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Elves Spank Each Other

 2 red bottoms looking very Christmasy indeed,would be a lovely decoration for the naughty corner don’t you think!!!

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A toy frying pan is used across her bottom!

Tis the season for spanking the naughty girls

‘Tis the season!

to be naughty!

Fa-la-la-la-laaa, la-la-la-laaa!

Grab the paddles and the hair brush, Fa-la-la-la-laaa, la-la-la-laaa!

Put the bad Girl in the corner, Fa-la-la-la-laaa, la-la-la-laaa!

Both girls have blushing red and rosy bottoms just in time for Christmas.
Such a jolly fun and cute spanking,

In this Christmas Spanking special, Apricot Pitts is the good elf who plays by the rules. She spanks elf Veronica for straying from the path and making gifts that are naughty. But Veronica gets her revenge, turning Apricot’s bottom redder than Rudolph’s nose. Join now!

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Halloween Hoe’s Spanking Woes

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Sarah slaps Bianca’s spankable bottom buns and makes them shine HOT RED!!

Hawt!!! Sarah smacks the spankable girls sexy ass all over with her hand as the long legs beauty lays draped across her knees.


Sexy girl,sexy spanking Kawaii_Pixel_Heart_by_lafhaha-2


Happy Halloween! We have a special super sexy, spooky spanking treat for you this year with beautiful, leggy redhead, Bianca Rose spanked by the number one Female Top, Sarah Gregory. Bianca is about to take out Sarah’s nephew “Trick or Treating” but one look at her racy tiny costume annoys Sarah. She asks Bianca why she is dressed like a slut and how inappropriate it is to accompany her young nephew going out like that in the dark! Bianca’s attitude is contemptuous and Sarah soon discovers the real reason she is dressed like that; it is to impress one of the neighbors who is into car racing. Bianca is so shameless, not even caring when she is told that the wife of the guy she is after is a good friend of Sarah’s! She’s heard enough and takes the beautiful leggy redhead over her lap to spank her but is further shocked at this brazen hussy’s lack of panties! She was going out like that? In that short, slutty costume? The spankings are hard and long with Sarah reminding Bianca what a dirty little slut she is and how she will tell Bianca’s boyfriend of her behavior if she dares try anything like this again. This is a super hot, scolding and OTK F/F spanking that only Sarah can give to a smoking hawt, leggy redhead with a perfect, pert spankable bottom!

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Mother/Daughter Christmas Spanking

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Kay is a naughty little Christmas Elf getting stingy hot smacks from her mummy bare butt wriggly over her knees.

Kay is supposed to be an elf for Christmas, but she throws a tantrum about it. She didn’t learn the elf song and she hates her elf costume. Her mom is not tolerating the bratty behavior. She puts Kay over her knee for a sound spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle until Kay agrees to behave and be a good elf. But she’ll only learn the song if she gets to spank her mom. That is, of course, exactly what happens.

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Elvira Spanking

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Veronica Ricci had told Christy Cutie that she must dress “evil” for the callgirl party. But Christy, as usual, dressed “cute.” So Veronica must teach her a lesson with a long, hard spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle. But Christy blackmails Veronica and ends up spanking Elvira’s curvy bottom as well.

Fun,hot and red bottom OUCH!!!

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Go Ask Alice

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Naughty little Alice finds her naughty little self kicking and squirming otk as her perky bottom buns are being smacked a bright bright red!

Alice had just arrived home from “the other side of the looking glass” and wanted to tell her mother about her adventures in Wonderland. When she attempted to deliver the tale of her travels, her mother was sure that she had been taking illegal substances.

Alice found herself over her angry mother’s lap receiving a hard spanking. Alice admitted to taking a few pills in Wonderland. One made her larger; the other small. When asked what the pill bottle said, Alice replied “Eat Me.” Then her spanking got much worse.

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