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Layden is a bad girl and in need of a red ass at once!!!! She gets just that and a humiliating masturbation lesson.

spank gif

Pulling her pink panties down down down.


heart_bounceheart_bounce*Tickle Tickle*heart_bounceheart_bounce

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Smacking her sweet cheeks rosy,tingling Rouge.

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Layden is late for her next lesson. So she is going to get a different kind of lesson – a spanking lesson that will teacher her to be on time once and for all. She looks very frightened as Tutor Alexis towers over her. Layden pleas not to get another spanking, over her already sore bottom. But Alexis puts her over her knee and gives her a sound hand spanking, followed by some with the hair brush, then another lesson in sex education, as Layden is made to pleasure herself with an electric device.

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Soundly spanked, bare bottom jiggling: Alison Miller’s bubble pays the price

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Naughty Alison Miller bends over sticking out her spankworthy round bubble butt for hand and ping pong paddle smacks.


cornertime after spanking

Abigail Whittaker puts Alison in the corner after spanking her.

That’s some ass! Alison Miller’s bootylicious cheeks take a long, hard spanking with Patrick Bateman’s hand and a ping pong paddle in Denim Diva. Damaging a new concept jeans design by showing it off at the beach costs her a very red bottom.

Alison’s pretty bum bounces with each hand smack and paddle swat and reddens brighter and hotter with each stinging,smarting wallop.

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Bubble butt spankable as hell Alison Miller gets what she deserves!

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YEEEEEEHAH AND A Aaaaaaaaaaaaah 😉

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What a lovely rosy warm red glow appearing across Veronica’s swatted with a paddle ass cheeks.


Such a inviting perky butt to spank and rub when it is all stingy and sore 🙂


*Smacky  Smacky* Love the itsy bitsy tiny ass hugging denim shorts .


little_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhTickle and a slapping.little_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjh

Veronica Ricci is teaching Christie Stevens how to be a cowgirl callgirl and it is a bit of a struggle, so she spanks the young hottie. But Chrisite picks up the lasso technique quickly and returns the spanking on Veronica’s curvy bottom.

Veronica and Christie have naughty fun smacking,swatting and slapping eachother’s fine perky bottoms till both girls have tender hot tushys.

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Lana  and Veronica smack eachother hard fast and all over their butts!The girls really give it to eachother really darn hard!!! Resulting in 2 throbbing bright red and very sore bottoms.

Lana Lopez is now living in her mom’s green house. Veronica Ricci visits her home with the intention of bringing Lana back to the callgirl business. Lots of hard spanking goes down before it is determined if it was a successful recruitment mission or not. This is Lana’s hardest spanking yet!

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