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Picnic tyre swing & a riding crop whip.

The soccer girl is getting a nice hot red bottom in her cute little shiny shorts.

” Fetch The Cane” the striping of her bottom. Nice red lines added as she lays on the bed.

Mum gives her perkyupturned  ass a red hot glow in tight white panties.

Her poor little bottom will be feeling his hard hand spanks for hours.

Naughty and cute little Tracey’s bottom hurts so much!!!!

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Leaving clothes all over the house means a spanking for bratty Lilian White Till her bare bottom is crimson red.

Bubble butt jiggling furiously, Celebrity Brat Lilian White’s protests mean nothing to
her uncle, John Friday. Her clothes are all over the house, she never cleans up and
protesting “but everyone has a maid” just shows how spoilt she is. Dragged across
his knee for a bare bottom spanking should teach her the house rules. Or will it?

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Alison Miller’s bare bottom spanked for being late to an important dinner.

The leather paddle cracks accross her bubble butt cheeks hard.

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Dinner with lover John Friday’s parents isn’t important enough for blonde bombshell
Alison Miller to be on time. She doesn’t even apologise for keeping them waiting, so
it’s a well-deserved spanking for her bootyliciousness! Domestic Discipline stings, as
Alison is about to discover as her skintight pants come down for the paddle…

Belinda dreams of a sound bare bottom slippering bent over a school desk.

The slipper reddens Belinda’s peachy bum cheeks brightly!


“I hate the slipper,” grimaces Belinda Lawson after the first part of a severe slippering
for not giving up the names of girls smoking on campus. Bent bare bottomed over a
desk in school uniform for Dreams of Spanking, Belinda’s unique series features
point-of-view replays and multiple angles to enjoy every ripple and bounce of her spanking.

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Fantasy fulfilled as Amelia Rutherford takes a blazing bare spanking

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Amelia’s husband Earl Grey is happy to indulge her fantasies by applying a firm hand to her perfect bare bottom as she bends over his knee.

Domestic discipline is part of Amelia Rutherford’s life. A fantasy about being spanked by her college professor is fulfilled when Earl Grey puts her over his knee for a poor academic paper. Bouncing bare bottom spanked scarlet in Getting to the Bottom of It.

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