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“Oh Ouchies daddy”

OH WOW!!!! Audrey’s ever so plump bottom is ever so red after a hard spanking from dad!

13 (1)Party girl, Audrey, was confronted by her father over her driving habits. She has been driving recklessly and had been given several citations, none of which she paid. When her father addressed this with her he found her insouciant attitude upsetting. Soon Audrey found herself over her father’s lap for a hard lesson in driving safety.

At first Audrey was indignant over being taken over her father’s lap and having her bottom exposed for punishment. With just a few smacks from her father’s large and powerful hands, the spoiled brat tearfully promises to be good and begs for the discipline to stop. At the conclusion of her spanking, Audrey is placed in the corner, her bottom on display, to contemplate the seriousness of her poor behavior. Audrey places her sunglasses on to hide her tears and humiliation.

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Sweet and petite little cutie Kami earns her self a stingy smacking for being a hot little tease!

Kami keeps finding problems for her Landlord to fix. He of course sends his extremely handy handyman, which is actually the cause of all the problems Kami reports in the first place. This time she has gone too far however and finds out just how handy he is… at punishing her with his hand lol:)

Nawwww she is just to cute~~

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Perfectly naughty naked Penny receives a blistering,hot and hard spanking from hot Feisty,strict Audrey:)

Audrey spanks her ever so yummy,ripe and round bottom cheeks blazing RED~~~~!

Penny is a brilliant, yet precocious student and a master of all things digital. She would often hack into a system simply for the challenge of it. One day Penny was being chastised by Professor Valentine for hacking into the school’s system to change a grade when he received the alarming news the Miss Audrey of the national security apparatus was there. She informed the professor that his protégé had broken into the national defense computers. Miss Audrey made the girl strip off her clothing for a check. The she spanked her with a leather paddle and her hand for having the audacity of violating the defense grid.

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