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With no hope of escape,bound in a vulnerable,humiliating and exposed position for all to see.

Naughty Hunter’s bare bottom cheeks are welted by the cane with her legs spread open and her pretty pussy exposed.


CANING FEET CANEToday is the convicted anarchist’s final day of corporal punishment. As with all of her punishments, this is to be broadcast to the world as a warning to all who have thoughts of being disloyal to the government. Although she had been punished naked many times, she felt even more exposed this time, affixed to the punishment table with her legs spread and her bottom thrust upward. She tried to control her fear, knowing that she faced 30 stokes of the cane.
Once her punishment began her screams and crying proved to be disconcerting to all in the facility.After all thirty strokes were delivered, all the convicted anarchist could do was cry. Then she was informed that she will remain tied to the punishment table for much of the day and soon all of the girls in the facility will be required to walk by and see what fate awaits those who oppose the government. There will be a few public tours at well.

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Yumi’s bouncing bare bottom strapped for leaving campus without permission

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The strap lands with a crack across Pretty Yumi’s tender bum with painful reddening results.

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Yumi Bennett knows the rules at Private School – and the consequences. Leaving
campus without permission is a corporal punishment offense. Principal John Friday
swings a stinging leather tawse across her bare bottom to good effect. The yelps and
squirms of this wayward senior show that a spanking truly works for bad behavior.

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Michaela McGowen school paddling special: the missing swats from Booneville

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Michaela Mc Gowen bends over in tight blue denim jeans for very realistic corporal Punishment.The beautiful school girl receives serious swats with the wooden paddle,ouch!


Swollen red hot bubble butt cheeks.

booneville_aBack in 2008, high school student Nancy Guillen won the Miss Booneville title but still couldn’t get to school on time. Her principal offered a choice of three swats or Saturday school.

In a TV reality show viewers saw Nancy choose a paddling. Now watch a recreation of the actual paddling starring Michaela McGowen!,Painful!

Check out the video below of Nancy…..

The most intense corporal punishment experience of her life.

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15 swats with a wooden paddle from Principal Grey for pretty senior Belinda

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The sight of Belinda Lawson bent right over  wearing tight  ass hugging denim jeans for serious punishment swats,Oh My!

The paddle loudly goes *SMAAAACK* against Belinda’s soft and round poor bottom cheeks.

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The loud smack of a wooden paddle on Belinda Lawson’s tight jeans as she holds her ankles in The Principal’s Office is a warning to other students not to leave campus without permission. Belinda swears on the last swat so Earl Grey awards an extra five, bare bottom! She shows the marks of the board with tearful pride. Epic school paddling!

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Stripped nude Belinda Lawson slippered by topless Dani Daniels in hot scene!

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Big Round jutting bottom sticking out so invitingly,Belinda Feels the hot sting of a shoe repeatedly till her peachy cheeks are shining RED and burning like crazy!

Oh My,WOW!!! Belinda bends over completely naked (a big thankyou Belinda) and sticks out her curvy,smackable bottom in the air in the class room as practically naked sexy kitten Dani (can I say YAY) smacks her with a shoe.


WHOA!!! Harry likes 😉

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Two of the hottest models strip down in an awesome boob shaking, bottom quivering spanking scene for Inappropriate Conduct. Belinda Lawson asks to be spanked to get sorority sister Dani Daniels attention. Belinda touches her toes as Dani lets fly a long, hard volley of swats on her jiggling cheeks. Spectacular slow-motion replays!

Such a jiggling,bouncy,perky bubble butt.

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Poor Adriana ,she has really done it this time and gotten herself in super big trouble!!! Big Trouble means a BIG SPANKING!!!

The naughty girl will soon be in tears as she sticks out her smackable round bottom cheeks in tight denim jeans (wow) For swats with a large paddle.


Adriana had been caught in the janitor’s closet doing “unspeakable acts” with a young man and in possession of marijuana. She was given the choice of accepting two days of severe corporal punishment from headmaster Pierson or suffer expulsion. She agreed to accept the punishment. She was shocked to hear that her first punishment would consist of twenty-five hard whacks with the school paddle. It was permitted that she wear her jeans for the first five but after that, as per the school’s CP program, she had to remove all clothing blow the waist for the next twenty. After feeling the pain of the paddle she wondered if expulsion would have been so bad.

After Adriana had suffered through all twenty-five whacks of the paddle, she was instructed to remain in place with her marked bottom on display. As she remained on her knees, wishing the pain from her punished bottom would go away, she wondered, “what fresh hell awaits me tomorrow?”




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Adriana sheds real tears as the strict headmaster bares her soft schoolgirl bottom and sets upon it with a strap setting her cheeks a glow.

10Adriana has had a rough two weeks. Since throwing a tantrum at home and disrespecting her mother she has suffered the indignities of being required to dress as a little girl and subjected to many bare bottom spankings. In many ways school has been a respite from her daily humiliations. At first, she had feared the someone would see the frilly panties she was required to wear beneath her uniform, but she has been able to keep this a secret. Unfortunately, she was summoned to Headmaster Valentine’s office for cutting class. She had done this many times before and would receive a few days in detention. Today, much to the chagrin of Adriana, the headmaster decided to use corporal punishment as punishment for this repeated offence. She was required to bend over the library stairs for a punishment with the strap-paddle. Upon raising her skirt the headmaster was shocked to see Adriana’s frilly undies. Wishing she could disappear, so great was her embarrassment, Adriana had to explain that she was being punished by her mother and the little girl underwear was required. The Headmaster noted that the frills on her panties provided too much protection and her punishment would be applied to her bare bottom. As the implement landed on her naked bottom all Adriana could do was cry.

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Very real school corporal punishment paddling for the high school girl


Cute little high school girl kiki is 18 years old and very close to graduating from high school. Although she is a legal adult, she attends school in the South, where corporal punishment is alive and well, and if she misbehaves in school, she can indeed have her bottom paddled by a coach, administrator, or teacher.


Kiki is bent over and paddled over her short shorts by The Principal.

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