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Waaaaaa Mumieeeeeeeee Not Fair Owieeeeeee OW OW OWWWWWWWW!!!

Mummy smacks her naughty little brat hard and fast till her cheeks are burning,blazing RED!!!


Naughty girl Alanah Rae kicks,cries,squirms and wriggles about as mummy yanks down her tight jeans,then her little pink panties and applies a firm hand to her perky,perky bottom painfully hard.

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Alanah’s butt is blushing swollen red in no time as mummy smacks her hard and fast all while her daughter does the spanky dance across her lap.

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Momma is S-T-R-I-C-T!!!!

Mummy Clare Fonda spanks her bratty Miss whole heatedly.

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Patty cake batty cake bakers men spank her butt till its bright red times ten 🙂

Jeans rolled down against her ankles,perky ass bare and bouncing wildly as smacks land down hard like a hailstorm.

In her Spanking interview she reveals that her mother was still spanking her last year before her reanactment spankings with Clare Fond as her strict Mom. This adorable girl next door is a true subbie girl and wiggled and moaned thru her whole spanking.

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Poor Adriana ,she has really done it this time and gotten herself in super big trouble!!! Big Trouble means a BIG SPANKING!!!

The naughty girl will soon be in tears as she sticks out her smackable round bottom cheeks in tight denim jeans (wow) For swats with a large paddle.


Adriana had been caught in the janitor’s closet doing “unspeakable acts” with a young man and in possession of marijuana. She was given the choice of accepting two days of severe corporal punishment from headmaster Pierson or suffer expulsion. She agreed to accept the punishment. She was shocked to hear that her first punishment would consist of twenty-five hard whacks with the school paddle. It was permitted that she wear her jeans for the first five but after that, as per the school’s CP program, she had to remove all clothing blow the waist for the next twenty. After feeling the pain of the paddle she wondered if expulsion would have been so bad.

After Adriana had suffered through all twenty-five whacks of the paddle, she was instructed to remain in place with her marked bottom on display. As she remained on her knees, wishing the pain from her punished bottom would go away, she wondered, “what fresh hell awaits me tomorrow?”