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Sierra squirms as her bare vulnerable bum cheeks feel the hot and painful sting of daddys firm,strong hand over and over again till her perky,naughty bottom is all rosy red and sore.

Daddy holds her firmly in place.

Sierra’s Daddy uses a tight grip and a strong hand to punish her soundly till her bare bum cheeks are a hot red.

Naughty Girl Sierra struggles as she is spanked mercilessly over his knee for not doing her homework.

Dad’s large hand rains down without mercy across her tender bare bottom cheeks till they are blushing red and stinging like crazy.

The pretty young girl is hand slapped across her pretty ass till cheeks are tingling across daddys lap~

Sorry Daddy.

Bratty Sierra is thrashed soundly by daddy on her bed after a soccer practice brings shame as she is sent home for fouling the other players,Daddy has no choice but to bare his naughty girls bottom and go to town all over her naughty naked bottom cheeks till she is a very sorry and sorry little girl!!!

A relentless hand spanking makes Sierra’s bottom throb and sting like mad!!!

Steve Fuller plays a major role as Sierra’s dad Recreating Sierra’s real life spankings growing up. Sierra is shy until you know her but she brought detail to her ineterview about how she was spanked after soccer practice and for not doing homework and even got the belt. She also had an episode with a friend of her mom’s who she was babysitting for. Sierra can take one of the hardest spankings in the biz and she is natural for a relationship with a man who enjoys giving those spankings, as she discusses in her interview.(watch the interview here)

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Very naughty little super super cute Katy Rose goes over her nannys knees for a blistering really hard discipline spanking with hand and hairbrush.

The cheeky bratty girls bubble butt madness is smacked rosy shiny hot and painful red all over by the strict nanny as she squirms and cries over her knees.

Mistress Gemini is highly effective as a nanny hired to tame a brat. Katy Rose earns her rep as one of the toughest little spanking models around as she takes it with hard hand and hairbrush from the strict redheaded domina.

Such a cutie and that butt,WOW!

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Mandie Rae is such a cute little bratty miss about to go otk,Panties puled right down for burning hard spanks till her perky ass is a hot RED!

One day Adriana and Mandie were taking risque pictures of eachother with which to impress their male classmates. Suddenly, Adriana’s father walks in and finds these actions rightfully disturbing. He proceeds to give his daughter a spanking this sort of behavior would warrant. Instead of being horrified, Mandie found this hilarious and made fun of her friend’s predicament; snapping pictures in amusement.


“ohhhhhhhh *sob*Ouchie Daddieeee!!!.I am sorry!” *pout*

Thoroughly spanked and humiliated, Adriana promises not to take such lascivious pictures of herself again. Now, Mandie, who had made fun or her friend throughout her ordeal, wonders why Adriana’s father is looking at her.

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Mandie’s little bare bum bum is walloped thoroughly,painfully,stinging sore!

After Adriana’s spanking was over, Mandie, the brat who taunted her friend during her punishment, found herself over Adriana’s father’s lap for a hard bare bottom spanking while Adriana now did the taunting.


Dominik spanked the bratty blonde until the tears flowed freely down her face. As she tried to rub the pain from her bottom, Mandie promised to be a better friend and a good girl in the future.

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Star gives bratty little cutie Jenna a bare bottom smacking over her knee till her sweet cheeks are pink and warm.

Star Nine has been hired to be the very bratty Jenna Sativa’s life coach. Jenna has never been spanked and lacks discipline, so Star’s first task is to teach her some. She dominates the young lady by spanking her over her knee right in her office, then making her write how she will improve on the board, then introducing her to the strap-on. But when Star finds out her bonus relies on Jenna giving her a good review, she must submit to a spanking from the feisty young latino.

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