Stern Mother spanking her daughter in a humiliating and revealing position

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Little Rosy Ann is plump butt cheeks bare,pussy exposed legs up and over her head for a painful and humiliating spanking.

spankin gif 2

SMACK SMACK SMACK!!! Hard hairbrush wallops burn like crazy!!

spankin gif 4

Waaaaaaaa Mummieeeeeee please don’t spank my thighs,Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

spanking gif 1

Strict Mum delivers no nonsense to the point hard hairbrush smacks,over and over and over again till little Rosie can not stand the pain.

spanking gif 3

There is no hiding Rosie’s Pussy in this position,as her mum swats her naked bottom cheeks, her pussy lips are on full display,very embarrassing for the naughty girl.

Rosie’s vulnerable bottom turns cherry red from Stern Mothers solid hairbrush which she delivers painfully strict against her daughters poor bottom.

Rosy Ann has the mother from hell. More concerned with the impact on her social diary than Rosy or her little brother (Monty)’s welfare, Jessica shows her frustration by smacking Rosy’s bottom, followed by an application of the hairbrush in an embarrassing legs-up position. Rosy wishes she were an orphan.

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