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Soundly spanked, bare bottom jiggling: Alison Miller’s bubble pays the price

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Naughty Alison Miller bends over sticking out her spankworthy round bubble butt for hand and ping pong paddle smacks.


cornertime after spanking

Abigail Whittaker puts Alison in the corner after spanking her.

That’s some ass! Alison Miller’s bootylicious cheeks take a long, hard spanking with Patrick Bateman’s hand and a ping pong paddle in Denim Diva. Damaging a new concept jeans design by showing it off at the beach costs her a very red bottom.

Alison’s pretty bum bounces with each hand smack and paddle swat and reddens brighter and hotter with each stinging,smarting wallop.

Watch a sample from this video here~>

Bubble butt spankable as hell Alison Miller gets what she deserves!

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