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Star and Alyssa’s Anal spanking Adventure

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Ooooooh Yummy,sorority girls Alyssa and Star enjoy erotic anal temperature taking,naughty spanking and sweet kisses.

The girls are getting naughty !Kinky stinging fun!

Star needs to practice taking someone’s temperature anally. When Alyssa resists, Star tries to convince her with a sound spanking and paddling. But Alyssa holds out for more. She’ll do it if she can give Star a spanking, too. Good scene with anal thermometer, kissing and lots and lots of naked spanking.

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The kitchen spoon goes SMACK SWAT SMACK across Star’s perky butt cheeks making them rosy hot RED!

Alyssa Reece is still sore from the spanking Star gave her. So she threatens to tell on Star for having a bottle of wine, unless Star agrees to take a spanking from Alyssa, plus not retaliate. Star reluctantly agrees then finds herself over Alyssa’s knee in the kitchen. The punishment is topped off with Star bending over for 10 whacks with the wooden spoon.

Alyssa enjoys making her bottom burn very very badly!

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The kitchen spoon goes SMACK SWAT SMACK across Alyssa’s bouncy round butt cheeks making them rosy hot RED!

Star Nine is back to intimidating Alyssa Reece, this time in the kitchen, when she sits on a stool and puts the curvy bottomed pledge over her knee for a hand and wooden spoon spanking. More making out occurs before Alyssa gets to spank Star a little bit, too, and finished strong with that wooden spoon.

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Spanking and sexual violation

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Star’s bottom is red and oh so sore after a sweet butt cheeks slapping from Alyssa.

Alyssa Reece has something over Star and she takes this opportunity to get revenge for the spanking and sexual violation that Star gave her the day before. So Alyssa puts Star over her knee for a spanking, then follows it up with a lesson in strap-on play. It’s a nice spanking scene that is also very sexy! But Star warns Alyssa that this won’t be over. Seems like there are more spankings in Alyssa’s future.

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Star Spanks & Violates Alyssa Reece

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Sweet little Star is a nasty Sorority girl who enjoys spanking Alyssa’s sweet naked ass bright red and fucking her as she slaps her ass!

Pledge sister Star Bound (also known as the Sheriff in her sorority) breaks in new girl Alyssa Reece with some hard hand spanking. When “innocent” Alyssa continues to deny she ever stole anything and doesn’t belong in the reform school, and is not a lesbian, Star puts her on all fours on the bed and has her with with the sexy sorority girl, using a strap-on and continuing to spank her.

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