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A long and very hard hand spanking punishment till bottom is Blistering RED!!

The sting of the cane across her bouncy soft bottom is unbearable.

A firm hand smacking her already red and burning sore bottom.

Ouch,Mari’s bottom is practically red raw after a hard hand walloping and wicked whipping the cane.


Mari had beamed from her Pod to what she expected to be a remote area in the Northern Republic. She is part of a community which resides in an orbiting space colony mining the asteroids that orbit the sun in the remote area of the outer solar system. In their time in space, the community has developed a militaristic bent. They went on strike against the home world and thus the nations of Earth are withholding supplies from them. They are also forbidden from setting foot on Earth until the strike is settled. Mari violated that ban and now found herself in the hands of the Northern Republic’s security. When questioned as to her purpose, Mari refused to answer. When she was strip searched by Marshall Audrey, it become clear that there was more to this than meets the eye as her bottom was marked. All Mari would admit was that it was an act of Military Discipline.

Soon she was over the lap of Commander Pierson who was now interrogating her by spanking her already injured bottom with hand and small cane.

Mari was spanked by her interrogator by hand and cane until she admitted that she had been banished from her colony for expressing the love that dare not be spoken. Once her spanking was over, Mari learned that her ordeal was not yet at an end as she was made to place her sore bottom upon a seat of small spikes.

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