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Stepmother Takes Charge

Hot as Hell Step Mum Christina  gives her naughty little cutie pie daughter a super wicked bare ass spanking till her perky bare ass cheeks are throbbing and a super HAWT Red!!! Ouchy

Very naughty and bratty little Chrissy h has earned a extremely hard punishment,bare bottom spanking

Chrissy  kicks and cries across Momma’s lap as her once white bottom is smacked a crimson red!!

A deep hot red hairbushed bottom for a naughty little girl!!!


Chrissy doesn’t feel that she needs to give her new stepmother respect since she is not her real mother. Well, Chrissy is in for a surprise when her stepmother, Christina, decides that it is time that this sassy rude brat learns her lesson the hard way. She takes her step daughter over her lap for a long over due hand and hair brush spanking.



Lily wants some sweet candy goodies for Halloween,Instead she gets a hard bare ass spanking with firm Male hand and wooden hairbrush till her bare bottom is deep red and sweetly stinging!!

Fast and hard hand smacks redden up her bare bottom cheeks quickly as she squirms like mad over his knee,pussy bare and exposed.

Her own Panties stuffed in her mouth to muffle her moans as the wooden hairbrush smacks her tender,sore red bottom over and over again.

The naughty cheer girl can barley keep still as the hairbrush smacks her bright red bottom.

The hairbrush swats hurt too much!!!!Sooooooo Stingy!!


This is a delightful and amusing Halloween themed film but don’t let the words “delightful and amusing” mean that you are about to watch a light spanking… far from it! Lily turns up at John’s place “Trick or Treating”. He is annoyed that this bubbly young lady is trying to scam some candy when it’s obvious she should just let the neighborhood kids have their fun later instead. She insists that her cheer uniform makes her eligible as a Halloween costume to demand treats or he’ll get his house egged! John invites her in saying he has a treat for her… and by “treat” he means a well overdue spanking! Lily is the type of girl that thinks she can handle anything so agrees to take one in rerturn for plenty of candy! He doesn’t hold back with the spanking either, first over her tight authentic, color co-ordinated cheer panties (she really did do well with that costume!) then pulls them down. Lily is a strong athletic girl and John relishes spanking her as she struggles playfully but he knows that this hand spanking hurts and he enjoys giving her something she also appears to be taking far too well. She is going to earn a lot of candy, and she wants more! She accepts a hairbrush spanking challenge at the end. Lily shows off a very sore red bottom and her reward means the rest of the neighborhood Trick or Treaters later will be getting less from John’s house… if only they knew why! Join now!


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Naughty little Angel is feeling sorry and sore all over her blushing red bum cheeks after a painful punishment spanking.

Please Sir Not the cane!!! My bottom is already to sore from your hard ouchy hand smacks!!!

The cane stings sooooooooooo very very much,Oh Ow!!!


On a family reunion vacation, with both her parents unable to attend, Angel’s supervision is entrusted to senior members of her family. When her general misbehavior around the country club hotel reaches the point of actually putting lives in danger, straws are drawn to decide who will punish the wayward young lady, using the method the nominated individual feels most appropriate. Unfortunately for Angel, Mr Kennedy draws the short straw and for angel that means a spanking and Mr Kennedy’s cane across her bottom.

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Stevie Spanks Elori for Not Doing Laundry

Adorable little brat Elori is perky bum bare and wriggling across Sorority Sister Stevie’s lap getting a really hard spanking.

The naughty young miss has a rosy red bottom in no time!!!

Stevie Rose is a no non-sense sorority girl who is very strict when it comes to the chores. And when she finds out that Elori Stix skipped her turn to do the laundry, she puts the naughty little lady with the curvy bottom over her knee for a hard spanking, using her hand, then a wooden hairbrush that leaves marks all over the squirmy Elori’s bottom.Hawt and Hard.

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Harley’s round smackable bottom cheeks are made bare for a hard and painful punishment spanking.

Ohhhhhh soooooooo Stingy!!

Soft bare bum cheeks feel the canes hot sting till sore cheeks are stripped red.


Harley won’t be running away from her hard spanking!

University student Harley is once again at the home of her professor, Jane Carson (played by Apricot Pitts). This time, she’s in big trouble. Although Harley has worked hard and earned the title of valedictorian, she’s really let her advisor down by showing up to her graduation meeting with the dean late…over twenty minutes late.

Jane scolds Harley for this thoughtless behavior and then orders her over her knee for a spanking with a leather strap. Harley whines and wriggles as the leather bites into her bottom over and over again, and Jane’s disapointment in her hurts even more. Harley knows that she’s going to be getting caned again and gets into position without a fight. This time, she receives 24 strokes– one for every minute that she was late. She cries out with each stroke, but can’t help but feel a certain kind of excitement at being punished.

Jane knows that showing up late to something like this isn’t like Harley, though, and she asks her if she misbehaved on purpose just to get spanked again. Harley admits that she’s been lonely and craving physical contact since her boyfriend broke up with her recently. Jane first kisses Harley’s face to soothe her…then the action turns to something else. She brings Harley into her bedroom to rub oil onto her bottom again, but this time, one thing leads to another and soon her pretty protege is entirely undressed and Jane has stripped out of her business attire to reveal a sexy black bra and panty set. She kisses Harley passionately, plays with her breasts and lets her hands wander to exactly where Harley wants them to be. Soon, both young women are naked together. Harley is delighted as her professor begins to explore her body: kissing, licking and touching in ways that Harley never expected. Soon, she comes to a loud orgasm and collapses into cuddles on the bed. This was exactly what she needed, and it looks like it was for Jane, too.

This is the most explicit film that Harley Havik has ever done, and we’re sure you’ll love seeing her in this very sexy and intimate light. Apricot has experience with this kind of movie and shines as the sexy professor who helps her student explore her hidden desires. This is not one to miss!