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Mandie Rae sure is a naughty little cutie!!! super super cute:) The little Miss is thoroughly spanked soundly red by Her Husband as she squirms and cries over his knees..

reckless4This is a stunning domestic discipline debut for Mandie Rae as the financially inept wife of husband Robert. She had been hiding risky trades in stocks and shares with their home finances until they weren’t enough to cover her mounting losses. She had started to make more obvious transfers from personal bank accounts to cover the shortfalls. At this point, it wasn’t long before Robert noticed the discrepancies and after he investigated them he decided to talk it through with Mandie to hear her side of the story. She told him she was afraid of what Robert would think and couldn’t let him know but she was right to worry as this was what disappointed him most that she felt a need to hide this from him rather than seek his help. recklassHD1He decided that an old fashioned hard bare bottom spanking might just remind Mandie that from this moment on she would have to earn his trust again. This is a loving yet very firm and hard traditional OTK spanking punishment between a husband and his young, attractive wife. Look out for the double arm and leg lock as he spanked his struggling wife on her bare bottom until he was satisfied that her very sore red bottom would be a good down payment on building that trust again!

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In tonight’s episode of Sensational girl, along with her good friend Danger Girl, made a major mistake and broke into the home and arrested a federal judge mistakenly believing him to be a drug kingpin. It turned out that the kingpin lived next door. The judge was in a forgiving mood and noted that he would not press charges so long as these young super heroines were given a sound spanking…. on their BARE BOTTOMS *GASP*

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When Danger Girl was to be spanked and was being approached by inspector Pierson she noted “Men have no power over me.” The inspector responded “We do have women.” All Danger Girl could say was “rats!” Detective Veronica gave the bratty super heroine a spanking that started over the outside of her skirt, then her panties, and then, much to Danger Girl’s humiliation, her bare bottom. …….So Painful and oh so very embarrassing!!!!

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YAY!!!! Veronica Returns a favorite of mine to Punished Brats with fellow cutie Pixie Wells for butt stinging fun and stinging spankings :-)

Awwwwwww Aren’t they so darn cute!

Then it was Sensational Girl’s turn to be punished. She was taken over the lap of Inspector Pierson. Ordinarily, Sensational Girl is invulnerable but she loses her powers whenever she feels guilty, and at that moment she was feeling very guilty. Soon she was crying out in pain as her bare bottom was spanked. Soon the two misguided crime fighters were made to serve corner time before being permitted to go home and face their most fearsome foes — their angry mothers.

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 Beautiful Pandora Blake and Madison Martin go bouncy butt naked across each others laps for juicy round cheeks smacking  tiil their plump butt cheeks are tingling red all over.

Madison Martin returns to Pandora Blake’s office to see where her lawyer stands with her case. When Madison discovers she has lost her job, she decides a little motivation is in order, with a spanking and paddling. Pandora has had enough of this spanking business and will teach Madison a lesson of her own. The spankings lead the ladies to realize they need each other and should become roommates.

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New Pledge Saide Holmes Spanked by Riley

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Naughty and tiny little cutie Sadie gets her lil botty bum spanked stingy pink by sorority pledge Riley as she squirms and wriggles about across her knees.

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“Ohhhh Owiwwwww my bum hurts so much owwwwwwwieeeee”

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 Little Sadie’s butt is hurting super bad!!!Look how shiny pink her butt cheeks are:)

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Poor Sadie!!! her well spanked fire roasted tushy is stinging like bee stings.

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When new pledge Sadie Holmes meets Riley, it is spank at first site. Riley will take no sass from the new sassy girl and puts her over her knee for a long attitude changing spanking. If you like to hear the word “spanking” this scene sets the record for use of the word. Two sexy ladies in a very energetic scene!

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