Riley’s mum spanked her perky bare bum over her knee

Riley’s mum smacks her exposed round perky bottom till her cheeks are rosy red and sore all over as the naughty cutie squirms about across her knees.

Cute little Young Riley Anne was spanked a number of times growing up in real life, usually by her mom (played by Star Nine).

A firm hand spanking makes her bare cheeks blush all over 

The pretty girl gives a candid interview to Star, then spanked sweeties re-enact two of her spankings growing up, both of which leave her sweet,smackable perky bottom bright red and so sore she asked for an ice pack to soothe her sore bum cheeks . Naaaaaw How very cute!

Lots of smarting firm smacks redden up her smackable bum cheeks nicely.

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