she learned just how badly a small implement could hurt, and how it fit into the smallest of creases. Mr. Pierson soon had Mandie sobbing as he applied both the small object of punishment and his hands to her bottom and thighs. He did not neglect the inner aspects of her thighs, an area of the body that is exceedingly sensitive .


                    Red bottom and thighs

As Mr. Pierson plies his trade, spanking the brat’s bottom, thighs and other creases, all Mandie could do was cry and promise to be good. After her punishment was over Mandie was made to stand against the wall and the results of her discipline was broadcast to the public as a warning. With her red bottom and legs on display to the public, Mandie apologized for not being a better citizen in the brave new world in which she lived.

Mandie spanked legs look very tender,hot and sore!



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Kay Gets Spanked by her Mom

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Kays Mom wollops her big bare wriggling bottom with her hand to make it hurt bad and shine RED!


“Yes dear I think that should be red enough!”

Kays Mom takes her over her knees and spanks her completely naked ass cheeks over and over again as her daughter kicks about and squirms non stop till her entire bum is stinging super badly!

When Kay visits her mom at her office, she gets something she has never gotten from her mom before, a spanking. Mom is tired of Kay’s deviant ways. How she lost her life coach. How she never wears panties. So mom puts Kay over her knee right there in her office. Kay leaves embarrassed and in pain….with a red and sore spanked bottom from her Mom!!

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Lily Swan is looking very colorful in rainbow socks and sporting a bright red bottom!

knee socks spanking otk

Lily Swan is Draped across Johns lap with her jeans yanked down for a dose of his firm hand till her cheeks are all stingy and shiny red.

bare bottom-pussy-spanking-exposed spanking

WOW!!! Lily Swan is completely exposed as John slaps her parted ass cheeks!

John invited Lily Swan over to learn more about these so called ‘shakes’ that she has been selling his girlfriend. John thinks this is just a scam and complains that all his girlfriend is doing is farting and she blames, Lily, the girl who sold her the product. He invites her over and she keeps trying to sell it, even to him, so he spanks this sassy girl for not understanding him and continuing to try and sell even when he has had it with her.

He takes the naughty girl across his kneed then smacks her firmly over her jeans.After heating her seat he pulls down her ity bity g-string then spanks her naked ass.

The hot girl kicks and squirms about exposing her pussy as the smacks continue.

Join in and see Sarah Gregory and her girlfriends squeal as their bottoms turn red!


Joelle Barros Bottom is sore and shiny red

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Looking cute and naughty in her school uniform Joelle goes across Dr Valentines knees for a bare bottom hairbrush swatting that will leave her bottom cheeks throbbing and red red RED!!!!

well spanked,punished properly

“Ohhhh Dr Valentine by bottom sure does sting super bad!!!”

rubbing her sore spanked bottom all better

Poor Joelle rubs her sore spanked and red bottom all better!

Dr. Valentine is very concerned about his protégée. He knows that she is a brilliant young woman who has much to offer the students, yet she has proven undisciplined in her comportment. For her part, Joelle knew that dressing in schoolgirl uniform was a true act of defiance. Right now she is think better of such rebelliousness and the hairbrush strikes her bare bottom over and over again. After starting the spanking being defiant towards her mentor, now she is pleading for her punishment to stop interspersed with promises of compliance. After her spanking Joelle can but stand in Professor Valentine’s living room, rub her bottom and wonder where it all went wrong.

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