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Incredibly hot Adrienne is perky bum cheeks bare and turning red with her and long legs draped over Mr Grey’s knees receiving a firm hand.

Fancy putting a six-foot fashion model over your knee for a good spanking? Enjoy Adrienne Black’s latest escapade in College Discipline after she skips studies for the hot tub! Bikini panties off, she lies over Earl Grey’s knee for a cheek-reddening, flesh-quivering licking. So classy, so bratty!

After the painful discipline spanking the beauty rubs her blazing scarlet red bottom.

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Jodi Biltmore,Monica Bouget and Adrienne Black spanked

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Beautiful and tall Adrienne’s pretty Black’s eyes fill with REAL tears as she’s seriously spanked, caned and strapped till her tight perky ass is on fire!


 Adrienne is Looking oh so very very  yummy in her short denim itty bitty shorts:)

A very real and serious hot blistering, tear-inducing, butt-striping punishment as Adrienne Black completes Problem PA.

Spanked HARD by strict hard spanking Johnny Stockton for wearing shorts in the office, his wife Stacy takes over for six with a cane and 32 smacks with a strap, striping her red, bare bottom like a pro. Ouch OUCH OUCH!


 Awwwwww Monica is sooooo tiny ! and such a major cutie!

Nice view up sassy Alison Millers skirt below of her white panties which will be yanked down shortly hehe!

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Cute and tiny, bratty Monica Bouget’s tight jiggling bottom is spanked long and hard for bad behavior!

How can gymnast fit, tight cheeks jiggle so much? Exotic Monica Bouget is back! She’s spanked outside by Mr Anderson so she can go on a European exchange visit. Hot in school uniform, gorgeous with panties down, she’s laid over his knee: perfect!

A very red ass indeed after a very hard spanking.

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230-smack bare spanking for Jodi Biltmore after cussing out a teacher

Laid over Mr Strickman’s knee, ripe bottom cheeks bare under his hand, Jodi Biltmore has rebellion spanked out of her 230 times at Reform Academy Cussing out a teacher has painful results and a cherry red butt! (Shot solo Reaction Cam).

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