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Nadia’s Nightmare: The Birch

Naughty Nadia is feeling very sorry and sore after bending over for a wicked whippping with a Birch.Unforgiving whipping smacks accross her bare bottom cheeks turn them flaming red.


Nadia’s dreams of spanking have taken a decidedly darker turn. She found herself in a reform school with her court ordered caning coming tomorrow. Today, she faces the birch for engaging another girl in a fight. She was called to the punishment room. made to bend over the table. and despite her protests, her panties lowered. In seconds, the embarrassment of having her bottom bared became a secondary concern, once she felt the first taste of the birch.

As the birch found it’s mark time and again, desperate Nadia promised that she would not misbehave. Once her punishment was over, she was reminded that tomorrow she would receive her court ordered caning which would now be delivered upon an already sore bottom.



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Bound,naked and vulnerable,Beautiful Pandora sticks her tempting bottom out in the air .What a sight!

Thomas positions Pandora so that she is leaning forward, with her bottom thrust out and her nipples hardening in the breeze. He watches in amusement as Michael touches and caressing Pandora’s naked body, playing with her breasts and bottom. The two men silently co-ordinate with glances – Pandora has no idea there is more than one of them there as Michael steps back to let Thomas take aim with the birch. Tied naked and helpless, Pandora writhes under the stinging strokes, completely unaware that Michael is watching everything.

As the birching progresses, the men take turns to stroke and squeeze Pandora’s exposed breasts and bottom, licking her nipples and rubbing the welts left by the birch until she eventually realises that she’s being dominated by not one man, but two. But whose are the second pair of hands – and who has been doing what to her? It’s not until the blindfold comes off that Pandora learns who has been playing with her all this time…

Enjoy watching the birch sting Pandora’s pretty bare bottom cheeks here->>>