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Dad Spanks Daughter – Voyeur Video

Naughty Daughter Peaches gets a painful and embarrassing bedtime spanking over the knee of her daddy. A hot hard hand spanking over her bare bottom before she is told to stand close to the wall for some extensive reflection time to process her punishment.

A very hard and serious hand spanking punishment for a naughty girl in her cute pink pyjamas.

Punished soundly till her little bare bottom is scorching.

Peaches bare bottom is extremely red all over after a furiously hard hand spanking over her Dads knees.

In the homes of America, a young lady will often be sent to her room, or her parent’s room for her spanking, but this is not always the case. In many homes, a spanking takes place wherever mom or dad feel it will be most effective. In the case above, this young lady was up far past her bed time, and as dad came home late from work, he could see the gentle glow of her phone from under the door. The solution was simple, he dragged her from her bedroom and into the living room, pulled her over his knee, lifted her little nighty, and got to work reminding her of the bedtime and screen time rules. Being that she was plenty awake after her spanking, she was put into the corner to think about it. For the little brother that heard all the commotion and decided to peek out his own bedroom door during her spanking…it was simply a bonus to see his bitchy older sister getting her little bottom worn out.

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