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Naughty Maddy Marks awaiting punishment with The London Tanner Grandma Slipper Paddle.Such a evil paddle!!!!

Her soft and perky smackable bare bottom cheeks are looking bright BRIGHT red and tender all over.


Such a large evil wooden Paddle for a delicate little soft and perky bottom.

Chrissy Marie looks tempting,Such a naughty little sweet tease.

A unforgiving solid wooden hairbrush reddens Chrissy’s soft bottom cheeks.

The delightful sting gets her attention!

A bottom stinigng and burning red all over after punishment.

Such a naughty sight,Rosy red freshly smacked cheeks and exposed pussy on display for daddy.

“I will be a good Girl Daddy”

Daddys Girl Chrissy Sleeps best with a freshly Spanked Bottom.

Dont we all.

Chrissy Marie seductively shows of her pretty curves in matching red bra and panties. Waiting for him to enter and put her to bed her favorite way- with a nice warm spanked bottom. Over the edge of the bed, his big hand smacks her pretty bouncing bottom bright red. Her face displays her enjoyments at having her bottom warmed at bedtime. She is instructed to remove her bra and she cant wait for him to pull her panties down.

Daddys large hand feels sooooooo good Hard against her throbbing bottom,Oh Yes Daddy!

A well spanked bottom as red as can be,OUCH!

Daddys leather belt hurts sooooooooooooooooooooo BAD!!!!

Exposed bare pussy and soft smackable bottom cheeks vulnerable for strict punishment.

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Stevie’s Real Punishment

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Sarha dishes out exactly what her friend Stevie needs,a goof hard and very real Punishment spanking with lots of implements.

Stevie bares her bottom for a spanking that turns her cheeks mighty red!!!


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Sarah Gregory….“Last time I stayed with my good friend Stevie, she admitted that she was in need of some real punishment for her excessive drinking. She was drinking to the point of blacking out at spanking parties. Since I care about her and we are friends, I gave her a real punishment. She gets spanked with my hand, leather paddle, straps, canes, and paddles.”

A good hard spanking that will make Stevie’s bottom tender and sore for days!!


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Jenna Sativa spanked over the knee.

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Snow gives bratty little super cutie Jenna a bare bottom smacking over her knee till her sweet cheeks are pink and warm.

Jenna Sativa and Madam Snow Mercy have some confusion about a client. Which of course leads to Snow spanking Jenna to teach her a lesson. But when they find out it was Snow’s mistake, turn-around is fair play.

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Snows firm hand  goes SMACK SWAT SMACK across cute little Jenna’s perky butt cheeks making them rosy hot RED!

Miss Snow Mercy catches Jenna Sativa drinking alcohol that she hid in her lab experiment. So she puts the young curvy bottomed girl over her knee for a spanking. But then Jenna catches a sneak video of Snow drinking the same booze. Jenna blackmails Snow into taking a longer, harder spanking that includes a large wooden paddle.

Little cutie girl Jenna smacks Snow’s round bare bum cheeks super massively hard till they hurt like crazy with a heavy paddle.

The lil cutie sure can smack hard,Snow’s bum is going to be so sore after such a massive stingy hard spanking over Jenna’s knees bare bum and squirming about as Mean wooden paddlewith holes goes SMACK SMACK SMACK.

Blistering red spanked  bottom cheeks,a big wooden paddle,squirming fannys and 2 hot girls punished over the knee in turns!

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