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Pretty Riley has a rosy pink bum after a stingy hand smacking.

A very pretty girls with a totally spankable little sweet bottom looking nice and hot pink after a sexy spanking.

Her older sister decides to teach her a lesson by putting her over her knee right there in the kitchen for a sound spanking. Riley said she enjoys being spanked, but they really tested her limits, which aren’t that of the typical submissive spanking star. It was a very real and painful spanking, which she asked for, and got her bottom quite red and sore for real.

Riley Anne is dressed as a pilgrim for Thanksgiving and her older sister Star Nine is dressed as a Native American. While they are getting the Thanksgiving dinner ready, Riley says several inappropriate and ignorant statements that upsets her sister so much, that Star puts Riley over her knee right there in the kitchen for a sound spanking, turning her sister’s cute bottom bright red. Join now!

Stevie goes to town on Elori’s curvy bottom.YAY!!!

Elori Stix and Stevie Rose lost the Halloween costume party because Elori wore a slutty outfit. Stevie warned her not to, and now Stevie is angry and will make Elori pay for this. She puts Elori over her knee for a long, hard spanking and even includes the use of a wooden rug beater to really drive the lesson home for Elori. No more slutty Halloween outfits unless you want a sore, red bottom! Join now!

Veronica spanks Ashley with her hand and hairbrush and then whips, canes and paddles her, as well as spanking her over her knee with a wooden bath brush.

Ashley’s squirms and squeals are very real in this scene.

Face slapping and a ball gag YAY!!!!!

It’s another day of severe discipline with border cop Veronica Ricci when she finds that sexy Ashley Lane was smuggling contraband over the border. At least she thought she was. The punishment includes the whip, hand, hairbrush, can, paddle and wooden bath brush. Ashley learns a valuable lesson the hard way as her bottom becomes marked and bruised for a week. Join now!

Ashley said that she enjoyed the punishment all except for the wooden bath brush, which exceeded her expectations on the pain level. She moved around so much during the bath brush spanking, that Veronica had to use her legs to lock Ashley in over her lap and prevent her from moving while she continued to pummel Ashley’s bottom with the bath brush. The end game is to make Ashley admit her guilt and say who her dealer is.



DANI DANIELS RETURNS IN A NEW SERIES The hottest jiggling bottom on the internet is back for a spanking

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Naughty Dani Daniels bares her smackable round bum cheeks for a spanking!

Watch a sample from this video here~>

Firm Hand Spanking are very excited to welcome back the stunning Dani Daniels to Firm Hand in an all-new Naval Discipline series with Melanie Taylor. Dani isn’t wearing a bra or panties under her navy uniform. There’s only one way to deal with that offense: a sound, bare bottom spanking that has her bootylicious cheeks bouncing red! “That really stung” Dani said.

Dani Daniels is a major brat in need of a throbbing spanked bottom at once.

2 very beautiful young ladies and one rosy reddened ripe round bottom. HAWT! HOT HOT!

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recursostutosOh My Gosh isn’t little Elektra Rose so so very cute and sweet and smackable!!!

The cutie has a super perky,ripe round little smackable derriere doesn’t she.

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Elektra kicks and squirms,throwing back her hand to try and protect her bum.

19 year old teen cutie Elektra Rose’s pretty teen bottom is shiny pink all over after a butt wriggling hand spanking.

tumblr_inline_mksdnegnw31qz4rgpElektra Rose interviews with Kay’s mom in an effort to become Kay’s new roommate. Fiona explains how Kay must be disciplined by her roommate and asks Elektra to spank her to prove she has what it takes. Housing is tough so Elektra does her best. But when Fiona then spanks Elektra, she makes a run for it!

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Tiny little Cutesie Alice looks super little and naughty squirming like mad as her perky little bottom buns are smacked bright PINK!


Furious fast spanks!

Beautiful teen petite model, Alice Michaels, is back in this hard hitting OTK spanking and strapping video. Alice turned up for her photo shoot ignoring any wardrobe requests and arrived up in a mismatched outfit including some hideous pink thigh high socks. The photographer could just about accept this misdemeanor but when he saw that her bottom looked marked from a recent spanking by her boyfriend this was the last straw and this gave him an idea. He decided to see how much more she could take since he had a fetish shoot later that day and this would be perfect practice. Alice was spanked over his lap, over her panties at first and when she continued to be sassy her panties were pulled down and she was given a good hard, old fashioned bare bottom spanking. He used a hairbrush which she found really painful and finished off properly marking naughty Alice’s bottom with a leather strap to remind her not to let down those that hire her for assignments!

A very hard bare bottom punishment spanking for a very very very naughty little girl.

I like the pink socks lol 😉

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Introducing new brat, Kendal Krave

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Introducing adorable cute cute CUTE!!! new brat, Kendal Krave .

Awwwwwwww she looks so tiny and precious!!and look her nipples are pink stars,cute 🙂


Naughty and naked Kendal Krave joins the naughty brat pack over at Punished brats and is welcomed with a bare bottom over the knee spanking by Veronica completely naked.

Doesn’t she look dainty across Veronica’s lap such a sweet pocket sized brat.Just too cute!!

I Can not wait to see the petite bratty girl getting her perky bum cheeks smacked pink,can you?

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Bianca Rose uses a bath brush across her bare ass and wow are those ripe bubble butt cheeks a bright BRIGHT RED!!!

Looks like a very effective  self spanking. Yeouch.

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