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Her bottom is hot,stinging,sore and red after a solid spanking with a wicked heavy brush squirming and wriggling about with her bottom bare and exposed.

Each round butt cheek turning rosier with each thud of the brush.

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Caught spanking her bottom herself when she was a naughty brat and now she gets a real spanking.


As Ava was in another world in the process of spanking herself, Adriana walked in on her. At first Ava wanted to disappear, so embarrassed was she. Adriana calmed her by letting her know that she often feels the need to be spanked, herself. She told her of the time when she was the star shortstop for her soft ball team. Her coach used spanking as a punishment and reward.

Adriana told Ava of a time when her coach had her come over for a spanking. Sometimes these spankings were given as a reward, while at other times it was a punishment. This time she wasn’t entirely certain of coach Audrey’s motivation as she spanked her well with a bath brush. These spankings gave her a sense of caring from her coach that she needed. She noted that after this spanking, Audrey made her kneel on her coach with her bare red bottom on display.



Sorority Slut Shaming

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Little Mandie Rae‘s cute little bum hurts very much after a strict spanking from Sarah gregory with a big mean paddle.

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeouch the sorority paddle lands across Mandie’s little bottom with a loud burning thud!

The sorority paddle looks massive against Mandie’s cute tush!

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Mandie has shamed the sorority house with her promiscuous behavior. She is having sex with as many as 10 men per night. Head sister Sarah has sent Mandie to the punishment room to wait. When Sarah arrives she gives Mandie a very humiliating punishment. She chastises her for being a dirty little slut, and then forces her to strip. Next she gives her a hard otk bare bottom spanking followed by forced masturbation. Sarah stands over Mandie and forces her to get herself off before taking the Sorority paddle to her sore spanked behind.

The paddle burns Mandie’s sweet bare ass at Sarah Gregory Spanking here->>>>>

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