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Delicious superstar Dani Daniels stripped and spanked with a leather paddle

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Dani Daniels’ bare buns bounce beautifully from a spanking with a leather paddle in Naval Discipline. Dating an officer is against regulations, plus she’s attending a fancy dress party in a bogus military uniform. Melanie Taylor seizes the chance to bend Dani over for a sound ass tanning, setting her buns jiggling red. Enjoy the Reaction Cam too!

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Beautiful Dani Daniel’s is caught nude,her perky bottom must be punished at once!!

Dani Daniels is a major brat in need of a throbbing spanked bottom at once.

2 very beautiful young ladies and one rosy reddened ripe round bottom. HAWT! HOT HOT!

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Mandie kicks and Mandie cries.

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Naked Mandie sobs after a painful and humiliating spanking from her strict and stern Mother.



Little Mandie’s Mummy goes to town on her cute bare bottom cheeks with her leather strap as the little cutie wriggles and squirms bent over the bed naked getting stinging hot smacks all across her  squirming bottom.

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Mandie Really does not want a spanking!


“Waaaa Ahh Waaaaa Ouchies Momma!!! My bum stings too much”

Little punished Mandie’s bottom is GLOWING BRIGHT RED and too sore to touch after a fierce nude strapping bent over the bed!!

Mandie is so C-U-T-E!

Mandie had to be on time today as she had a major commercial to shoot for a Japanese firm. Instead of getting ready for this well paying job and await the arrival of her agent, Audrey, she decided to take a bath and sip wine. When Audrey stumbled upon this, at first she was panicked but decided to chill with her client and drink a little wine. When Mandie’s mother stumbled upon this scene, she was furious. She sent Audrey downstairs and pulled her starlet daughter out of the tub and into the bedroom for a strapping.

After Veronica finished strapping her now tearful daughter, she gave the little starlet ten minutes to be ready for her shoot. Now she must deal with her agent Audrey…

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Auntie Veronica is not to happy with Miss naughty little Laci,OH NO!!! She takes the naked little brat over her knees and spanks her perky bottom bright red right there and then on the spot!

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                                                                                   Mummy My bottom hurts*pout*

perky tittiesLaci decided that it was too nice a day to waste attending school.

Naughty little Laci was fresh from her shower, while making plans with her friends to go on a shopping excursion when her Aunt Veronica returned home to get papers from her office.

Aunt Veronica had heard her niece Laci on the phone and was appalled at how little her niece appreciated the education that was being provided to her.

Using the hairbrush that Laci was holding, Aunt Veronica knew how to get to the seat of the matter. She quickly tore the towel off of the naughty brat and took the naked girl over her lap for a very special lesson…..a very painful special lesson the naughty girl is sure to never forget!

Veronica makes her hairbrush rain down firmly across Laci’s naked bottom cheeks making them bright searing hot red all over!

Poor Laci! She won’t be able to sit on her well spanked bright cherry red bottom cheeks for a week!

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Ohhhhh Owieeeeeeeeeeeee Daddieeeeeee!!!!

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Cadence is ass up over her daddys knee getting the spanking of a lifetime,Her jutting peachy ass cheeks are looking cherry red hot!

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When Cadence came home from school she was shocked to see her father there. She knew that Joelle was called away on a business matter and was looking forward to being alone. Joelle, fearful of her little sister slipping back into her old ways, asked their father to come and provide some supervision. Cadence assured him that her poor behavior was all in the past and that he wasn’t needed. She was shocked when her father noted that she was getting a spanking from him. “Why, I’ve been good,” she protested, “Because of the hell that you put your sister through,’ he replied. He took Cadence over his lap and started to spank her on her tight jeans. Then, having lowered them, on her lacy panties and her bare bottom. She cried from the pain, humiliation and remorse.

At first Cadence felt that her spanking was undeserved, as her behavior had improved immensely. Gradually, despite that pain the she had to endure she had to admit that she deserved this humiliating punishment for the trials that she put her loving sister through. She cried from the pain, humiliation and guilt.

Very real Father/daughter discipline!

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