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Ludella Spanked by Mother-in-Law and naughty Nanny spanked bare bottom

Strict Step Mum gives her big bare bottom a rosy glow.

Gorgeous Ludella is bouncy butt vulnerable across Step Mummys lap getting her juicy round cheeks smacked tingling red all over.

Sexy Ludella Hahn is working out in he sexy outfit when her mother-in-law (Misstress Olivia) overhears her talking to another man on the phone. Olivia says she will either tell her son about this, or handle this between the 2 ladies. Ludella chooses that option, which she quickly discovers means she gets put over her mother-in-law’s knee for a painful spanking on her curvy bottom. Afterwards, she is rubbing the sore, red bottom and she has trouble sitting.


Nine Arielle a sexy stingy hot bare bottom spankings till cheeks are pink and warm and feeling sore.

Her sweet and perky bare bottom is tingling as much as her ticklish pussy!

Arielle Lane did not clean up the room as her mother had asked. So nanny Star has no choice to show her more discipline. She has Arielle bend over a pile of the mess while she spanks her, and finally makes Arielle masturbate while Stat continues to spank her. She leaves Arielle to finish cleaning her mess, rubbing her sore bottom.

Pain and pleasure for a naughty girl!



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Mummy  spanks her naughty brat with a paddle.

Lily wasn’t spanked for disciplinary reasons growing up, but she developed interest early, and that lead to her eventually joining a dungeon. She talks about her experiences and acts out a role play with Snow Mercy playing her mom, then shows what her interview at the dungeon was like.

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Penny had been through much over the past few days. She was aware that the Dean was returning from his vacation to deal with the disaster that this cyberpunk had caused. Penny thought that she had been severely punished by Agent Audrey and Doctor Valentine. How much worse could a punishment from Dean Pierson be? As Penny entered the office she greeted the Dean but her eyes were drawn to a thick, menacing looking strap in Dr. Pierson’s hands. 9 (1)Penny’s confidence quickly faded as she was instructed to remove her skirt and bend over the punishment stool. In many ways, Dean Pierson regretted having to punish this brilliant young woman is such a harsh manner, However, he had been informed by Agent Audrey that Miss Stone needed to be dissuaded from future attempts at violating governmental security systems or she and her colleagues would. With that in mind, the dean lowered Penny’s leotards and that strap landed with the force and sound of a lightning bolt. Penny shouted as the leather implement, that hadn’t punished a student at this intuition since the middle of the last century, landed on her bare bottom time and again, leaving nasty looking red welts and Penny Stone in tears.


Poor little Penny endures a wicked harsh strapping till her big generous bottom cheeks are a deep RED!


WOW!!! Penny’s poor well spanked bottom sure is especially RED! OUCHY! Needs some kisses!

As the large, heavy strap fell, time and again, upon Penny’s naked bottom, so loud were her cries that they reverberated through the entire campus. At this point, Penny wondered if this was a better punishment than being water-boarded at the hands of Miss Audrey and her minions? After several minutes of severe punishment the dean noted that he felt merciful and would end Miss Stone’s torment with but twenty more hard swats. Penny failed to see how this was an act of mercy. She wondered how she could last through another twenty lashes with that vile implement? She was instructed to count each swat and thank her disciplinarian after each stoke or the entire punishment would resume again from the beginning. Following her ordeal Penny was made to lie in place and not move until she was retrieved. The implement that caused her so much pain was placed on her lower back. If it was to fall off she would receive another twenty. While laying motionless over the punishment stool, the young cyberpunk wondered what punishment yet awaited her?

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“Ohhhhhhhh my bottom hurts so badly!!!!”

Joelle’s properly strapped bottom is burning and throbbing like mad!!!

punished brats joelle strapped

When Dr. Valentine offered Joelle the opportunity to stay on at the school provided she accept his personal corrections, he knew that she would accept. Joelle is a brilliant young woman but also possesses a bit of a wild streak. When Joelle arrived in class wearing a dress that was far to revealing, Doctor Valentine summoned the probationary teacher to his residence. He knew that his admonishments would fail to convince her of the error of her ways. However, he was certain that the thick school strap may prove a bit more convincing. He had Joelle remove her panties and bend over the library stairs for her punishment. Joelle remained defiant until the strap found it’s mark when her complaints and defiance were turned to promises of better behavior.

As her punishment began, despite being naked from the waist down, Joelle attempted to maintain some of her dignity by engaging Dr. Valentine in witty banter. This strategy only proved effective for so long as the thick, heavy school strap found it’s mark. Soon Joelle could do nothing but cry out, promise to dress appropriately and beg for this torment to stop.

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punished brats


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The fierce strap makes her jump!!……… it hurts soooooooooo BAD!

Mike has been trying to call naughty girls Jolene and Amy for a while now but he either keep going to voicemail or the number doesn’t exist anymore. The fact that they didn’t give him their new numbers is a good reason to turn their bottoms a hot bright red!. Mike told them to come over and he gave them both a sound OTK spanking and he strapped them thoroughly!

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