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Spanked over the desk

*ouch* Chloe’s very red bottom is very very sore!!!

Blushing rosy red,schoolgirl bottom cheeks stick out in the air for stinging SMACKS.

Her pretty ass reddens up quickly and brightly


Chloe was sentenced to detention for disrespecting a teacher. While sitting in detention, Chloe began to complain to miss Bianca. After being warned to stop, Chloe soon found herself bent over the desk for a bare bottom spanking.

After Miss Bianca had finished spanking the bratty girl with senioritis, she then had her come across her knee for a very sound spanking that left Chloe in tears. She was then made to sit upon her chair with her sore bottom firmly placed upon the seat of her chair. Chloe could not believe the restraint it took to sit on her chair as the tears rolled down her face.

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Her pretty ass reddens up quickly and brightly!

Daddy applies a firm unforgiving hand accross his naughty daughters squirming bare behind.

The pain and sting accross her bottom can be seen clearly on her face.

Feeling very sorry and sore right now.

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Following her runway show, Chloe had gone out with some friends and didn’t get home until 6AM. Upon her arrival home, Chloe was confronted by her father who noted that very little good happens when staying out with that crowd.
Chloe attempted to defend her behavior instead of listening to her father’s warning. Soon, she found herself over her father’s lap, whose greatest fear was realized when he lifted her skirt to find that she was not wearing patients. Soon, Chloe was pleading for her punishment to stop.

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 Veronica’s hair brushed ass is on fire!

spanking red

 Well spanked Veronica clutches onto her very sore and flaming hot red smacked bottom.

New girl Chloe Amour has been asked to keep an eye on Veronica Ricci, who happens to get very drunk. So Chloe has no choice other than to teach Veronica a lesson by putting her over her knee for a spanking with her hand and hairbrush.

Veronica kicks and wriggles about over Chloe’s lap with her bare butt bouncing to the smacks that land hard and firmly over and over again.

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