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His strong smacks make her jump and wriggle about in pain as her perky naked butt turns red before his eyes under his hand

Serenity was taken over her husband’s lap for a painful bare bottom spanking.

The paddle burns like hell!!

Her poor bottom is soooooooooooooo RED!!!


Nicki is rapidly becoming aware that his young wife needs a firm hand. Today, the family is required to be a part of the opening ceremony for the opening of the new wing at the hospital. Unfortunately, Serenity had been out with her friends rather late the night before, so when it was time to get up and get ready for the important event, she whined and didn’t want to go.
After a few minutes of trying to reason with her, Nicki decided that his bride required a good spanking to motivate her with regards to this very important social obligation.

Once Nicki had finished giving Serenity her spanking, he learned that her attitude still required adjusting. He made her bend over the bottom of the bed and in that position the bratty young girl was given ten whacks with the paddle. She then showed proper remorse. Nicki then decided that his love needed a little tenderness and applied a soothing cream to her sore bottom; It turned out that they were late to the event, anyway.

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Naughty Wife Serenity faces the wall with her well spanked really red bare bottom cheeks on display after a punishment over her Firm Husbands knees,How Emarrassing.

In Big Trouble.

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His strong smacks make her jump and wriggle about in pain as her perky naked butt turns red before his eyes under his hand

Nicki took his lovely new wife to a dinner party held to support his family’s foundation. Unfortunately, Serenity had gotten into an argument with the wife of a major donor. When they arrived home, Nicki attempted to explain matters to his young spouse. When she was in no way sorry for her behavior, she was taken over her husband’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.

Nicki spanked his young wife until she was certain that she understood her duties as a member of the family. After her punishment, Serenity was lead to the corner with her red bottom on display.

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Mandie’s strict Momma yanks down her panties and takes her over her knees for a painful and embarrassing hand spanking as Daddy watches everything!!!

It’s the early 1960’s and Mandie arrived home from her date with Jimmy at 9 pm, one hour after her weekday curfew. When her parents tried to explain that the neighbors may perceive her as a fast girl, Mandie could just laugh. She wasn’t laughing for long as her mother reminded her that the punishment for breaking curfew was a bare bottom spanking from her or the strap from her father. Tonight she was getting both.

With her father holding her firmly in place, Mandie pleaded for her mother to stop spanking her; promising to always be a good girl. Once her mother was done, Mandie knew that she faced her daddy’s belt.

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Joelle thought she had the family vacation house to herself for the holidays; partying and picking up her boy toys. She was outraged when a Stanger walked into the house with suitcase in hand. It turns out that this was her father’s new fiancé. Joelle learned quickly that her soon to be step-mother was a very formidable woman. Not ten seconds after Joelle told her to get the fuck out, the stylish brat found herself over Veronica’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.

As the ouchy pain in her bottom increased dramatically , Joelle came to the realization that her father’s new fiancé was not a woman to trifle with.

After her unbearable otk bare bottom punishment was finally over she was placed in the corner with her red and sore  bottom on display……..how embarrassing,better hope daddy does not come home and see her red bum!!!!!!

As Veronica turned to walk away Joelle had a lapse in judgment and called her soon to be step-mother a bitch…..whoops,BIG MISTAKE!!!! This resulted in having her mouth washed out with soap.

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