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The naughty girl is thoroughly spanked seriously very hard…OUCH!

There has always been a keen interest with ‘spanking and celebrity’. When you hear day after day about this Hollywood starlet getting arrested for this and that…well, it seems without saying that this is an awesome concept for a spanking film! This one is about a hopelessly naughty actress named Ms Lindsey Logan. She is about to go to jail for an extended stay for a number of reasons. Dallas is hired by the owner of Lone Star Studios to help our little naughty starlet keep her cool butt out of jail.
Let’s just say fans of wood will love this as Dallas starts ff with bare bottomed wooden implements and lot’s of them. These aren’t the small or flimsy variety (are they ever?), but his by far teaching heavy boys. She is put in a holding cell to get the feel of what prison would be like. Then hauled off to a stand up paddling session… You guessed it, large wooden paddles and a few extra ones for sport. Then she is bared for an intense face down strapping with the HEAVY STRAPS, including both prison straps and razor straps. Very intense!

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The meanest straps reddened her bottom a beautiful color

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Ten’s curvy round bottom is on fire and stinging really badly after a lashing of spanks with MEAN Implements!

spanking gif 2

Bottom bare and exposed for the mean straps!


ten promised to get the suite ready for a spanking party that she was co-hosting but all the essentials like liquid refreshments, beverages, snacks and tidying for a large gathering hadn’t been done and the first partygoers were due soon! John was really unimpressed and Ten had no excuses but bratted him anyway! She had also been playing way too hard and up until the wee hours which he hadn’t failed to notice. John wasn’t putting up with ten’s precocious behavior and was just going to spank her and help her get the place ready but she pushed many of the implements resting on the counter to the floor and he told her that everything she had pushed off the counter would be used on her bare bottom. Poor Ten’s choice meant all the nastiest heaviest and most stinging leather straps got picked up and used including his AAA Canadian Prison & 3 Tailed Straps! The countertop was used to humiliate Ten further with an “on all fours” position, panties down whilst she got strapped relentlessly and then the final stinging swats were given with her clutching the side of the counter, bottom stuck right out, as the meanest straps reddened her bottom a beautiful color just in time for the first guests to admire!

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How embarrassing for naughty little Rosie bottom bare and legs up and over her head.Pussy bare and exposed for a humiliating and hard punishment spanking from her Male Trainer.

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Rosie’s personal trainer had only left the room for a few minutes and on his return he caught her performing some unorthodox balancing moves which could have injured her back. She was supposed to be doing more core exercises to strengthen her back, not ruin it! She knew the score when he was displeased and knew that various humiliating punishment moves would follow! Perhaps Rosie wanted to be caught? Who knows? She is a very naughty young lady! Rosie gets spanked in differing positions without too much complaint over her tight exercise shorts before these were pulled down and the harder spankings continued. Next followed more embarrassing positions, exposing the poor girl as her bottom was strapped and paddled. At the end you’ll see her doing the exercises she was supposed to be doing with a sore red bottom on full display. Fans of Rosie Ann will love this video as she demonstrates how versatile and athletic she is whilst taking an unusual spanking punishment!




CLS-81-030-630x945over his knee - Copy (2)hard hand spanking - Copy (2)hand spanking - Copy (2)handspanking tredass strappings strapped spanking blog free hardspanking spank spanked red sore spanked bum

Cheer Girl Adrianna grasps her tender swollen rosy red strapped and hand smacked bottom after a serious punishment spanking.

spanking gif

Cute ass made bare and squirming ass cheeks slapped red sore~!


Bouncy Bouncy.

Rosy hot red ass cheeks are slapped till they are redder and redder.

gif spanking

The strap is unforgiving!

gif spankings

The strap from HELL!!!

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Whilst the team were staying away at a hotel during Championships, cheer coach Johnny Lake had his phone stolen. He used a tracing app using another back up phone and quickly located it in Adriana’s room. Adriana was caught red handed and had no excuses, this was her final strike and coach was beyond disappointed with her. She would take whatever punishment he gave her or kick her off the squad, and her scholarship would be in jeopardy! Adriana complained and didn’t want to take a spanking but that was what she got. He spanked her over her panties but they didn’t stay up for long as he wanted to make sure she’d remember this discipline session and feel humiliated for daring to steal his property. Adriana still didn’t appear to be that contrite so his heavy leather strap soon ended up striking her reddening bottom and the tears welled up in her eyes as the stinging leather struck her sore cheeks. Finally Adriana was learning her lesson and was reminded this was her final chance! See “Spankee of the Year 2015” show us why she earned that honor with a hard spanking and heavy strapping punishment.


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schoolgirl punishment6 (1) - Copy 8 - Copy bare bottom strapping - Copy14 - Copy  big bare ass strapped-big bottom spanked-naked ass smacked-big bare bum punished - Copy big red ass - Copyschoolgirl discipline - Copyreal school discipline - Copy painful spanking-hard discipline-schoolgirl spanking-punished brats - Copy punished schoolgirl - Copy  red sore spanked bottom - Copy

Penny had been through much over the past few days. She was aware that the Dean was returning from his vacation to deal with the disaster that this cyberpunk had caused. Penny thought that she had been severely punished by Agent Audrey and Doctor Valentine. How much worse could a punishment from Dean Pierson be? As Penny entered the office she greeted the Dean but her eyes were drawn to a thick, menacing looking strap in Dr. Pierson’s hands. 9 (1)Penny’s confidence quickly faded as she was instructed to remove her skirt and bend over the punishment stool. In many ways, Dean Pierson regretted having to punish this brilliant young woman is such a harsh manner, However, he had been informed by Agent Audrey that Miss Stone needed to be dissuaded from future attempts at violating governmental security systems or she and her colleagues would. With that in mind, the dean lowered Penny’s leotards and that strap landed with the force and sound of a lightning bolt. Penny shouted as the leather implement, that hadn’t punished a student at this intuition since the middle of the last century, landed on her bare bottom time and again, leaving nasty looking red welts and Penny Stone in tears.


Poor little Penny endures a wicked harsh strapping till her big generous bottom cheeks are a deep RED!


WOW!!! Penny’s poor well spanked bottom sure is especially RED! OUCHY! Needs some kisses!

As the large, heavy strap fell, time and again, upon Penny’s naked bottom, so loud were her cries that they reverberated through the entire campus. At this point, Penny wondered if this was a better punishment than being water-boarded at the hands of Miss Audrey and her minions? After several minutes of severe punishment the dean noted that he felt merciful and would end Miss Stone’s torment with but twenty more hard swats. Penny failed to see how this was an act of mercy. She wondered how she could last through another twenty lashes with that vile implement? She was instructed to count each swat and thank her disciplinarian after each stoke or the entire punishment would resume again from the beginning. Following her ordeal Penny was made to lie in place and not move until she was retrieved. The implement that caused her so much pain was placed on her lower back. If it was to fall off she would receive another twenty. While laying motionless over the punishment stool, the young cyberpunk wondered what punishment yet awaited her?

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