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Coach Sarah Gregory removed Apricot from the latest practice session after seeing something odd beneath her skirt. When she confronts Apricot in private, she discovers that the marks on her bottom are very recent caning welts. What’s more… Apricot has no shame about this, proudly telling her coach that she is kinky and enjoys this sort of thing. Apricot is useless to the squad in this state (imagine being thrown up in the air in front of the school and the parents at the upcoming Meet) and Coach has already pulled her from all the latest routines. So she decides to teach this arrogant young lady a lesson by “slut shaming” her, using the very kink she says she loves against her. Apricot is spanked, mauled, treated like a piece of trash and humiliated by her gleeful coach who quickly sees the flip side of this punishment! It ensures that Apricot’s shameful marks on her bottom have some added color! This is far from over as a painful lesson is the best lesson and a thick leather strap is used across this shamed brazen hussy who learns that bringing her kink to cheer practice is wrong and irresponsible!

A good hard bare bottom spanking for a naughty girl!!!

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Naughty Audrey is big round peachy bottom naked and bouncing about to the tune of firm smacks over Mr King’s lap turning bright red.

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Ooooooh this is so embarrassing and my poor butt stings like crazy!!!!



Audrey was shocked when Dominic King, the top financial administrator for the firm asked to see her immediately. It turned out that he wanted to address the issue of how one of her managers had provided her boyfriend with information about an IPO and his subsequent investment. The partners all agreed that Audrey’s unique solution to the problem saved the firm millions. It was also decided that as Audrey was the manager of that division she should have been more on top of the matter. The powerful financial expert could agree to take a spanking for her neglect or she could say goodbye to her six figure salary. Feeling completely humiliated, she took the spanking.

Audrey was at first too stunned to react to being over her supervisor’s lap, but soon the pain of the leather paddle got the reaction that Mr. King was hoping for. It was all Audrey could do to contain herself when her panties were lowered for an even more humiliating punishment. After the spanking was over, Audrey promised to oversee IPO process more carefully. Once Mr. King left, Audrey was left feeling both humiliated and aroused.

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Waaaaaaaaaaa Nooooo Daddy STOP it Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,Not in front of Mandie *blush*

One day Adriana and Mandie Rae were taking risque pictures of eachother with which to impress their male classmates. Suddenly, Adriana’s father walks in and finds these actions rightfully disturbing. He proceeds to give his daughter a spanking this sort of behavior would warrant. Instead of being horrified, Mandie found this hilarious and made fun of her friend’s predicament; snapping pictures in amusement.

Poor Adrianna,she didn’t know what was worse,her daddys firm hand smacking her bottom hard and fast till it burned like mad or her friend watching everything.

Thoroughly spanked and humiliated, Adriana promises not to take such lascivious pictures of herself again. Now, Mandie, who had made fun or her friend throughout her ordeal, wonders why Adriana’s father is looking at her…….

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*smack* SMACK* *spank* *Owwwww* *SPANK* *OW* *SPANK*

Dad goes nuts all over his daughters squirming bare butt till it shines RED!

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