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Stevie Spanks Elori for Not Doing Laundry

Adorable little brat Elori is perky bum bare and wriggling across Sorority Sister Stevie’s lap getting a really hard spanking.

The naughty young miss has a rosy red bottom in no time!!!

Stevie Rose is a no non-sense sorority girl who is very strict when it comes to the chores. And when she finds out that Elori Stix skipped her turn to do the laundry, she puts the naughty little lady with the curvy bottom over her knee for a hard spanking, using her hand, then a wooden hairbrush that leaves marks all over the squirmy Elori’s bottom.Hawt and Hard.

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Schoolgirl Mari tries to rub her punished bottom better after a severe punishment with a wooden paddle.

The naughty girls round and soft bottom is swatted painfully resulting in 2 very RED,THROBBING cheeks.

She won’t be able to sit down for a week,OUCH!!!!!


Mari, the head of the student body, was called to Miss Audrey’s office. Mari was stunned when she learned that Miss Audrey was fully aware of the fact that she was behind the large, raucous party on campus that ended up in a riot. Mari’s heart sank was she was informed that her punishment was a hard spanking with the paddle.

As the head of the the student government, Mari found her punishment painful in more than one way. This sort of spanking would clearly leave marks that would remain for several days making it impossible for her to hide what have been done. Mari was required to spend time in the corner with a red marked bottom on display when the punishment with the paddle was complete.

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The Senior Strikes Back

Bianca’s ripe bare ass buns are left scorching red and burning hot after a revenge spanking from student Chloe.

Chloe delivers sharp,stinging hand slaps all over Bianca’s smackable ass.

Bare rosy round red ass sticking out in the air for lots more smacks.

A high heel show across her red bottom,humiliating and painful.


Not forgetting her recent spanking during detention, Chloe decided she wanted some pay back from Miss Bianca. Chloe, doing her research, found a picture of Miss Bianca in an adult publication and threatened to expose her if she didn’t agree to take a spanking. Reluctantly, the tall redhead agreed and was made to remove all of her clothing below her waist. She was shocked at the intensity of the spanking by Chloe who spanked many sensitive areas aside from her bottom. Chloe even spanked Miss Bianca with the teacher’s own shoes.

After the teacher suffered a hard over the knee spanking, Chloe made Miss Bianca stand and bend over the desk. She spanked her bottom and thighs until the lovely instructor was red from her bottom to just above her knees and was required to stand in the corner once her suffering was at an end.

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Spanked over the desk

*ouch* Chloe’s very red bottom is very very sore!!!

Blushing rosy red,schoolgirl bottom cheeks stick out in the air for stinging SMACKS.

Her pretty ass reddens up quickly and brightly


Chloe was sentenced to detention for disrespecting a teacher. While sitting in detention, Chloe began to complain to miss Bianca. After being warned to stop, Chloe soon found herself bent over the desk for a bare bottom spanking.

After Miss Bianca had finished spanking the bratty girl with senioritis, she then had her come across her knee for a very sound spanking that left Chloe in tears. She was then made to sit upon her chair with her sore bottom firmly placed upon the seat of her chair. Chloe could not believe the restraint it took to sit on her chair as the tears rolled down her face.

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Kay and Elori Spanked bare bottom For Jaywalking

Kay and Elorie clutch their BRIGHT RED,throbbing hand smacked bottoms after a painful over the knee punishment that gets them squirming and wriggling.

Stevie’s firm,solid hand smacks turn their tender bare bums a hot stinging shade of naughty girl ~RED!!~

Officer Stevie Rose is back at it again, this time threatening to give Kay and Elori Stix and ticket for jaywalking unless they take a hard hand spanking from her. She disciplines each girl over her knee, while the other one watches. She even has a mirror so the girl getting spanked gets to witness herself. She leaves both girls red, sore and rubbing their bottoms.

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