Spanked and whipped for disobedience – Alison Miller’s bubble butt pays

pants spanking tight pants spanking ass spanking over panties bare bottom spanking bare ass spanking naughty girl spanking

Bubble butt sticking right out,bad girl Alison gets a stingy crop against bare butt cheeks.

“Those are the most provocative leggings I’ve ever seen,” Frank Reed tells sassy Alison Miller in Aversion Therapy. With cuts all down both thighs, her leggings show plenty of flesh. Frank spanks her bare buns hard before using a riding crop. Funny out-takes too!

and now for some more of bratty bad girl Alison and her bouncy bubble butt getting what for 🙂

leather tawse

Two-tailed tawse lights up Alison Miller’s bubble butt big time!

bare bottom spankings

Alison has been naughty again so she stretches her out bare bottom for a tawse lashing across her soft, bouncing creamy booty 143 times.

hard spanking

Alison Miller kneels on a sofa, hands on the floor, bared butt high in the air, for a stinging 175 swats with a strap.

naughty girls spanking video

A sound double-spanking in their cute-as-hell uniforms is the only way Alison Miller and Samantha Woodley will learn.

hard butt spanking

Her totally bare bubble-butt feels the full burn of 40 tough swats with a long-handled wooden bath-brush,ouch!

Alison’s bouncing round and red bottom can be enjoyed here->>>>


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