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Naughty bratty Mari’s bottom is sore as hell after the spanking of her life big bottom bare and squirming over her mother lap with hand and wooden paddle.

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Mari had to wait all week for her punishment. Carefully laid out on the bed that Saturday morning, were two paddles, one leather, the other wood, and a frightful looking strap. Mari knew that she was in for a very severe punishment that morning. She had been caught underage drinking at a bar and her mother was having none of this sort of behavior in her house. Her punishment started out with a very hard hand spanking over her jeans followed by the wooden paddle. Before long, it was Mary’s bare bottom now taking the full Brunt of her mother’s very hard hand, leather, and wooden paddles, and she knew the worst was yet to come.

Mari could only hope that after taking a hard spanking by hand, leather, and wooden paddles, that her mother would forgo using the razor strop. These hopes quickly evaporated as Mari was made to take her place at the bottom of the bed using a pillow to lift her bottom into the perfect punishment position for this intense implement of discipline. After the first few whacks, Mari felt as if her bottom was lit afire. Once this torment was over, Mari was back over her mother’s lap for a scolding and another session of hand spanking. Mari was then placed in the corner to contemplate the behaviour that led to this intense interaction on Saturday morning. While in the corner, all Mari could think of was the intense pain emanating from her bottom that no amount of rubbing could ease.

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I Hate Cheerleading

Cheer Girl Dorothy’s perky ass is exposed for a stinging hand spanking that makes her pert bottom burn bright cherry red.

Adorable little cutiepie Dorothy will need to rub her well spanked burning red tushy up and down after a very painful spanking punishment.

“Ohhhhhh it hurts so much”

Fan-favorite Dorothy Burnett is seen as a cheerleader for the first time in this adorable film. College girl Alex volunteers to help chaperone the younger students on their cheerleading competitions, but feisty Dorothy has been giving her a hard time. Her behaviour crossed the line when she spent an entire trip to another school being sullen and poorly behaved…and even failed to show up on stage during one of the routines. Dorothy makes it very clear that she does not want to be doing cheerleading and only does it because her parents make her, and she seems to have little respect for Alexs authority when she throws herself on the couch kicking her feet and whining as she gets scolded. Alex knows that the threat to kick her off the team will not change her behavior: in fact, its probably what she wants. Maybe putting the petite little brat over her knee and giving her a good spanking will teach her how to behave properly? Her smirks and eye-rolls make this seem unlikely. Will anything ever get through to this girl? Hopefully a hard punishment on her bare bottom will be enough to bring her into line.


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Misty Lovelace Gets Spanked on Halloween

Cute Pouty face and a round spankable bottom!

A wonderful spanking for Wonder Woman

Sweet and sexy Misty is perky round bottom bare and bouncing to hand smacks over Clare Fonda’s knees till smackable cheeks are blushing red and warm.

Young, sexy Misty Lovelace is wearing a slutty Wonder Woman costume when her aunt Clare catches her and demands she wear something less revealing. When Misty refuses, she gets a trip over Clare’s knee for a sound spanking, turning her curvy bottom bright red. She goes to the party wearing Clare’s robe.

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Sierra squirms as her bare vulnerable bum cheeks feel the hot and painful sting of daddys firm,strong hand over and over again till her perky,naughty bottom is all rosy red and sore.

Daddy holds her firmly in place.

Sierra’s Daddy uses a tight grip and a strong hand to punish her soundly till her bare bum cheeks are a hot red.

Naughty Girl Sierra struggles as she is spanked mercilessly over his knee for not doing her homework.

Dad’s large hand rains down without mercy across her tender bare bottom cheeks till they are blushing red and stinging like crazy.

The pretty young girl is hand slapped across her pretty ass till cheeks are tingling across daddys lap~

Sorry Daddy.

Bratty Sierra is thrashed soundly by daddy on her bed after a soccer practice brings shame as she is sent home for fouling the other players,Daddy has no choice but to bare his naughty girls bottom and go to town all over her naughty naked bottom cheeks till she is a very sorry and sorry little girl!!!

A relentless hand spanking makes Sierra’s bottom throb and sting like mad!!!

Steve Fuller plays a major role as Sierra’s dad Recreating Sierra’s real life spankings growing up. Sierra is shy until you know her but she brought detail to her ineterview about how she was spanked after soccer practice and for not doing homework and even got the belt. She also had an episode with a friend of her mom’s who she was babysitting for. Sierra can take one of the hardest spankings in the biz and she is natural for a relationship with a man who enjoys giving those spankings, as she discusses in her interview.(watch the interview here)

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Violet has been very naughty indeed,bottom up and over daddys knees for a embarrassing punishment spanking till her bare chekks are rosy and sore.

Little Violet struggles as the hand smacks fall upon her little bottom

Daddy grabs a hold of her arm keeping his naughty girl firmly in place.


Violets cute bottom is going to be sore for hours after so many hard smacks from daddy.

“Nooooooo Daddy Nooooooooooo,I am sorry for wearing No Panties,Owwwwww”


Whatever was Violet thinking? Caught at full dress cheer practice not wearing any panties. What was worse, she was one of the girls getting thrown in the air! Coach was mad at her and spanked her in his office then told her to go home. He also contacted her Daddy, who was ashamed and embarrassed to hear this awful news. This is where we start off in this video… Daddy is waiting for Violet in her bedroom, knowing this would be the first place she’d go to when she got home. Violet is naturally surprised but knows why he is there…and after a scolding, her Daddy tells her that her discipline punishment is far from over. She gets a spanking from him too and her lack of underwear offers absolutely no protection. Violet feels embarrassed that her Daddy’s hard hands are now spanking her bare bottom too… oh the shame! Of course, if she had panties on then this would never have happened! Her tight buns burn red with the painful spanking and to add to her punishment, Daddy sets her a bunch of boring chores so she can think over the punishment a little further! This short sharp shock OTK spanking features a rare appearance from a beautiful young model called Violet Kat.