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Picnic tyre swing & a riding crop whip.

The soccer girl is getting a nice hot red bottom in her cute little shiny shorts.

” Fetch The Cane” the striping of her bottom. Nice red lines added as she lays on the bed.

Mum gives her perkyupturned  ass a red hot glow in tight white panties.

Her poor little bottom will be feeling his hard hand spanks for hours.

Naughty and cute little Tracey’s bottom hurts so much!!!!

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Very naughty and bratty little Sarah has earned a extremly hard punishment,bare bottom spanking.

Sarah kicks and cries accross Momma’s lap as her once white bottom is smacked a crimson red!!

Very hard smacks for a very bad girl!!!

Sarah has been nothing but a spoiled little brat. She has been sitting around all day in her PJs on her phone playing games. Mom gave her instructions before she went to work to help with some of the household chores. Sarah decides not to do them and when mom comes home, she is very upset with her lazy daughter. Sarah has quite the attitude with mom and it isn’t until the threat of a spanking that she starts to act a bit more contrite. Once momma has decided that she is going to spank Sarah, there is no turning back. As much as Sarah begs, momma still puts her naughty daughter over her knee. Sarah is spanked VERY hard on her PJs, panties, and then on the bare bottom. After momma uses her hand, she makes Sarah go and fetch the dreaded paddle. Sarah does what momma says even though she is very scared. This is one of the hardest spankings Sarah has taken and it shows. She struggles and promises to be a good girl until Momma finally believes her.

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Out of Control Brats!

Cuties Alex and Maddy are naughty and adorable as their bare bum cheeks are haibrushed a boiling hot red.


Alex and Maddy managed to get a free trip for a long weekend away with their kinky friend, John. He had a spare king bedroom in his casino hotel suite for them all to enjoy a well earned break away. The girls decided on relaxing on their first evening with a “Littles” style slumber party. He wasn’t interested in that so left them to it… going downstairs to gamble for a few hours. Unfortunately, they were rather too noisy and John was called directly when they refused to pick up their roomphone or answer the door due to their raucous playfighting! So John was asked to sort out the noise of the girls that other guests had complained about! He caught the girls in a loud pillow fight and chastised them both for embarrassing him by having the Front Desk call him directly! However, for him, this was a good excuse to spank both girls, since they were behaving “so badly”.. He also knew exactly how to get his own back on them with more than just a hand and hairbrush spanking. Whilst they were in their headspace, he used their cute stuffies, including “Boo the Dog” to watch their punishment. Alex complained that she didn’t want the animals looking, so was given an extra hard hairbrush spanking for speaking out of turn. This was the first ever film we made with Alex & Maddy together, It’s a fun and immensely enjoyable spanking film that ageplay, bare bottom spanking aficionados will love! The video comes complete with a delightful image gallery with some beautiful bonus pictures of Boo spanking the girls very sore red bottoms with a hairbrush!


Lola Spanked by Mom: Day One

Naughty little cute as a kitten Lola goes curvy butt up and over her mummys knees for real stinging punishment spanks.

Lola Chan is being bratty to her mom (played by An Li). She refuses to go out and meet Mom’s party guests. Mom has had enough and she puts Lola over her knee right in her bedroom and gives her a hard hand spanking that turns Lola’s bottom bright red. Lola protests that she’s too old for a spanking and she is embarrassed that they party guests can hear, but Mom doesn’t stop until Lola learns her lesson. And there is the threat that more spankings might be in store for Lola, who leaves her room rubbing her sore bottom. Join now!

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*Sweet,spanked,hot Red Cheeks*icon_heart_pink

Little Misty is a very naughty girl,squirming and wriggling over her Mothers lap as her Mum smacks her round bare ass stinging red.

Misty’s round jutting bottom looks *OH SO SPANKABLE* in tight and tiny pajama short bottoms!

well spanked bottom naughty girl spanking

Misty is just so cute with her round and smackable ass perched nicely over mums knees getting slapped sore.

Misty Lovelace is a super cutie with a curvy bottom who was spanked by her mom growing up.

Misty  gives a great interview about all of the details and Clare Fonda plays her mom for two exciting re-enactments – one in the dining room, one in the bedroom. The spankings leave her red and sore.

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