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Naughty Linny gets a hard bare bottom spanking from her Mother till her perky round ass is stiniging,burning and a bright red!!

The punished girl can barley sit down after her punishment accross her mums lap because her red  bottom is so sore.

Lucky mummy gives her a hug after her discpline to make her feel better,Awwwwww.

Lots of smarting firm smacks redden up her smackable bum cheeks nicely.

Adorable,very very cute little Linny Lace was not spanked growing up, but she discusses in her interview how she first got into spanking and became a model.

At Spanked Sweeties they re-enact her first spanking encounter at a club where she met a dominant older lady (played by Lorelei Mission).

Spanked Sweeties then re-enact a role play with a daddy figure for a hard hand spanking,over daddys knees,bottom naked with his large unforgiving hand.

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Christie Stevens spanked by mum in tight denim shorts

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Christie sticks out her shiny pink bottom!YAY!

Naughty girl needs a spanking!

                   Naughty girl needs a spanking!

Christie’s mom smacks her begging for it  yummy ripe ass till it shines sweet pink!!


The adorable Miss is given stinging parental smacks as she squirms about in tight and tiny denim shorts,YUM?!OH YUM HELL YES!!

“Ohhhhh Mummieeeee it hurts too much”

Christie Stevens is a little blonde cutie who has some very interesting stories about spanking.

Christie Stevens

Christie Stevens

Christie was spanked by her mom a few times in real life growing up if real life(played by Lorelei Mission). And she later got into spanking.

As a stripper she has spanked many customers (one re-enactment Veronica plays the victim). Veronica also interviewed her and got her to make some very, very sexy revelations!

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