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Strict Coach Zoe spanks naughty little Belle’s perky bare ass cheeks all over turning them blushing red!!!

Then her Strict Dad spanks her already sore stinging bottom again till her bottom is soooooooooo so very sore!!!!

Ass up and in the air in tight white spank me panties!!!

Tight white panties pulled down and bare ass hand smacked sore.

Hard spanking and humiliating positions for the naughty and sorry cheergirl.

How embarrassing!!!Bottom sticking right our and pussy exposed!!

The paddle hurts to much!!

” Nooooo Daddy,Please!!! My bottom is already spanked!!!”

Burning,crisp,smarting smacks!


Belle Calder has been sent to head coach, Zoe Page, for some further cheer training and discipline since she has become a liabilty to the other members of the squad, forgetting what she is supposed to be doing. She can’t even perform the stretching and warm up exercises correctly and Miss Page loses her temper very quickly. The only way Belle learns is through a good hard, humiliating spanking punishment. Placed in various stretches and exposed positions, Belle gets spanked, face down ass up, with and without the protection of her tight white crisp panties. Also being spanked outside is doubly humiliating for her, as any member of the squad could have seen them during this discipline session. Before being sent home, Belle is threatened that if she lets down the squad again, she will get the wooden paddle and is given a few hard painful swats to reinforce this message! Returning home, Belle tries to quickly rush to her room upstairs but father knows what has happened and in his house, any spanking performed by teaching and coaching staff is also carried out at home. So poor Belle goes over the lap of her dad, still in her cheer uniform and with her bottom aching and sore, to receive another stern lecture and spanking. He spanks her over her bare bottom before producing a leather strap, reminding her how disappointed he is that she has shamed herself and the family name with her poor attitude. Belle will think twice, in future, regarding her cheer squad routines and the importance of team morale.

A good hard bare bottom spanking for a naughty girl!!!

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