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The riding crop against her tender spot will make it sting oh so bad!

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Bianca’s vulnerable naked bottom is red as hell!!! Legs spread and pussy bare for a very hot and hard spanking.

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Hard,fast,stinging burning hand smacks redden Bianca’s bouncing bottom brilliantly.

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Exquisite torment,Pleasure and pain.

Naked,kinky punishment and a flaming red ass.

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Lady Bianca found herself dragged into the punishment room, dreading that which lay ahead. She was restrained and fastened to the leather table. Suddenly panic set in as her legs were lifted over her head and leaving her fully exposed and vulnerable. She begged and pleaded to be let down, but all she received were several hard smacks to her bottom with Veronica’s hand. In this position her tormentor had access to every position and crease. Once Veronica had gotten her victim’s attention, she pulled out a crop that would fit into Lady Bianca’s most sensitive area even better than her hand. All could hear the good Lady’s screams as her torment proceeded.

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Despite her begging and pleading, Lady Bianca’s ordeal did not ease. At one point, looking through her legs, she was required to apologize to her nation for failing them. Once the council had sent word that her ordeal was at an end, Lady Bianca was freed from her bonds. Now she had to worry about her life as the council may fear that at another point on time the good Lady may seek revenge on them. She knew that Veronica was but doing her job, and if she desired, her torture could have been much worse. Perhaps she could defect to the Eastern District?

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Scratching the car costs blue-eyed beauty Stacy Stockton a  burning red and stinging very sore bottom.

Parallel parking isn’t easy, but when Stacy Stockton scratches her car all down one side, husband Jonny breaks out the riding whip in Truly Madly Deeply. The crop stings on denim shorts, worse on panties and is a bare bottom burner for a total 85 strokes!

firmhandspankingCamilla Scott spankingCamilla Scott spankedcaning

Camilla caned totally nude for posing on campus for a mens’ magazine

Camilla Scott finds that posing nude for a mens’ magazine has painful consequences when Earl Grey canes her totally nude! Pert boobs, gym-toned bare bottom, eyes wide, teeth-gritted, Camilla counts every stroke as the springy rattan cane whistles in Asking For It.

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Katherine St James  spanked

Katherine’s perfect buns are burned with a strap for lying and fighting

Supremely sassy, perfectly pert, Katherine St James is back for a 50-stroke strapping in Brotherly Love, 25 totally bare bottom. She changed Kyle Johnson’s web profile and was fighting with sensuous beauty Samantha Woodley. See those round cheeks go red!

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Alison Miller’s bootylicious BUTT cheeks are tanned long and hard for faking illness.

Alison Miller figures that playing sick at home will avoid a test at Reform School. But she figured without Mr Bateman and his ping pong paddle: “You ditched a test but you’re not going to ditch a spanking.” Skin tight leggings and skimpy panties are little protection!

Amelia Rutherford Amelia Rutherford firm hand spanking Amelia Rutherford paddling Amelia Rutherford spanking

Amelia Rutherford is painfully strapped RED! for disobeying instructions from her police minder.

Detective Grey seizes the chance to use a new strap on Amelia Rutherford’s peachy bare bottom: is he starting to enjoy the job? She doesn’t understand the risks as a key witness in a drugs trial so on court day she deserves a spanking at the Safe House.

Monica Bouget Monica Bouget  spanking pstrapping Monica Bouget Monica Bouget  firm hand spanking

Tears from Monica Bouget when she’s given the belt for late-night partying!

Super super SUPER CUTE  and tiny little petite Monica Bouget is finally back getting her tight little perky ass cheeks spanked very hard and very red with her major bratty and seriously hot friend red head Allison Miller:)

The girls are oh so cute,totally bratty and BURNING RED ASSED!

Students know the rules. Pretty, petite, cherry-red assed Monica Bouget cries when Mr Anderson uses his leather belt to punish her for partying late with Alison Miller. “The sting was so bad and the tears came naturally,” Monica said about Seniors Gone Wild.

Cute and tiny, bratty Monica Bouget’s tight jiggling bottom is spanked hard for bad behavior!

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40 strokes of Mr Anderson’s belt teaches Alison Miller a painful lesson

Aliso’s pump and perky bottom cheeks meet the leather strap with stinging hot red results!!!

After partying hard in her dorm, flame-haired Alison Miller is ordered to bend over a sofa for 40 strokes with Richard Anderson’s belt. Legs kicking, teeth gritted, Alison takes it across her bouncing cheeks like a champ in Seniors Gone Wild. Awesome out-takes!

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