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sexy cheerleaders

WHOA!!! YAY!!! so much hotness spanked together.cheerleader

The naughty cheer squad are painfully spanked and paddled together till bottoms are blistered red!!


(watch the video here)

Kicking and squirming,the naughty young ladies are punished properly.

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Tender,throbbing,red red RED,swollen sore well spanked bottoms on display,HAWT!!


Hot red bums all in a row.

This is the first of Sorority Girl Spankings  very special feature length multi-girl movies. It is an extravaganza of non stop action of beautiful cheergirls bickering, bratting and receiving bare bottom spankings & hard wooden paddlings.


spanking gif 1

The coaches of the opposing teams apologize to each other over the televised incidents that shamed both squads with the girls openly fighting in the National Championships. They decide the only way to deal with this rivalry of the main instigators is to deal with it in one of two ways: The first option is to remove them from their teams and some will lose their valuable scholarships. The second option is that they all receive the spankings they deserve in front of each other. The girls are far from happy but realize how serious this is and start to take the humiliating spankings in front of their fellow squad members and also with the rivals watching some of them feel real shame.

They are all spanked first, over their panties and then without which some girls found embarrassing. This punishment is far from over as the girls all get a whacking from each coach’s “Bad Cheerleader” paddle. This is a fantastic chance to see 9 girls and 2 cheer coaches in Season 1 of the 40 minute epic of Sorority Girl Spankings  new “Cheer Squad Discipline” series! This features many well known fetish stars and some new girls you might not have seen before. For lovers of this style of discipline this is a “must see” to add to your growing collection of authentic cheerleader spanking erotica.

spanking gif 2spanking gif 3spanking gif 4spanking gif 5

The girls struggle as the paddle lands.

spanking gif 6

Serious swats with the large and heavy wooden paddle make them jump and jiggle.




Alex Reynolds Dreams-of-Spanking naughty girl naughty girl spanking naked spanking Alex Reynolds spanking Dreams-of-Spanking_Alex Reynolds spanked schoolgirl

Alex has been a very naughty girl indeed and earned her naughty little self a dose of the tawse against her soft schoolgirl bottom.

“I can do EXACTLY what I like,” explains truant officer Paul Kennedy, as he strips naughty schoolgirl Alex Reynolds, then beats her with a tawse. Cowering from Paul’s harsh, terrifying character, Alex begs him to stop.

Alex’s favourite role-plays often involve non-consent, and very cruel punishments. This one delivers, as the truant officer abuses his authority to make Alex cry out in pain, promising that she’ll do anything if he’ll spare her further lashes with with the tawse.

A very painful spanking for a naughty schoolgirls bare bottom cheeks.

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24 hard cane strokes between four very naughty schoolgirls

schoogirl caning engand spanking english spanking uk spanking caned schoolgirl caned at school caned bottom bare bottoms caned

3 very naughty schoolgirls bend over and stick out their naughty bottoms for hard and unbearably stinging,painful strokes of the school cane.

PANDORA BLAKE SPANKINGSchoolgirls Pandora Blake and Alex Reynolds go to a very strict school. Truancy is grounds for corporal punishment, and the strict headmaster Paul Kennedy summons both schoolgirls to the gym for a no nonsense serious cold caning.

But when schoolgirls  Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks sense injustice, they volunteer to share the cane strokes with their friends.

As all the girls are at fault, they each receive six hard cane strokes on their bare bottom cheeks leaving them stripped with red marks, while the others look on in wincing solidarity.

The caned schoolgirls won’t be able to sit down comfortably for a week.


A important news announcement from the beautiful and talented Pandora Blake……

We’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad? On December 1st new laws came into force that mean many of the hot videos we produce on Dreams of Spanking are now subject to censorship. The UK Government wants to control what UK producers can show on film, right down to the severity of any given spanking.
Dreams of Spanking is a celebration of our own love of corporal punishment, and reflects the genuine kinks and desires of our performers. One change we will make, to make it clear that everyone involved in our films enthusiastically consents, is add highlights from the interviews and outtakes before and after the main films. But will we change the films themselves?
Here’s the good news: we love spanking, caning, and strapping. Leather and bare bottoms and red marks and fun. We believe that the only people who get to decide just how hard they play are our fantastic performers.
Check out the totally uncensored, smoking hot scenes that have gone live this month, and please support us by renewing your Dreams of Spanking membership – while you still can. At the end of this post there are some links to other ways you can help us to fight this regressive law.

dreams of spanking

As we mentioned, Pandora intends to refuse to comply with the new rules – that means Dreams of Spanking will be producing the same high-quality, ethical, hot spanking porn that we always have. But it does mean that this is a scary new world, and UK porn producers need as much support as possible to get the government to back down.

You can help us by:

And, of course, please do renew your membership, and show your love for other ethical porn producers too.

We think we can beat this, but we need your help.

Love and spanks,





Ten Enjoys using a solid hairbrush against her little sister Pandora Blake’s ever so lovely round bottom cheeks firmly.


Ten Amorette takes her responsibilities as a big sister seriously. Pandora is about to marry her brother, but Ten’s heard that her future sister-in-law is used to playing around. When they meet to discuss the seating plan for the wedding, Ten gives Pandora a warning: break her brother’s heart and risk severe punishment.

To show she’s not kidding, Ten gives her a demonstration right there and then. Pandora struggles and protests when Ten takes her over the knee for a hand spanking over her tights, but ends up taking a harsh bare bottom spanking with Ten’s wooden hairbrush.

Every smack of the brush makes Pandora’s bottom redder than the next till her entire bottom is absolutely burning.

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