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Audrey’s super bouncy and round fleshy bum is so very very sore after a humiliating,embarrassing and extremely painful wicked paddling from her stern step Daughter Ami.

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Ami polls Audrey’s pink panties right down revealing her plump spankable cheeks.

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So Very jiggly

Audrey’s big bottom totally bare and vulnerable over her step-daughters knees getting a good proper discipline spanking.

How very humiliating! Audrey’s step daughter gets her sweet revenge when her step Mother goes over her lap for a punishment spanking

WOW,Naughty Audrey’s extremely rosy red bottom cheeks must be very sore after a onslaught of firm hand smacks!

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Ami decides her step mums butt is not red enough after lots of firm hand smacks so step mum must bend over and stick out her rosy red cheeks for a dose of the paddle.

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Ami confronted her stepmother as to how she discovered that she had spent the evening with her boss. It turned out that Audrey was planning on doing so too, and the boss had hoped for a three way. To keep Ami from telling her Daddy about her infidelity, Audrey was made to take a hard and humiliating spanking. This spanking began upon the seat of her fashionable skirt, then her lovely panties, then her bare bottom.

After giving her shapely stepmother a hard hand spanking, Ami applied the wooden paddle to Audrey’s already sore bottom. Afterwards they discovered a new closeness.

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Naughty little cutie Jenna bares her sweet titties and gets her perky ass smacked sore by Star.

In the final installment of the Life Coach series, Jenna Sativa has skipped class to go out with a girl. When Star finds out, she puts Jenna over her knee for a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush, even though Jenna’s friend could show up at any minute. Then Star uses a vibrator on Jenna, whose friends does arrive. Jenna is so angry that she spanks Star, too.

Both pretty  girls get rosy red tushys to rub all better!

Pussys exposed and wriggling bottom cheeks feel the sting of the hairbrush!

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Samantha Woodley spanked nude in the bath


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Samatha cries out OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW as mean brother hand smacks her dripping wet and tender bottom till he knows it hurts real bad!!!

Samantha Woodley and Katherine St James nude in the bath. What could be better? A long hard 380-smack spanking! Samantha’s bare bottom is soon wet and red for trying to run away with Kat to New York! So hot, we show both angles complete, totally bare!

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Belinda over the knee for a classic topless, bare bottomed spanking!

His large firm hand landing across her quivering soft bare cheeks over and over again with extremely reddening results!

34C breasts bouncing free, beautiful blonde Belinda Lawson submits her bare bottom to a 200-smack spanking over Richard Anderson’s knee in Perfect PA. Wearing a short dress for a business dinner is reason enough to spank those jiggling cheeks tomato red!

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Whoa!!!!! Cute,topless and perky Joelle Barros takes a totally naked Bianca Rose across her lap and spanks her scrummy yummy ripe ass cheeks a searing hot red as the tall read head lays draped across her lap,curvy butt cheeks bouncing with each SMACK!


Oooooooh OUCH!! joelle has left a rosy BRIGHT red shine all over Bianca’s ass,WOW!!! Hopefully Joelle is going to give her hot red bottom a kiss all better 🙂

????????????????????????????????????????????After suffering the loss of a loved one, Joelle Barros followed in the footsteps of so many writers from New York and sought refuge in Bucks County Pennsylvania. One day while reading and sipping wine she discovered a new object of her desire named Bianca. For the first time in many months Joelle felt passion. After the two expressed their passion, Joelle fell into a peaceful sleep only to be awakened by a noise in the room. She found Bianca going through her jewelry. Bianca noted that she wasn’t going to take anything expensive, but just wanted something to remember her by. Joelle noted that she wanted their relationship to continue but first Bianca needed to be punished for what she did. Bianca was shocked when she found herself over the lap of the famous artist receiving a lesson in pain.

WHOA!!! Bianca’s well spanked bum is RED RED RED!

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Bianca’s freshly smacked hot red derriere is a spankafull sight,oh yes!

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Joelle took pleasure in spanking the lovely red head over her lap. Spanking her until she promised not to rummage through her jewelry. After Bianca was well spanked, Joelle led her lovely object of desire to the corner of the room and got back in bed to enjoy both Bianca and the handywork she had done to her bottom.

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OH MY GAWD!!!! Hot naked girls and spanking,oh my:)
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What a super ripe ass Tyler has her hands on!

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Hot Aussie Model spanks boobalicious curvy Allison till her big ripe ass is stinging red:) Allison spanks Gigi Too all over her tempting round and peachy ass cheeks

In this final installment of the series, Gigi Allens and Allison Tyler have become girlfriendfs. They kiss and make out a bit before Gigi declares that since she is the boss at work, she must be the dominant one in the relationship. So she puts Allison over her knee and teaches her who’s boss. But this isn’t the work place, it’s the bedroom, where they are equals. So Allison spanks Gigi with her hand and a hairbrush. Totally nude spanking with two gorgeous ladies who get very red and sore bottoms.

Mmmmmm Hmmmmmmm Yummy YUM YUM!!! 🙂

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Gigi Allen’s squirms her Delicious ass about over Tyers lap as Tyler slaps her ass with a wooden hairbrush,her big boobies bouncing about!WOW!!!! *JAW DROPPING*

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SEXUAL HARASSMENT DAY TWO: Gigi Allens, Alexis Tyler

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Ohhhhh your so yummy Giggi Allens:) The tall Australian beauty kicks and squirms as her perfect round ass is smacked stinging red.

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WOW!!! Gigi Allens  spanks Alison Tyler’s curvy bottom nice and hot before going over Tylers lap for her own bare ass spanking!

Tylers boobs bounce as she slaps Gigi’s hot cheeks all over,what a sight!Love the cute pink love hart paddle they use:)

Super sexy, very tall and strong Allison Tyler is relaxing in her living room, when her boss, who is also tall and sexy and played by Gigi Allens, barges in. Gigi is still steaming mad about the spanking Allison gave her at the office. So now she orders her worker over her knee and spanks her with hand and a leather paddle. But Allison will not take this at her own home. She tosses Gigi over her knee and spanks her. Afterward, the two ladies, who cleary have an attraction to each other, begin making out.

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