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Waaaaaa Daddy please,PLEASE STOP!!!!

Ami’s ever so round smackable soft bum is red raw after a bottom bruising spanking

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Tears and a red bottom after a proper punishment spanking she will soon not forget.

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Ami’s smackable,slappable,grabable very very spankable bottom is super bright red.

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Ami’s poor strapped bottom is RED RAW after a serious punishment spanking from her strict Father.


Her round bum wobbles and bounces about with each solid pounding SMACK!

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Red,sore and throbbing like mad!!!

Ami was chastised by the elderly woman who lived next door. In response, Ami had a few choice words for the neighbor. Of course, word of this was communicated to Ami’s father. He stressed that she needed to be respectful of her elders at all times. As punishment Ami was strapped over the seat of her jeans, then her panties, and finally her bare bottom.

Ami’s cries could be heard throughout the house as the strap descended upon her bare bottom time and time again. Once her punishment was over, Ami promised her father that her recent streak of rebelliousness was over.

Ami’s smackable,slappable,grabable very very spankable bottom is super bright red.

Waaaaaaaa NOT fair daddy,why oh why did you have to spank me so hard,Owwwwww.

WHOA!!!! OW OW WOW OUCH!!!! Ami’s big spankable soft bare bottom is red raw after a blistering serious spanking punishment from her strict Father.

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Belinda Lawson’s bottom spanked hard, expensive shoes pointing at the ceiling

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Belinda’s curvy soft round bottom cheeks are a blistering fire engine red after a humiliating diaper position spanking with the dreaded school ruler.

Belinda Lawson pays for her extravagance in Asking For It with a triple blistering bottom spanking! Hand, wooden paddle and meter ruler sting with spray-on leggings, and even more bare bottom. Watch out for her candid chat to camera about the dreaded paddle!

OUCH!!! Schoolgirl Belinda’s butt is extremely red!!!!

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