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tumblr_static_dd5dl3hsck0804o0s8gsk4sccOooooooooooh Yummy,What a very naughty little tease Casey Calvert is!!tumblr_static_dd5dl3hsck0804o0s8gsk4scc

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Cute,Cute CUTE,Perky bum bum!!!

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Naughty bratty girls Sarah and Casey bare their bum cheeks for a blushy red hand spanking that stings so much!

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Naughty and wriggly!


Sarah’s bum bouncing with each hand slap.


Pajama bottoms pulled right down for painful stinging hand smacks that make little Casey Squirm over the knee.

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2 naughty cuties feel the sting of a mans firm hand across tender bare bottom cheeks till they are red and sore.

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Does My Bottom look red in this?

John bought some new PJs for both Sarah and Casey leaving them on the bed as a nice surprise. He thought this gesture would be a small way to say “thank you” while they were all away on tour. However, the girls fought over who should get which outfit and started to grapple and fight. Sarah even dragged Casey over her lap & started to spank her before John heard all the noise and confronted them. He was really disappointed in both of them and their continuing arguing meant he felt he had no choice but to spank them both right there. They knew the rules! Sarah was first over his lap as she was the loudest and sassiest. He spanked her in front of Casey, pulling down her PJ pants, spanking hard on her bare bottom. Sarah felt embarrassed that she was being treated like a little girl. Casey was next after he sent Sarah off in shame, and John did the same to her. He ensured her film, pert bare bottom was reddened in shame before leaving Casey to contemplate just what had happened in that crazy quarter of an hour!

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Strict Daddy gives his bratty miss a serious no nonsense very very hard bare bottom spanking to remember with his firm hand.

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Casey is SUCH A BRAT!!!! Pajama bottoms yanked right down,Naughty butt bare and squirming over daddys knees as he smacks it nice and hard and fast and firm till his daughters entire bum is roasting RED!!!Kawaii_Pixel_Heart_by_lafhaha

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Waaaaaaaaaaah No Daddy Noooooooooooo Please stop I will do anything owwwwwwwwwww.

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Daddys hard hand hurts so very very much!!!!

This is a short sharp shock punishment for Casey. Fade in on Casey waiting in her Pajamas for Daddy. She knows she has been a naughty girl and she knows how daddy handles naughty girls. In he comes and over his knee she goes. She pleads and says how sorry she is but daddy just keeps spanking her.

Join in and see Sarah Gregory and her girlfriends squeal as their bottoms turn red!



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Little naughty cutie Pixie is pajama bottoms pulled down and perky bum cheeks bare and squirming wildly across her Mommas lap getting a good a proper disciplining.

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A Sister’s Duties
Amber Pixie Wells and Holly Dey

Holly, as the oldest, is responsible for the discipline of her younger sisters. This is a common practice within their conservative, religious community. Holly shared a room with the second oldest, Pixie. That day, Pixie had been disrespectful to her mother during her lessons. When Holly informed Pixie that she was to be spanked she was shocked. As she was now eighteen she believed that she was too old for such a punishment. Such was not true and Pixie was required to go over her big sister’s lap. When Pixie gave Holly sass as she was being spanked, her PJ bottoms were lowered. When she continued to talk back, Holly employed a hairbrush that got Pixie’s attention immediately. She promised not to be disrespectful to her or their mother again.

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Bianca enjoys slapping her girlfriends perky bare ass all over making her bottom hot and so very sore.

Bianca Rose looks mighty happy with herself as she lays down mighty hand smacks across Joelle’s exposed nude cheeks.

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Joelle was shocked and angered when her lover, Bianca, announced that it was time for her to leave. Joelle tried to dismiss Bianca, but she found that her lovely ex had a need to show her appreciation to the her former mentor and lover. She did this by taking the entitled artist over her lap so that her memory would be forever etched in her mind.

After Bianca finished administering her parting gift to her ex-lover, she touched her face lovingly and went on her way. Upon her departure, Joelle realized that she had been given many gifts, an ending to her book and the warm pain from her bottom that will forever remind her of Bianca.

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Slutty Daughter Spanked and Diapered

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Mommy is very cross with her daughter,her major brat is dressed all slutty *tsk tsk* so its perky bottom made bare and up and over mummys knees for a naughty girl punishment spanking.

 Waaaaa boo hoo mummy it hurts too much!!!

Alice thinks she is going to get away going to her friend’s Halloween Party dressed like a slutty girl scout. Mommy won’t have this. Alice has non-stop attitude with mom to the point of not only getting a hand spanking, but a hairbrush across her already sore red bottom. When she is STILL acting like a bratty child, mom puts a diaper on her and continues to spank her for added Humiliation. If she is going to act like a child, she will be treated as one.

Down with her pajama bottoms and Mummys  solid hairbrush  is required to make her bottom blush!

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Big Sister Joelle gives her little sister Lily a shiny red tushy that hurts very much.

Momma is out of town and Lily is being an absolute brat. Mom has given older sister, Joelle, permission to discipline Lily by spanking. Lily is such a rude brat to her sister. She not only earns herself a bare bottom hand spanking, but she also get the wooden hairbrush and rubber spatula.

Cute,squirmy and rosy hot RED!

Enjoy watching Big sister smacking her little sisters bare bottom with hand,hairbrush and spatula till her bum is shiny red!

Down with her pajama bottoms and a firm hand is required to make her bottom blush!

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