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Lily wants some sweet candy goodies for Halloween,Instead she gets a hard bare ass spanking with firm Male hand and wooden hairbrush till her bare bottom is deep red and sweetly stinging!!

Fast and hard hand smacks redden up her bare bottom cheeks quickly as she squirms like mad over his knee,pussy bare and exposed.

Her own Panties stuffed in her mouth to muffle her moans as the wooden hairbrush smacks her tender,sore red bottom over and over again.

The naughty cheer girl can barley keep still as the hairbrush smacks her bright red bottom.

The hairbrush swats hurt too much!!!!Sooooooo Stingy!!


This is a delightful and amusing Halloween themed film but don’t let the words “delightful and amusing” mean that you are about to watch a light spanking… far from it! Lily turns up at John’s place “Trick or Treating”. He is annoyed that this bubbly young lady is trying to scam some candy when it’s obvious she should just let the neighborhood kids have their fun later instead. She insists that her cheer uniform makes her eligible as a Halloween costume to demand treats or he’ll get his house egged! John invites her in saying he has a treat for her… and by “treat” he means a well overdue spanking! Lily is the type of girl that thinks she can handle anything so agrees to take one in rerturn for plenty of candy! He doesn’t hold back with the spanking either, first over her tight authentic, color co-ordinated cheer panties (she really did do well with that costume!) then pulls them down. Lily is a strong athletic girl and John relishes spanking her as she struggles playfully but he knows that this hand spanking hurts and he enjoys giving her something she also appears to be taking far too well. She is going to earn a lot of candy, and she wants more! She accepts a hairbrush spanking challenge at the end. Lily shows off a very sore red bottom and her reward means the rest of the neighborhood Trick or Treaters later will be getting less from John’s house… if only they knew why! Join now!


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Misty Lovelace Gets Spanked on Halloween

Cute Pouty face and a round spankable bottom!

A wonderful spanking for Wonder Woman

Sweet and sexy Misty is perky round bottom bare and bouncing to hand smacks over Clare Fonda’s knees till smackable cheeks are blushing red and warm.

Young, sexy Misty Lovelace is wearing a slutty Wonder Woman costume when her aunt Clare catches her and demands she wear something less revealing. When Misty refuses, she gets a trip over Clare’s knee for a sound spanking, turning her curvy bottom bright red. She goes to the party wearing Clare’s robe.

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Halloween Hoe’s Spanking Woes

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Sarah slaps Bianca’s spankable bottom buns and makes them shine HOT RED!!

Hawt!!! Sarah smacks the spankable girls sexy ass all over with her hand as the long legs beauty lays draped across her knees.


Sexy girl,sexy spanking Kawaii_Pixel_Heart_by_lafhaha-2


Happy Halloween! We have a special super sexy, spooky spanking treat for you this year with beautiful, leggy redhead, Bianca Rose spanked by the number one Female Top, Sarah Gregory. Bianca is about to take out Sarah’s nephew “Trick or Treating” but one look at her racy tiny costume annoys Sarah. She asks Bianca why she is dressed like a slut and how inappropriate it is to accompany her young nephew going out like that in the dark! Bianca’s attitude is contemptuous and Sarah soon discovers the real reason she is dressed like that; it is to impress one of the neighbors who is into car racing. Bianca is so shameless, not even caring when she is told that the wife of the guy she is after is a good friend of Sarah’s! She’s heard enough and takes the beautiful leggy redhead over her lap to spank her but is further shocked at this brazen hussy’s lack of panties! She was going out like that? In that short, slutty costume? The spankings are hard and long with Sarah reminding Bianca what a dirty little slut she is and how she will tell Bianca’s boyfriend of her behavior if she dares try anything like this again. This is a super hot, scolding and OTK F/F spanking that only Sarah can give to a smoking hawt, leggy redhead with a perfect, pert spankable bottom!

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Ohhhhhhhh its time for some scary spanking crazyness:)

Sorority girl Jenna Sativa catches Veronica Ricci trying to sneak off to a Halloween party dressed as a cat girl. Veronica decides to teach her a lesson with a sound, over-the-knee spanking. But that won’t stop Jenna from telling the nuns. The only way to keep her silence is if Veronica agrees to a spanking. What choice does she have?

They hurt,burn and sting!!!2 well spanked bottoms for Halloween!!

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Nawwwww Sarh looks so cute and cuddly in her monkey Onesie:)

John had always hated Halloween, to him it meant the coming of winter and the shorter days. Sarah loved this time of year, but then she loved any excuse to dress up and so she persuaded him to go to the party later that evening in animal “onesies“. What that had to do with Halloween, he had no idea!

John was clearly grumpy and was trying to stay upbeat but in the end he snapped and took her over his lap to start spanking her while they were both dressed up as a zebra and a monkey!

He started to find this amusing, spanking his cheeky monkey… and he couldn’t stay mad at Sarah for long as she pleaded and pouted seductively but he still decided to follow through with a good spanking as he had bared her bottom and he couldn’t resist playing with her some more!

This punishment spanking turned into something more intimate as he discovered looking at Sarah’s obvious excitement!

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