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Real Life Discipline

Cute little Kajira is in huge trouble with her real life boyfriend so its bottom bare and a cheeks to be reddened at once for the naughty young miss.

Kajira and Ulf are real life partners so ( Sarah Gregory Spanking) asked them to use real issue in their relationship here. Kajira had used their joint credit card which was for emergency use only for some shoes. ULF talks to her about this before they agree that punishment is needed. He spanks her overs knee hard with his hand before taking the strap to her. Don’t miss this discipline film between a real life couple.

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Soft round bottom cheeks stung with a cane,covered in hot red stripes a reminder to be a good girl!

Dressed in school uniform, Pandora Blake takes advantage of a quiet stairwell to snap a few sexy selfies. But she’s so busy trying to get an explicit upskirt shot, she doesn’t notice her teacher approaching.

Pandora’s Teacher punishes her strictly with the school cane.

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Adriana’s Real Punishment

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Real tears streaming down her face,real hard spanking and a very red and sore well spanked bottom. Adriana will be sleeping on her tummy tonight.

This is a real life punishment between a real life couple. Adriana had royally screwed up. She has embarrassed her dominant by taking drugs and drinking at their house in front of company. He teaches her a lesson by giving her a hard spanking and strapping until she is crying real tears of remorse.

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