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“Ewwwwwwwwwwwww Yucky mum!!!”

Adriana’s strict mother gives her a sore bright red searing hot well spanked bottom and a mouth foaming with soap.
This is another of Mandie Rae‘s tales located in the early 1960’s by way of the Twilight Zone. Mandie and her mother were preparing for that evening’s bake sale. When Mandie’s mother went to arrange the cupcakes that she had baked, she was shocked to learn that they were all but gone. It was clear that Mandie was the culprit, but she denied her guilt and attempted to blame her father. Her mother was so angry that she bent her daughter over the chair for a spanking with the spatula that started on her panties and then upon her bare bottom.

spanking gifspanking gifsgif spanking

 ” Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mummy it burns!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Little Brat Mandie cries out owiee OW as her strict mum lets the plastic spatula rain down hard across her trembling little bare butt.

As Mandie’s mother spanked her daughter’s bare bottom with the spatula, she attempted to express her concerns that if Mandie’s behavior didn’t change and become more lady-like she would never make a good wife. Mandie exclaimed that she had no interest in being either. After her spanking was done Mandie was made to sit upon the hard wooden chair. Mandie’s mother noted that she was going to tell her father about her twisted values. “Afterwards,” Mandie’s father arrived home and greeted his daughter who was still sitting upon the wooden chair with her sore bottom pressed into it. Her father expressed his concern about Mandie’s lack of respect for the role of women in this society. To deal with this matter he washed his rebellious daughter’s mouth out with soap.

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Poor lil Mandie well spanked tushy is going to be stinging sore for a week after serious punishment from mummy!

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Joelle thought she had the family vacation house to herself for the holidays; partying and picking up her boy toys. She was outraged when a Stanger walked into the house with suitcase in hand. It turns out that this was her father’s new fiancé. Joelle learned quickly that her soon to be step-mother was a very formidable woman. Not ten seconds after Joelle told her to get the fuck out, the stylish brat found herself over Veronica’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.

As the ouchy pain in her bottom increased dramatically , Joelle came to the realization that her father’s new fiancé was not a woman to trifle with.

After her unbearable otk bare bottom punishment was finally over she was placed in the corner with her red and sore  bottom on display……..how embarrassing,better hope daddy does not come home and see her red bum!!!!!!

As Veronica turned to walk away Joelle had a lapse in judgment and called her soon to be step-mother a bitch…..whoops,BIG MISTAKE!!!! This resulted in having her mouth washed out with soap.

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“Ewwwwwwwwwwwww Yucky mum!!!”

Adriana’s strict mother gives her a sore bright red searing hot well spanked bottom and a mouth foaming with soap.

Adriana is still in a state of shock. Because of her penchant for throwing tantrums like a spoiled child, Adriana’s mother has decided to treat her accordingly, by making her dress in clothes more appropriate for a seven year old. In addition to this humiliation, she is not permitted to use her computer or cell phone. Adriana’s heart sunk when her mother caught her on her cell phone with a friend. She knows that she is subject to punishments suitable for a seven year old as well. Quickly she was taken over her mother’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.

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As Adriana’s spanking progressed, all in the house could hear her beg for this punishment to stop. Finally, after promising to be good, her torment ended. Her mother instructed that there would be more spankings if she continued to violate the terms of her punishment. As Veronica turned to leave the room Adriana said “bitch.” To her horror, she realized just a bit too late that it was audible. Her mother plucked the girl from bed and sat her on her little girl stool. Adriana’s heart sank as her mother returned with a wet wash cloth and a bar of soap. Adriana’s mouth was thoroughly cleansed and she was left foaming at the mouth, literally.

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Chloe’s mom washes her foul mouth out with soap which she absolutely hates.

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Chloe is such a foul mouthed little brat!!! Her strict Mother washes her nasty mouth out with soap then smacks her naughty ass firmly with the soap still in her mouth.

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Chloe’s Mum is absolutely fuming furious when she finds a sink full of dirty dishes!!!! WHAT A BRAT!!!

Mum yanks her lazy brat across her knees then begins to smack her bottom very hard with her hand.

Chloe squirms as her mummy smacks and swats her ass in tight denim shorts,Chloe really hopes her Mum does not pull down her shorts and spank her on the bare,that would be too embarrassing.

spanked in shorts

Chloe looks mighty spankable in the tight shorts:) but they simply must come off,RIGHT NOW!!!!

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Naughty little well spanked Chloe must now wash all the dishes she should of done in the first place with her sore red spanked bottom on display.



This is the first ever spanking shoot for pretty young Chloe Love. But she was spanked many times growing upin real life.

Spanked Sweeties recreate spankings from mom, dad and a mouth soaping that happened whenever she cursed.

These are very real spankings for Chloe, who was very candid in her amazing interview you will love:)

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Naughty Daughter wriggling and squirming across her mums lap with her pink pajama bottoms down.


Alex will not get away with bad behavior is her strict Mother has anything to do with it!

Whenever the naughty brat misbehaves her mother is on hand to bare her big bottom and spank it brightly red!

Alex Reynolds is such a good girl, but she has been so naughty. So her mom (played by Clare Fonda in what was her last long discipline shoot) must teach Alex a good lesson. She spanks her at night, and again in the morning. When Alex curses from the pain, she gets a mouth soaping and another spanking. She even gets the cane. But in the end, Alex gets a chance to take her mom over her knee and give her a taste of her own medicine.

mother daughter spanking discipline bare bottom

Clare Fonda soundly spanks her naughty little girls little bare bottom cheeks stingy pink!

“Ohhhh Mummy Waaaaaaaa it hurts too much”

DSC_0456DSC_0465DSC_0466 (1)DSC_0471DSC_0488DSC_0499DSC_0497DSC_0495DSC_0504DSC_0505DSC_0512DSC_0514DSC_0510DSC_0511DSC_0519DSC_0523DSC_0524DSC_0525

Lana discovers that her daughter Sydnee and her school friend Harmony have skipped school. So she takes each girl over her knee for a very hard hand spanking followed by the hair brush. Then Harmony is ordered to spank Sydnee. This shoot produced some very sore bottoms.

The girls have big bright red bottoms to rub all better!

rubbing sore bottom better

Little Elise’s bum is burning red and oh so sore after painful smacks from Mom!

mum spanks her daughter,spanking from mummy

Lily Anna stars as a typical coed who is never really “there” when she is talking to you because she is always texting or tweeting, or updating her status on one of her many social networks. Well guess what – there’s an app for that! It’s called being thrown over your mom’s knee for some serious whacks across her big wobbling bottom.

mum spanks her girl with a hairbrush

Mothers solid wooden hairbrush will have her daughters backside deep red in no time!

spanked daughters with well spanked bottoms

“Owieee ,oh Mummy !!our bums hurt like crazy!!!”

spanked and sent to bed with a red bottom

Casey Calvert is soundly spanked and sent to bed by Mom.

mother spanks her daughters bare bottom

Mummy makes her daughters bum cheeks glow red with her firm hand.

clare fonda spanking

Such a perky little ripe ass,yummy!!

Mummy will make sure her naughty little girl will be going to bed with a cherry red bottom tonight!

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mother daughter spanking otk

Noooooo !!!Please don’t spank me Mummy!!!! I will be a good girl I promise!

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Tiny little Persephone is squirming and crying over her mummys knees,bottom bare and getting stingy smacks.

bare bottom spanking

Persephone’s Mom shows her the shoe she is going to use on her little bottom,it is nearly as big as her butt!!

Persephone Adams is such a naughty girl! Lucky the naughty brat has a strict Mom to keep her bottom nice and red:)

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Poor Little girl,Her strict Momma washes her naughty mouth out with soap.YUCK!

naughty girl punished by her mom

                                                                                           Clare Fonda,Strict Momma!

Perhaps the tiniest Sweeties ever and oh so very cute- checking in around 5 ft tall and under 90 lbs, Persephone was spanked nearly every day growing up in real life which she shares in her interview with Clare Fonda.

Naughty little adorable Peresphone was spanked by her strict mom mostly when she was little, with hand and a switch that she was made to pick from the yard.

She also got mouth soaping – all depicted here, with Clare Fonda as the mom.AMAZING!

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