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Please stop it mummy,I am so sorry!!!


Ariel’s cute and tiny little bum is bright BRIGHT RED and stinging very much after painful punishment spankings from both Mummy and Daddy.

Ariel Summer makes her first ever appearance online. This is a memorable debut as she is first spanked by her father (Paul Rogers), then later by her mother (Mis Elizabeth). Why did she get a double spanking? Read on for the full story: Ariel had called her cheer coach a very rude word and was so diisrespectful that he sent her home immediately. Coach called her home and spoke to her father. This is where the film starts with her dad waiting for Ariel when she arrives home and he asks her to explain herself. Ariel tells him what she called her coach and he is appalled! It appears Ariel has no shame so Dad hauls her across his lap and gives her a deserved spanking. This discipline session with his hand is hard enough that her bottom starts to quickly turn red. Then he pulls down her sports panties to ensure that she learns her lesson with a bare bottom punishment. Ariel is sent to her room after daddy has finished but her punishment is far from over. Her Mom is told what happened earlier and she knows what a “daddy’s girl” Ariel is. She summons Ariel downstairs to explain herself and tells her that she will get another spanking, a bare bottom hand spanking followed by the hairbrush on her sore behind! This upsets Ariel who knows that Mom always spanks hard. Watch her struggle as mom’s hand and the stinging hairbrush really get the message across! As a final humiliation, mother tells Ariel to call her cheer coach and apologize for what she did and to tell the coach that she had been spanked by her parents! How embarrassing for young Ariel; in future she will learn to be far more respectful and to curb her potty mouth!

The hairbrush smacks make her entire very red bottom burn like mad.

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Spanked & Strapped Hard by Stepdad

Bottom bare and exposed for the mean strap!

Ten’s curvy round bottom is on fire and stinging really badly after a lashing of spanks with MEAN Implement.

Down with your panties naughty girl,It is time for your spanking!

Very fast and hard,stinging hand smacks turn her bare bum cheeks bright red.


Ten Amorette stars in this latest schoolgirl spanking movie. She is about to receive a very hard, humiliating hand spanking and leather strapping. Her stepdad, John Osborne, was called to come pick her up from the school educational trip and take her home from where they were all staying overnight. This was a 300 mile round trip for him and he was angry that she had let down her school, herself, her mother and himself. She wouldn’t admit to her behaviour at first (but those who will view the full film are able to find out what she did to warrant sending her home immediately). Stepdad had brought with him a leather strap that they used at home and he wastes no time telling her she is going to get a hard spanking and strapping to make the journey home as uncomfortable as possible for her! Ten is embarrassed that he is spanking her on her bare bottom, her panties pulled down whilst still in her school uniform. Spanking her over his lap is just the start as he finishes with a relentless strapping of her sore red bottom, bared and bending over. She takes her punishment, close to tears and when he knows she is feeling totally humiliated… tells her to get ready for the long ride home. Just wait until her mother finds out!

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Sierra squirms as her bare vulnerable bum cheeks feel the hot and painful sting of daddys firm,strong hand over and over again till her perky,naughty bottom is all rosy red and sore.

Daddy holds her firmly in place.

Sierra’s Daddy uses a tight grip and a strong hand to punish her soundly till her bare bum cheeks are a hot red.

Naughty Girl Sierra struggles as she is spanked mercilessly over his knee for not doing her homework.

Dad’s large hand rains down without mercy across her tender bare bottom cheeks till they are blushing red and stinging like crazy.

The pretty young girl is hand slapped across her pretty ass till cheeks are tingling across daddys lap~

Sorry Daddy.

Bratty Sierra is thrashed soundly by daddy on her bed after a soccer practice brings shame as she is sent home for fouling the other players,Daddy has no choice but to bare his naughty girls bottom and go to town all over her naughty naked bottom cheeks till she is a very sorry and sorry little girl!!!

A relentless hand spanking makes Sierra’s bottom throb and sting like mad!!!

Steve Fuller plays a major role as Sierra’s dad Recreating Sierra’s real life spankings growing up. Sierra is shy until you know her but she brought detail to her ineterview about how she was spanked after soccer practice and for not doing homework and even got the belt. She also had an episode with a friend of her mom’s who she was babysitting for. Sierra can take one of the hardest spankings in the biz and she is natural for a relationship with a man who enjoys giving those spankings, as she discusses in her interview.(watch the interview here)

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Violet has been very naughty indeed,bottom up and over daddys knees for a embarrassing punishment spanking till her bare chekks are rosy and sore.

Little Violet struggles as the hand smacks fall upon her little bottom

Daddy grabs a hold of her arm keeping his naughty girl firmly in place.


Violets cute bottom is going to be sore for hours after so many hard smacks from daddy.

“Nooooooo Daddy Nooooooooooo,I am sorry for wearing No Panties,Owwwwww”


Whatever was Violet thinking? Caught at full dress cheer practice not wearing any panties. What was worse, she was one of the girls getting thrown in the air! Coach was mad at her and spanked her in his office then told her to go home. He also contacted her Daddy, who was ashamed and embarrassed to hear this awful news. This is where we start off in this video… Daddy is waiting for Violet in her bedroom, knowing this would be the first place she’d go to when she got home. Violet is naturally surprised but knows why he is there…and after a scolding, her Daddy tells her that her discipline punishment is far from over. She gets a spanking from him too and her lack of underwear offers absolutely no protection. Violet feels embarrassed that her Daddy’s hard hands are now spanking her bare bottom too… oh the shame! Of course, if she had panties on then this would never have happened! Her tight buns burn red with the painful spanking and to add to her punishment, Daddy sets her a bunch of boring chores so she can think over the punishment a little further! This short sharp shock OTK spanking features a rare appearance from a beautiful young model called Violet Kat.

“Spanked at School, Strapped at Home”

Naughty little girl Belle nervously waits for her daddy to come home,get her over his knee,pull her panties down,bare her cute little ass and give her a embarrassing and painful punishment spanking.


Waaaaaaaaaa Nooooo Daddy,it hurts,IT HURTS!!!!!


Her daddy can see her naked butt as he watches it grow redder and redder with each crisp SMACK!!!

Belle had been punished with a spanking at school for yet another serious misdemeanor and her parents were informed. Mother had sent her to bed early, grounding her in her room until Daddy arrived home from work. He had already been told by the school what had happened and so once home, he summoned her downstairs to face up to the ritual of a second punishment at home. She got spanked at school, but at home, Daddy would strap her with the thick, heavy Discipline Belt. Sadly for Belle, her attitude was one of indifference to the predicament she found herself in. You’d think she would have realized that being sent to bed early while the sun was still shining brightly outside in the beautiful early evening was deterrent enough. However her attitude only incurred the wrath of her Daddy who gave her a thorough additional hard hand spanking across her tight bare bottom before using that mean leather belt. This time he did not hold back, not caring that her bottom was already sore from her school spanking. This time her gave her the heaviest swats with that thick, unforgiving leather belt that had her gasping and crying out in obvious pain! Witness Belle, in her cute pajamas, getting a very hard hand spanking and strap

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